Top Features to Look For in a Hospital Management Software Solution

Updated on :July 13, 2024
By :Indust Net Technologies

With the seamless integration of automated processes using advanced systems specifically designed to streamline healthcare management, it is getting much simpler and more comfortable to bring doctors, nurses, patients, and other hospital staff closer along with all the information and assets anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the recently advanced and more efficient hospital software systems.

As you know, today, every investment and effort is driven by customer experience, the insights, and their feedback. One aspect to note here is the kind of challenges that customers face with a specific brand. So, the race is on, to engage with them, and to close the gap. Healthcare industry is not spared too. 

But, fortunately, today’s technological advancement is enabling both patients to access the most cutting-edge medical facilities, and healthcare providers to deliver exceptional services to the patients.

Hospital management software systems can facilitate hospitals to achieve unprecedented efficiency. However, these systems won’t be realized without first knowing the features and functions essential for in a Hospital management software solution.

The following sections of this article will help you understand the top features to look for in a Hospital Management Software that have the capacity to interconnect various aspects of hospital administration and patient care.

Top Features to Look for In a Hospital Management Software Solution


The primary step of patient on boarding starts with hassle-free appointments. This feature helps you to book appointments literally from anywhere, cutting down on time and emergencies. What more? It also allows the availability of doctors, radiologists, and patients to be on the same page and fix appointments accordingly. This should be open for both online and offline modes along with quick updates on the schedule status.


This section allows you to seek important information about patient information chart and the available time slots of your most preferred doctor. Post which, one can mark the timeslot for easy appointments. Few biometry of patient information like name, age, address, blood group, etc. is stored for further use and reference.


Inpatient boarding

This feature manages the patient boarding details in addition to the patient demography like admission details, room, consultants, surgeon, diet preference, etc. So, each time, a new patient is on board, they are provided with the unique admission number. Now, bed transfers and bed management has been made simpler. The user can check through the allotments and basis the budget can book their bed.

At the end of the treatment, this becomes a one-stop platform for discharge summary, the reason for discharge and different consent forms or medical reports used during the treatment.  

Inpatient billing

All the daily services, like the room rent, operations, delivery, consulting to nursing, are taken care of. The feature also contributes towards preparing all the MIS reports. In case of payment overdue cycle, it would send automated alerts for the same. Last but not least, this feature allows patients to directly share the entire billing claim to their insurance provider, thereby reducing time and resource.  


Consultation Management

Consultation management feature is very much essential, and one of the key functions of a hospital management software system. If a patient is looking to block a doctor’s date, then this is possible with the consultation management feature with just a click! From viral fever to chest inflammation, this feature can guide users with a list of doctors and a wide array of specialists like Ophthalmologist, General Physician, Neurologist, Dentist, Urologist, and so on. 

Report Amalgamator

Manage and update your lab test reports here. Not just this, you get a customised alert on your report completion. You can also manage your lab workflow here. This feature allows you to preserve your reports for further consultation and retains in your medical history. It helps you to streamline accurate reporting.

Managing Imaging and Diagnostics

Digital Imaging has simplified organ diagnosis procedure. Radiology, Oncology reports are better understood through this technology. Using the patient code, one can auto sign in to this feature and keep a check on the report status. Right from taking appointments for diagnosis, till the reports, every process becomes easy with this feature.

Vitals Tracking

As the name implies, vital management, and security are highly take care through this feature. Now, your sample collection, lab accessioning and lab workflow becomes accessible with one click.

Action Plan Management

This feature is useful to maintain a detailed plan for all the treatment goals. This solution facilitates everyone at the operating level to prepare and implement a related action plan. Doctors, staffs, and patients are automatically alerted for and after every move with regard to the action plan.

Case Management

In case of opening a fresh case to look into, this is the feature to look for. Users can initiate a case and track through the progress until its execution. The feature contributes towards better management of healthcare delivery and hospital-patient transparency.


Emergency represents one of the most important aspects of the Healthcare Industry. This feature is focused exclusively on delivering emergency medical practices. Practice engagement isthe most vital part of this emergency relationship.  A structured Practice Engagement is essential in order to allow practices to remain viable. This feature acts as a single point of contact to help and connect and gather the best support that suits your needs.

Patient Portal

Engaging your patients through an online white labelled patient platform allows you to gain quick access to their reports, their pending check-ups, and appointments. But what happens when you need to share feedback with your fellow mates? Well, this portal takes care of that too! You can easily share your feedback, access, and share information within the group easily through this feature.

Programmed Alerts

If you can set your wake up alarm, then why not wake up to your health check-ups? This alert system helps you to trigger on pre-decided reminders for better disease management.  


Claims management is one of the critical services, and it requires a flexible solution to handle the entire process. Many of the hospital management software have in these days started including the claims management module too. The feature automatically routes the entire documents to the concerned claims manager or the organization. With utmost speed and accuracy, the module allows anyone to carry out the claims, thereby reducing time and error.


This is a portal that takes care of everything right from the medical, administrative, and clinical process that happens on a day-to-day basis. Patient moving out of the hospital when they are discharged, go through multiple procedures. A systemic approach will automatically take care of your injuries, medicines, and other diagnostics in no time. This is a one-stop solution for basic challenges faced by any patient on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, the patient is notified consistently on all payments that are due, and even about their next visits, etc.


A Patient record is primary for any patient’s health care. Better and faster access to data, faster retrieval, and high-quality management of data can enhance health care delivery. This module can manage all your medical reports, lab tests for your future reference. The data is saved securely and is accessible via passcodes allotted to each patient and hospital management staffs. Data analysis can also be performed on any of the fields by giving the patient number/id and or bed days.


Physician/Nurse Management

Managing your nurse and doctors has never been this easy. The module can help you understand the availability of the physicians and nurses. Based on the listing, one can easily book an appointment or schedule a meeting with the concerned person. 

Lab Management

Transparency in terms of pathology management was a farfetched process unless technology dropped in to save us! This integrated Lab Management module records and analyses all your pathological requirements. So, whatever has been performed or yet to be performed goes through this portal. This platform records medical, commercial, and special laboratory activities under check. Both inpatients and outpatients can easily use and generate billing directly from this portal. If you are not sure about the report’s authenticity, then don’t forget to check out the list of authorized personnel updated on this portal, responsible for checking the reports.

Moreover, lab reports are entirely secure, and are only shared via a patient portal, enabling a paperless solution. However, this system notices you when the results are available so that you do not miss out on your emergency!

Radiology Management

The internal system is integrated to ensure radiologists are booked automatically when a doctor refers you to book your radiologists appointment. Centralized reporting tools are available for CT scan, ultrasound, X-rays, and PACS and are compatible with all other radiological imaging technologies, bringing the best result. Again, authorized persons are appointed to authenticate the reports. 


Pharmacy Management

The digital version of the physical pharmacy can be managed through this platform. Additionally, this can be linked to the main billing as the patient collects their medicines, so would their charges be automatically updated on the same. This module also helps oversee drug distribution and stock management. But, how do you manage when an external doctor refers a medicine for you? Scenarios like this are taken care simply as you can share your prescription from the consulting doctor; send the dispensing units to the concerned patient without any manual intervention.

Store Management

Well, this is something which is indirectly responsible for the delivery of your medicines. This portal takes care of the shipment of the medicines from the distributors, Pharma companies, and also keeps count of the stock, and reorder levels. This feature is designed to even send alerts before and after the completion of stock arrival.


Drug Reference Data Base

This feature is very helpful to both medical health professionals and consumers. Drug information, their adverse reactions (if any), brand names, combinations, dosing, FDA approvals, and alerts, etc. are easily available in just a click through this feature.

Drug Reference Data Base is one of the most primary databases that help a medical consultant/doctor to keep a check on your medicines. If a patient is unable to find a specific dose prescribed by the doctor, this feature will take your order through its portal. Moreover, you would be notified when restocked.

Prescription cancellation

There are times when doctors cancel your old prescription and ask you to take a new one due to multiple reasons. To cancel your existing prescription, a doctor or the administrator in charge can use this feature.  

Prescription renewals

At times, while you are admitted, you wish to renew any of the old prescriptions or renew the current one; this is your go-to portal.


Complicated or not, successful or not, treatments are always supposed to be certified for future reference. Though, the patient would automatically generate the treatment certification through patient reference number at the end of the treatment for a paperless process; yet multiple patient requirements deserve a hard copy. Generate your certificate easily through this feature.


As technologies evolve, healthcare providers must work hard to give a better experience to the patients by making every process smooth and accessible. A good Hospital Management Software is capable of building a connected experience by addressing a wide range of business problems related to hospitals.

Ensure that whatever Hospital management software solution you choose has the above-mentioned features.

If you are running small healthcare set up, then you can initially test with Free and Open Source Hospital management Software solutions.

HMS365Cloud, eHospital Systems, Practo, Promed, are some of the best commercial software solutions available in the market. OpenClinicGA, OpenMRS, Open Hospital, are some of the best free and open source Hospital management software solutions.

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