The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Influencer Marketing

Updated on :October 18, 2023
By :Lyuthar Jacob

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become a crucial part of digital marketing. It has unleashed its wide array of customer wooing capabilities to make itself more favorable. Now the marketing companies are not only thinking of using this platform but also using it more efficiently. It involves quite an effective decision-making process. 

They make decisions on how, when & where to use this campaign. How many influencers to choose & what kind of influencer to use as well. 

There are so many factors responsible for deploying influencer marketing into your business, but everything comes from two things content & intent.  The influencer must be associated with the same niche or partially related to the line of service & product you are offering. It is about fulfilling the intent of the campaign with relevant content. With user engagement, it is then in the process, with high-engagement, tracking the traffic, substantial ROI, and conversions. 

Ask yourself, ‘would you be able to make a substantial impact in the market with the current strategy and effort?’. No, it is quite a task to redirect the attention of the audience. So many competitors are there in the battleground locking their horns to get the most attention. Tons of practices they are enabling in their influencer marketing campaign to penetrate more in the customer's mind. Some are making real-time changes with the customer’s changing preferences, and some are involved in bad practices for reaching out. 

What is necessary now to skyrocket our campaign is to be more cautious. If you are known to your challenges, then you can make a plan to get rid of them. Here the challenges are, identifying the right creators, suggesting the appropriate actions, and creating more relevant content. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Learning Process (NLP) are the modern weapons in your arsenal to make you a key player. These tools combine quantitative and qualitative metrics to make influencer marketing a meaningful operation. 

AI helps you in influencer search, content analysis, and brand reach. It also helps in data analysis, making us aware of problem-solving techniques, planning & researching. Let's discuss how AI is helping in influencer marketing.

AI in the Search for a Suitable Influencer

The very first step towards establishing the right campaign for influencer marketing is finding a suitable creator/influencer. Fortune senior editor Anne VanderMey says:

“When you have an influencer that has 30 million followers, 20 million, five million—that’s more powerful than any of the other traditional media outlets out there.” 

Then it becomes the most prior thing to find a relevant influencer. Millions of promotions are going on in every media. Everybody is trying to be more creative and informative. Every single person is being targeted with hundreds of messages daily.  As the competition is at the peak, your content needs to be relevant, exact, and that should be agreeable by the niche audience you are targeting and must be pitched at the right time. How to find an accurate promoter/influencer/creator?

AI can help you in finding a suitable creator for this. An AI-powered system can simplify making decisions, identifying trends, making relevant notes for making content, and finding a relevant influencer. These systems are so smart; they can distinguish between bot-generated and real-life influencers. To do that, it analyses some patterns amongst the followers.

The technique involves:- 

  • NLP AI analyses the content of a creator’s post. It generates things like interests, industries, demographics, and brand reach from content that will ultimately help you find your influencer. Visual search AI does the same work for you but for visual content.
  • There is another AI called sentiment analysis AI also used for influencers finding. It helps understand the emotion involved behind the comments done by the audience for content in social media. It gauges people’s engagement in a particular post, so the attributes of the content creator/influencer can be identified. 
  • This AI analyses a brand's goals, past influencer Marketing efforts, and some statistics and selects the right influencer for your campaign. This saves a mammoth time, what actually it takes if it was done manually.

AI-Influencer Marketing Systems for Payment to Influencer

Payment or fees is the factor that drives influencers to promote you to their audiences. The negotiation over a price sometimes took quite a time, and competitors took advantage of that. You can enable (ANN) Artificial Neural Networks influencer marketing system powered by artificial intelligence to ease this issue. It calculates the data from past influencers and offers a rightful incentive to the influencer. Sometimes, it is so human-like that it offers the incentive when the influencer is most likely to post something to encourage him/her. 

AI for the Relevant Content     

Audiences are fluctuating nowadays. They keep on changing their choices if another more than suitable arrives in the media. Then it is much more than necessary to study the audience’s movements and deliver accordingly to their choices. 

This automated content analysis AI studies the desire of the audience for the content over media platforms. It efficiently suggests editorial content based on hundreds of inputs and compares it with the performance of the past content aired. It also predicts the results if the modernized content will be posted against a creator’s audience.

For example, Pond’s also uses Popular Chips to analyze each influencer’s posts to understand what content the influencer’s followers are interested in. This ensures that the content produced remains true to the influencer’s image, resonates with the influencer’s audience, and obtains high engagement.

AI to Prevent Fraudulent Activities            

It has been a challenge for a brand to search for a real influencer. The fraudulent influencers use social bots to showcase their work falsely, resulting in a quite big amount to the brand in a year. AI allows pattern analysis on comments and followers profiles. 

It also gauges the influencer’s activity on social media. If the engagement style or in a loop and the follower’s activities get repeated after some time, then AI denotes them as fraudsters. It is not possible to check all this information manually and defeat the bot generator. AI automatically analyses these patterns and records the pattern in its database to alert you in the future if you get across these fake accounts.

AI for RoI 

Determining the ROI of the campaign is the very last thing to know about what you have gained & what still to be gained. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the kind of study that optimizes the constraints you have utilized for your growth in influencer marketing campaigns. Every element and techniques to calculate RoI are time-consuming and a mammoth task to arrange and compare.

This calculation could be simplified if you have an AI-enabled system. Influencer marketing AI studies the influencer’s performance, tracks every piece of content and engagement reports. It calculates the actual ROI from the campaign and its impact on revenue. It is difficult to calculate piles of data manually and find the revenue incurred. 

But, AI does the regression analysis of the results with the hundreds of data to determine the exact revenue incurred from the specific influencer marketing campaign. The data resulted from such AI analysis helps in predicting future performance as well.


Influencer Marketing using AI technologies is done not only for analyzing engagement and audience metrics; it is also done to study the data you are not taking in the measure while analyzing. After all, these unstructured data are essential for marketers to meet their marketing goals. 

The change is remarkable; the brands adopt AI-powered systems to be more specific while targeting their influencer marketing campaign. The tremendous speed, accuracy, humankind emotion analysis, and real-time predictions undoubtedly save money and result in a greater ROI.

Lyuthar Jacob
Lyuthar Jacob

Lyuthar Jacob is the Assistant Editor at Clickmatix digital marketing agency, where he gets to do what he loves doing- writing, managing, and editing contents with smart digital marketers in the company. He also has expertise in web marketing, search engine optimization, social media, affiliate marketing.

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