3 Free and Open Source Document Management System Solutions

Updated on :June 18, 2024
By :Sophia Jayden

In today’s digital business environment, a comprehensive document management program with processes that are consistent, secured, and simple is a crucial component to the overall success of any business. document management software solutions offer a multidisciplinary approach to the governance and management of documents.

Why do you need a tool for Document Management?

An efficient Document Management platform is a one-stop solution for all your document management needs. It enables you to create, capture, manage, distribute, and archive different forms of content.

Check the below image to understand why it is critical to choose a tool for document management;


The 3 Free and Open Source Document Management Solutions

Before we take you through each of the 8 best free and open source document management systems, have a look at the comparison table;

Document Management Software Comparison Chart

#1 OpenDocMan

OpenDocMan is a free, web-based, open source document management system (DMS). This easy-to-use and set-up software allow users to add any file type to the system. The software was released under the GPL license. It is ideal for individuals, small businesses, non-profits organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and so on.


            (Image Courtesy:OpenDocMan)

Key Features:

  • Provision to create customized document properties
  • Powerful Document Management Workflow
  • Automated document review
  • Automated file expiration process
  • Facility to approve or reject a new document
  • E-mail notification options
  • Quick-browse search by category
  • Secure URL feature to obfuscate URL parameters
  • Fine-grained user access control for each file
  • Access control for three user types: User, Admin, and Super-Admin
  • Supports Multiple Language including; Chinese, English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Croatian, Spanish and Turkish
  • Full Audit trail reporting facility
  • Customized Workflow Approval
  • In-Browser Document Preview
  • Batch Uploads
  • Unlimited Users
  • Users can get both email and phone support from the company

#2 OpenKM

OpenKM is one of the most efficient and powerful systems that facilitates safe and efficient management of your documents. This free and open source document management solution makes it easier for any size organization to store, manage and retrieve information and images of any file types at any time. OpenKM’s advanced search functionality is one of the key highlights. Improve your decision making capability and boost the productivity of your workgroups and enterprise easily with this document management software.

Collect and control your key and sensitive information, collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects at any time, locate documents easily, manage digitalization of your documents, and much more with OpenKM Document Management system.


            (Image Courtesy:OpenKM)

Key Features:

  • Facility to upload the bulk of documents
  • Easily and quickly download folders as ZIP files
  • Lock & Unlock documents with easy Passwords
  • Favourites management
  • Availability of document templates
  • Personal documents for each user
  • Recycle Bin for each user
  • Email notification
  • Messaging & Chat facilities
  • Metadata management
  • Unique document identifier
  • User Tags
  • Categorization & cataloging
  • Multiple files
  • Text to speech converter

#3 SeedDMS

SeedDMS is a simple to use and intuitive document management solution with a wide range of sophisticated and functional features. The software is free to use, and the open source version offers betterment with every update.


                    (Image Courtesy: SeedDMS)

Key Features:

  • Fully web based UI
  • Facility to preserve all former document versions
  • Multiple user management
  • Group management
  • External authentication
  • Fine-grained notification upon changes
  • Workflow for document review and approval
  • Access control lists
  • Full-text search
  • Web access
  • Multi-language support


Documents are the primary assets of any business. Storing, accessing and safeguarding them require a systematic and easy approach. Document management software should be able to put all your documents to work more efficiently. This article is primarily aimed at helping you to explore new horizons in document management excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify the best practice in document Management and infer on future technologies, opportunities and user expectations.
  • Gather insights on the impact of changing global trends in terms of better management of information and sensitive documents.
  • Learn about some of the best free and open source document management software solutions and substantiate your new age strategic vision for your organization’s document management process.

GoodFirms have also created a complete list of the best Document Management solutions. Here, you can get to know each of the software and understand its ratings, reviews and key features.

Sophia Jayden
Sophia Jayden

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