Seven Robust App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategies for Mobile Games

Updated on :June 12, 2024
By :Aman Khan

You may have developed an incredible mobile game that is attractive enough to offer the best game experience to game lovers. But have you ever considered how your targeted customers would know that your incredible mobile game exists in the digital market? This thought got you stuck here, right? However, a wider audience can recognize your mobile game with compelling strategies that we will discuss below. These strategies can help you gain attention in the crowd after your custom mobile game development agencyit could be your mobile game app.

Why is ASO important for Mobile Games?

ASO for mobile games has significant importance in the software development niche. ASO acts as a catalyst to your marketing procedures to introduce your developed game to wide-ranging people all around the world from a single platform within a short time. App store optimization is a technique that aims to rank your apps in the app store to get downloaded by thousands. Many mobile apps and games you download and use daily confirm that you find them on the App store or someone recommended you. It clearly shows that developing a game app is talent but ranking it on the Search engine is an art.

With no further delay, let's dive deeper into the powerful strategies that can help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Strategies That Help You Rank Faster on App Store

Mobile software needs to be recognized on the app stores to be visible and prominent on the internet. Because, when it comes specifically to mobile apps, ASO for mobile games is the platform to rank it.

Rigorous Keyword Research

Just like SEO requires keyword research, ASO needs keywords research as well to rank your game app on the search engine through keywords. You can search your keywords into three categories that help you analyze your focus keyword to help your game app get on the SERP. 

Keyword Relevancy 

Keyword relevancy means what your users mainly search for on search engines, and does that specific term lead them to your app or not? Practically, it can be shown when you search keywords in the store. You come up with SERP, which shows that they're competitors to your app. On the other hand, if your keyword leads you to a different category; as a result, that particular term is not relevant and is not beneficial for your ASO strategy. 

Search Volume 

This step helps you in validating your keyword in search volume. Search volume represents what and how many users search for in the app stores - saying that there are many tools available that provide you with the convenience of analyzing and optimizing the search volume over the search engines.

Ranking Difficulty

If you consider that specific term or keyword to rank your app on the App Store, which already many apps have been ranked, it will get harder to optimize your game app on the app store. For instance:

If you choose the keyword "game" for your app optimization, it will get more challenging and time-consuming to rank it on the app store as soon as possible because many apps exist to rank on the internet. 

If you choose "game app," it would take some shorter time to rank on the app store. 

However, if you consider a “free game app” for your game application to rank on the App Store, it will relatively take a shorter time to rank your game app as this keyword would have more search volume and less competition. 


The title of your game is an essential component for ranking your game app on the app store. A book having a compelling and captivating title can only urge a reader to open and read what has been written in it. The same goes with the title of apps. Your game app's title should be captivating and offer an idea of what your game app is supposed to provide them with if they head to play the game. 

While discussing the title, let's keep in mind that, app store allows us to use 30 characters in an app title. On the other hand, the Google Play store allows up to 50 characters. Saying that app store features a subtitle where you can also insert keywords. These keywords help in indexing the title and subtitle. An effective subtitle would help you gain a conversion rate. 

Visually Appealing Appearance

Presentation means a lot for everything. Your game app needs to be visually appealing to attract customers and gamers. Because appearance attracts one's eye, and that's where they try to get something no matter what. Your game should comprise all captivating and quality icons, graphics, and screenshots that summarize your game app's presence itself – why only your game app can fulfill your gameplay desire efficiently. 

Remember the law - the more visually appealing your game app; the more users will likely download and land on your game app download page. So it will ultimately help your game app to download to rank higher on the app store.  

Add Short Yet Captivating Video

You can use an excellent and insightful video that catalyzes your user download rate and attract customers. However, the video you aim to place on your game app download page should be less than or equal to 30 seconds. Furthermore, this short video clip should be creative enough that it can catch your target audience's attention and promote your game app's features. So, within those 30 seconds-which sounds like a brief period, but this is where your art of capturing attention is hidden, my dear. 

Offer Something Unique in Your Game App

Mobile game apps always stand out from the crowd when a passionate player base gets offered something out-of-the-world, something unique yet exhilarating, something thrilling that gives them the experience they never got before. 

Saying that, take some globally recognized games. These games are almost the same in nature, offer a thrilling experience to players, and comprise similar UI/UX and game control. But what makes them compete with many other games in the market is their uniqueness in their way.   

Frequent Updates 

A Product gains more trust among the user base when it comes with all up-to-date features. Therefore, once you deploy your game app and note your target audience is happy to download your game app, prioritize the updates of a game app. It is a fact that that the software requires close monitoring and updates. Updates help you to overcome and solve the bugs and problems post-deployment. This way, if you keep your game app up-to-date with new features and all those thrilling assets that your audience wishes, you'll indeed manage to win the hearts of the game players. Therefore, app stores – never say NO to updated game apps to rank higher. 

Earn Positive Feedback, Reviews, and Ratings

After trying your best to give users the best game app, you become obligated to ask your users about your digital product in the form of reviews, ratings, and feedback. Why? Because it is imperative for the reasons mentioned below:

  • First, it helps you identify users' thoughts and ideas about your game app.
  • You will observe a sudden boost in your download rate.
  • User feedback offers credibility to other new users who land on your game app download page.
  • Users’ feedbacks and ratings help in better ranking on the app store.
  • You ensure that thousands recognize your game app.
  • Help in modifying your game app features accordingly.

When users are provided with the best quality games that don't crash, they love to mention their experience as a review. Hence, do modifications and updates keeping in mind that what users want in your game. Certainly, Users play an essential role when it comes to ASO for mobile games.


ASO for mobile games is crucial for your online and prominent presence on the app store. It helps you recognize by thousands and improves the credibility among your user base, which leads to building a healthy relationship with them. Today, game lovers are downloading more games from the internet as they are always on the hunt to find more thrilling games that offer the best user experience. Therefore, build the best game apps keeping all the aspects of app ranking cruciality on the app store.

Aman Khan
Aman Khan

Aman Khan Digital Content Producer for a custom mobile game development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

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