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How Video Production Can Affect Your Business & Enhance the Reach Overnight

How Video Production Can Affect Your Business & Enhance the Reach Overnight

To withstand with other competitors and get the ball rolling in an isle of a digital world, one would need some basic tactics over promotion strategies, as well as some creativity over representations. More importantly, top video production companies prefer to make content quite ‘straight forward, precise & accurate to keep viewers comfortable and interested in watching the video (content). 

Intellectual awareness also plays a significant role. One needs to crunch the numbers regarding the perspective and targetable audience and must be aware of what people would like to watch or scroll without giving a second to it. A ‘Cover picture’ to the video plays a vital role in making a viewer ‘start’ a video or ‘skip.’ Similarly, there are multiple key points to figure out most smartly for every possible method of product-representation. 

Being concerned about ‘Video production’ and its impacts on business growth, it is noticeable that why every start-up prefers to choose Video marketing for their rapid promotions? When one gets determined for Video Marketing, then what should be done and what not while video production, is a matter of concern. Moving ahead with multiple WHAT(s) & WHY(s), below discussed are the possibilities of growth, exhibiting some proven results and existing figures of some business hikes that had happened because of Video marketing and the production tactics they’ve used. 

Before that, check out some valuable statements that were given by the tech giants like GOOGLE, CISCO, FACEBOOK itself regarding Video and its dominance over the internet. 


ThinkWithGoogle, a team of Google has found that more than 50% of users prefer to watch a video preview if available anywhere on the Internet. As doing that, somehow ensures them regarding the product whether to go for it or not. Only by watching a pretty short demonstrated video of the product.

Cisco, a networking giant believes that 80% of the Global Internet traffic would be covered by videos by the end of 2019.


Success rates of Video oriented ventures/applications/startups are explicit. YouTube is a pioneer, showcasing itself as the biggest example of this genre. YouTube’s organic reach figures are eye stretching (yet not counting the backlinks). 

Moving ahead with what could be the possible objectives of video production and how it can be remunerative for businesses?


Obviously, ‘Marketing’ is the first & main objective behind it, followed by ‘product promotions’ to build acquaintance, while ‘Sales’ could be a last but not the least goal to accomplish from videos.

Effective video production could totally flip the result to the other side. Here are some tactics and a few positive sides of video marketing which are beneficial in their own way. Read them all out sincerely along with some do’s and don’ts while Video production.


Gesture and temperament of your video could leave an impression on your viewer. Whichever emotion one puts in his website shall be able to connect a viewer to his service/product. Apparently, there are many video-oriented applications which are trending nowadays for e.g. ‘TikTok’. Why such applications are shining because people feel expressive through the medium of video.


YouTubers today are getting enormous fame because of their emotion-based channels (Comedy Vines; Reaction-based channels; Real-time problem’s solution channels/pages etc.).

Conclusively, it would be beneficial for your video and business as well, if there is an emotion embedded to it, which is capable of smoothly representing your product.


In such a ruthless competition where every second plays a vital role at some level, the viewer would be going to invest his time ‘in minutes’ on your video. Therefore, it has to be direct and very clear regarding the demonstration. One extra second may unfit your video for many time-constrained platforms like Twitter. Unnecessary elongation of a video could convert your efforts and time into waste.



A Video is something which luckily goes as per every generation’s interest & comfort.

The younger generation is already tech-friendly who won’t require an answer of ‘WHY VIDEO’ for promotion? While the older generation would be happy not digging their eyes on small & long texts anymore. Rather they’d get something more comprehensible, audible and entertaining.


Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many such applications are assimilating as well as accepting video content to a larger extent. Not only they are welcoming it but also it is believed that Facebook and Instagram are likely to have changed their daily-feed-algorithm and made it video abundant.

The feed at the home page which you scroll up and down usually is believed to be set in such a manner that you would surely find a video after every 3 or 4 image/text posts. Or it could be more frequent.


The term ‘production’ in Video production has nothing to do with finance as it seems like. In fact, here it revolves around the ‘Direction’ of video and ‘Video Editing Tools’ i.e. post-production work.

A well-directed & short video with minimum unnecessary things works best. As far as tactics behind the Direction of a video is concerned, ‘Minimalism’ is an approach that works always out. It consists of near about 80 percent of blank-negative space (which can be adjusted) in the frame, while the product gets to cover the remaining space of the frame as shown in an image below. One can implement the same method while a video shoots as well by keeping the background mono-colored or blank which lets the product shine only and keep the eyes on the product only because of least distractions in it.


Video quality will not be an issue for anyone living in a mediocre city as well. All credits to an outrageous evolution of camera phones and easy availability of a DSLR camera near to you that can shoot a general video with superior quality artlessly. One really doesn’t need to invest a bag on it. Things where one need to put some efforts on are ‘direction and storyline of a video, which has to be short in duration, bright and clear in the demonstration and unique in direction.

If one is financially sound and can pay an arm and a leg for something, he can opt for VFX effects in his video, which might levy him some amount because VFX is an in-demand thing today. Also, there are many easily obtainable Software that could work for us such as–KDEnlive, Pitivi, Shotcut, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X(Mac) etc. Adobe After-effects is a pioneer known for mind-blowing video effects. Much other basic Software which is sufficient for adequate video editing are easily available. For e.g. Windows Movie Maker etc.

Ultimately, if your precise-clear-well edited video would anyhow touch the hearts of your viewers, you’ll get your foot in the door & may not need to ask anyone to promote it further. People usually share the content they like. Enjoy Free promotions!


If one can remember any advertisement over television from his childhood, then that is exactly what we want to accomplish with your video.

All of us surely have remembered one of the famous or favorite advertisements from our childhood, which may or may not be trending now but the point which is noticeable here is, the brand whose advertisement we remember even today has become unforgettable because of that video only.


Some of the brands are even assimilating themselves in a disguised way through the medium of videos. They create promotional videos by putting their name on it but not with the original product which they are patent. Why they are doing so?

‘Carlsberg’ is an example of such a methodology. As some products like alcohol are not legal or ethical to sale everywhere in such a large platform like television or radio, therefore, the company choose to market their names by adopting another product.

‘Carlsberg’ is a brand which promotes itself by showcasing ‘Glasses’ having ‘Carlsberg’ written on it over television, but actually is an alcohol brand. Undoubtedly, this is a wise marketing strategy but the key here is they’ve made it possible through VIDEO.


Could they anyway have done that better without a visual representation of their name?

The ultimate goal is to promote its name, whether it is done indirectly or directly. And the medium they choose is ‘video production’.


Videos are the fastest medium to convey the message we have because it consists of every possible sense that your body can sense. Either visually or in an auditory way, it renders a feel to your product. If your video happens to be outstandingly produced by one of the best content marketing agencies, it may even create a trend. It keeps your viewers connected with us whether they use your product or not, they remember us through your advertisement. 

Ashley Marsh
Ashley Marsh

Ashley Marsh is a senior content writer at MAAN Softwares INC. She has been writing for various companies for over four years on a variety of topics. Ashley specializes in technical writing with an emphasis on mobile development, web design, and technology trends. Ashley finds covering the tech world to be an exciting and engaging experience as each day brings new and groundbreaking technologies to explore and write about. When she's not writing about tech, she enjoys walking her two chihuahua-poodle mixes, Ginger and Pepper. 

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