Ahrefs is known as the world's largest index of live backlinks and the ultimate website analysis toolset that is trusted by thousands of SEOs and Integrated Marketing Professionals worldwide. Explorer disrupted the stagnant field of backlink analysis and kick-started a new round of competition among SEO software providers. It quickly became one of the world's best backlink analysis of SEO tools.

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  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Link Management
  • Localization
  • Mobile Search Tracking
  • Rank Tracking
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Best-in-market business intelligence software.

5 months ago

As an agency that specializes in SEO services it is imperative that we conduct research on certain prospects and vet their websites before linking our clients to them. Our clients do not want to be associated with websites that are linked to casinos, gambling, etc. which is why this research is necessary. Ahrefs is an excellent business intelligence tool - it allows us to determine the organic traffic, traffic volatility, Domain Ratings, linked domains, backlink profiles, organic keywords, and so much more of various pages. Their database is extensive and provides valuable insights that help us make informed decisions. Uninformed linking can result in damage to a client's reputation and page ranking, the opposite of what we strive to achieve. The downside to this tool is that sometimes it can be rather slow; however, this may be expected due to the large database. Some find Ahrefs expensive and overwhelming but we find it extensively useful.

Ahrefs is hands down the best SEO tool for checking backlinks

Colin Ma
10 months ago

I’ve been doing search engine optimization (SEO) for 6 years both for my own portfolio and for clients at Digital Software Products. My team and I have managed over 30 websites and have used a variety of tools. Ahrefs is hands down the best SEO tool for checking backlinks apart from Google itself. Its crawlers are much more powerful and active than other tools which allow it to find more links, enabling you to do better SEO.

Additionally, it has amazing utility functions. Ahrefs has extra functions that allow you to approach keyword research from various perspectives to better organize your keywords and to find additional keywords.

The biggest con is that they don’t have a free version which makes it hard for prospective users. Apart from that I really have nothing to complain about.

Friends A To Z Advertising Pvt Ltd

Mr. Karthik
posted on 6/2/21
goog support thanks sir ok aim next time https://123just.com / bye

Ahrefs - Definitely a great tool

posted on 10/8/20
It is the best tool for competitor research on backlinks. Their youtube videos are the best tutorials for getting a clear view of the tool. As a founder of Discover Your Blog I would say that the purpose of the tools definitely satisfied. But the pricing is a bit higher.

Leveraging articles traffic with SEO

Esther Kwong
posted on 11/5/20
As a content specialist at Vanna, we consider Ahrefs as an effective SEO tool to increase website traffic. The Keyword Explorer works best for our content research. Key metrics are well shown on the site and we are happy to recommend it.

Most Quick & Efficient SEO Tool

Nabila Husseni
posted on 20/4/20
Ahrefs is a professional-grade SEO tool with robust peculiarities across everything from keyword command to competitive analysis. It is one of the best link research tools in the market. It helps us to find new links to our site compared to that of our competitors in a quicker & much more complete format than any other tool. It is an extremely easy keyword research tool that helps us to get up-to-date keyword data and backlinks details. It helps us find keywords with low difficulty and search volumes; through which we can bring in highly qualified traffic for our platform. The tool is competent in getting a good amount of accurate data which was quite useful to us in formulating our content strategies. Ahrefs is one of the most sophisticated SEO tools in the market proffering all the features I needed in one system.

No other tool can dethrone Ahrefs

Daniel Cheung
posted on 9/4/20

No other tool can dethrone Ahrefs - when it comes to looking at links, Ahrefs is the tool I turn to for my SEO company - Prosperity Media. It has the most comprehensive historical database of links and this data is invaluable when I do competitive analysis on SERPs. I can extract all first-page result URLs and run a Batch Analysis within Ahrefs to get a quick and dirty overview of the link profile of each ranking site. Then I will jump into Site Explorer to do a deeper analysis of individual domains to examine their link building strategy and how it has factored into their visibility.

Most accurate tool at predicting organic traffic levels

Amit Raj
posted on 8/4/20

Amit Raj here, I'm a Link builder & Founder of my company- Amit Digital Marketing and use Ahrefs almost exclusively.

Good points I've found:

 - It is quite accurate at estimating traffic. While it is not perfect, it is probably the most accurate tool at predicting organic traffic levels.

 - Great ability to extract backlink profiles from sites. And robust filters throughout the tool.

 - "Traffic value" function is great if you want to visualize the value of the organic traffic you're bringing in, in terms of what it would cost in Adwords terms.


 - It doesn't have the content auditing tool.

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