Pricing and Other Pivotal Indices from PPC Management Research

Updated on :June 15, 2024
By :Mark Raymond

Recently, GoodFirms organized a survey of 200+ PPC agencies in addition to digital marketing specialists to identify popular practices as well as gather essential tips and guides for PPC efforts. The upshot research aims to aid both - agencies as well as client businesses. Agencies can take advantage of tips and guides for their PPC services; while businesses can benefit from an out-and-out approach when it comes to choosing the right marketing agency.

Study the full-fledged research - to enhance your efforts with tips and tactics for a winning PPC campaign management - surveyed and composed by GoodFirms.

Budget spending is central to PPC advertising, which drives most of its efforts; thus it's pricing. GoodFirms’ research found that most of the service-providers employ these two PPC pricing models - Percentage of Ad Spend (PAS) and Flat Management Fee (FMF).

  • A majority of surveyed companies prefer the earlier method with charges ranging from 7.5% to 15% of the ad spending.
  • For FMF-based PPC agencies, a survey derived price distribution graph is given below:

The participant companies contributed their extensive experiences and learnings of years to the research team. Some of these, are from the top digital marketing companies or top SEM agencies listed at GoodFirms. Also, a few odd mentions, by the marketers, helped the team to dig out hidden aspects of PPC marketing which are interestingly promising.

Here are the pivotal indices from the PPC management research:

  • Google Adwords Editor, WordStream Advisor, and Bing Ads Editor are the most popular PPC management tools utilized by top marketers.
  • Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, and Spyfu are the most popular PPC keyword research tools employed by PPC professionals.
  • The average cost of a basic PPC service plan is $430.
  • With a majority of 72.72%, PPC managers find it challenging to beat the competition. While they often face other major challenges related to Ads optimization, limited budget, PPC tools, and limited characters.
  • An Ad copy that doesn’t match the landing page has been identified by about three-fourth participants as the most common reason a PPC campaign fails. Unoptimized PPC Ads, too many keywords, no negative keywords, and low bidding are some of the other common reasons.
  • 5 tips to optimize a failing PPC Ad: Conversion tracking, Testing Ad copy, Landing page relevance, Powering up keywords and Optimizing keywords bidding.
  • Top PPC managers use Frequency Capping and Exclusion Feature while remarketing to avoid customer frustration.
  • Some of the most used geo-targeting tactics are - Location/Call extension, Regional terms in keywords and Excluding certain locations.
  • 7 PPC gurus to follow on twitter - Larry Kim, Daniel Gilbert, Ginny Marvin, Matthew Umbro, Kirk Williams, Michelle Morgan, and Christi Olson.
  • Machine learning would create efficient PPC methods in the form of - performance analysis, smart bidding, and micro-moment targeting.

PPC Management for Small Businesses

For small businesses, marketing expenditures are big deal. Poor PPC decisions can result in cash-burn and even sound businesses might have to suffer marketing losses. Thus to ensure a desired return-on-investment they have to rely on highly-efficient strategies and resources; which never comes simple, no matter of what scale. For such service-seekers, check out GoodFirms’ list of top PPC agencies which maintains the best marketing merits.

Mark Raymond
Mark Raymond

Mark is a Content Developer at GoodFirms, a proficient B2B research & review firm dedicated to IT Industry. He considers - Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. With several years of experience in technical writing, Mark has always been fascinated by the wonders of technology; which inspires him to write and spread enthusiasm about the same.

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