Solving the 3 Most Common Mobile App Marketing Challenges

Updated on :June 20, 2024
By :Kim Smith

Consider that you hired the best app development firm for your app project, got an outstanding app developed as per your requirements and now are all set to launch this app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Do you think your app would be a hit just because it is unique and excellent?

Answer is ‘No’.

In today’s crowded app market space, you need to have right app marketing strategies as this may turn out to be the difference between your app’s success and failure.

Mobile marketing is a complex and complicated space. Like any other marketing, it has its own sets of challenges. It is best to overcome these marketing challenges for successful mobile app promotion.

Here we list down some of the most common app marketing challenges and the ways app marketers must overcome them:

App Marketing Challenge #1: Designing an effective app marketing strategy

Why It’s a Challenge

Designing an app marketing strategy is easy. Designing an ‘effective’ app marketing strategy is much harder.

It takes research and thorough thinking to design an apt app marketing strategy. Many app entrepreneurs tackle app marketing all by themselves. Unfortunately, handling app marketing yourself can get in the way of running your business. Today, lack of time is the biggest constraint faced by businesses. Due to this limitation, many companies directly jump into executing marketing tactics without spending time in developing marketing strategies. This can cost them heavily at a later stage.

Some companies alternatively opt for an app development agency that handles everything from app development to app marketing for their clients. There are many firms in the app market that are 

How You Can Overcome this Challenge

Whether you outsource your app marketing or keep it in-house, it will either affect your budget or your time. Pick what you think is best for your organization.

If you feel you don’t have sufficient time to develop an effective marketing strategy for your app, it is best to outsource the services as without a concrete marketing strategy, it’s all too easy to flounder around and see only nominal results.

Remember an app marketing strategy needs to be developed even before the start of app development. The first step for developing a sound strategy is to identify and set goals that are realistic and measurable.

App Marketing Challenge #2: Increasing competition makes app discovery tough in App Stores

Why It’s a Challenge

This is one of the largest problems in app ecosystem!

There are 2 ways users search for 

Users install the app that appears in search results. Since today there are millions of apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is difficult for app marketers to ensure that their app is ranked high for given keywords to be discovered organically by the users.

How You Can Overcome this Challenge

The most obvious solution is to optimize the app for better discoverability in app stores. 

Implementing techniques of getting organically higher rank is not sufficient as there are millions of apps in app stores which are all levying for ranking higher. App marketers thus need to embrace other tactics to rank high like investing in paid marketing, asking for reviews from app users and reaching out to industry influencers and app reviewers to promote their app.

App Marketing Challenge #3: Retention

Why It’s a Challenge

It’s challenging to come up with an innovative app idea. It’s difficult to design and develop an excellent app. It’s even harder to get smartphone owners to install and use your app. But the hardest part is retaining these users!

Hundreds of apps are getting launched in app stores every single day and smartphones have limited memory. If your app does not provide any value to users, they will abandon it and later on delete it. 

How You Can Overcome this Challenge

To achieve retention success, use following tactics:

  1. Retargeting: To retarget users and to entice them to use your app again, send them personalized 

  2. Provide Value: Depending on the type of your app, provide users with whatever they are looking for - entertainment, information or freebies. This is one of the simplest ways to increase user engagement and thereby retain current users.

  3. Integrate App with Social Channels: Provide users with an opportunity to share their views or achievements about the app on their personal social channels. So, people get to see how others are integrating with your app, which, in turn, will influence their engagement with the app.

  4. AnalyzingAnalyzing metrics and app reviews can let you know what in 

Which Challenges are you facing as an App Marketer?

App marketing is much difficult than it used to be in the past. Complexity in the app marketing world is not only pain for marketers but is also costing companies’ huge amount of bucks.

Remember that though you’re bound to face many challenges with app marketing, there’s always a solution for all these challenges!

If you are facing any of the Are there any other challenges that you are facing? If yes, share with us in the comment section below.

Kim Smith
Kim Smith

Kim has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing industry. She has a good understanding of the advertiser's perspective, technology and mobile industry. She loves all things social and content-related and is thrilled that she can now work in the research field with GoodFirms.

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