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ITILITE is an integrated travel and expense management software that makes corporate travel and expense management easier. We help finance, operations, HR, and travel leaders to keep business travel safe, control costs, and deliver a delightful experience to travelers.
Features Include:
-Effortless dashboard creation
-100+ reports
-100% automated audits on receipts for replication, weekend activities, foreign locations, new categories & any other uncommon activities
-Incentives for cost-considerate employees
  • Financial Services
  • English
Core Features
Expense Management Features
  • Accounting Integration
  • Approval Process Control
  • Expense Tracking
  • Invoice Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Receipt Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Spend Control
  • Time Tracking
  • Workflow Management
Travel Agency Features
  • Cancellations & Refunds
  • Client Management
  • Flight Booking
  • Itinerary Creation
  • OTA Integration
  • Payment Processing
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Reservations Management
Pricing Type
Flat Rate
Preferred Currency
USD ($)
Free Version
Payment Frequency
Monthly Payment, Annual Subscription
Plans & Packages
Travel Platform
$9.99 Per Month
Per trip can include multiple flights and hotel bookings
No additional charges/fees for changes or reschedules
Expense- Monthly
$7.99 Per Month
Paid month on month
Submit an Unlimited number of reports per active user in a month
Expense- Yearly
$4.99 Per Year
Paid in advance for the whole year
Submit an Unlimited number of reports per active user in a month.
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Executive Interview
Mayank Kukreja
Mayank Kukreja
Please introduce your product and give a brief about your role within the organization.
I’m Mayank Kukreja, the CEO of ITILITE. I co-founded ITILITE with our CBO Anish Khadiya in 2017 to help organizations make business travel easier. 
ITILITE is a tech-forward travel and expense management company offering integrated Travel & Expense Management software. Our AI-powered SaaS platform is designed to automate, streamline, and incentivize business travel & expense. We also have unique travel inventories that help employees to make cost-conscious decisions and minimize company expenses while traveling, thus reducing the overall T&E costs by nearly 30%.
In terms of target market, we cater to businesses of all sizes in India, US, and SEA markets, aiming to automate their travel and expense processes. We work with companies who are excited by innovative approaches to improve the status quo.
What was the objective behind coming up with this software?
Our first-hand experiences during the tenure of our jobs led us to think about the inefficiencies in the offline nature of corporate travel. Having worked as consultants we were aware of the archaic tech systems and laborious manual processes made for an inefficient business trip, which added to unexplained increased costs and more problems for both corporates and employees. 
The massive dissonance between personal and business travel processes presented an interesting opportunity. Even as personal travel was becoming increasingly seamless and “digital”, business travel was still plagued with laborious manual processes, arcane approval structures, and the paucity of effective cost controls. 
We were of the belief that while technology can deliver such minutely intuitive experiences to the end consumer, there must be no excuse for the business travel industry to still be running on legacy processes. Hence, ITILITE was born. Since its inception, the idea was to create a tech-forward travel and expense management company, and the manifestation is right in front of us today.
How is your software beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other software alternatives available in the market?
From a value addition perspective, ITILITE is the only platform designed for B2B that offers end-to-end digitization and automation for both travel and expense management under one roof. Our travel management platform gives you cost-efficient flight and hotel booking options based on past preferences to help you save 30% on your overall travel costs. We also help our clients cut the booking turnaround time to 90 seconds through customized options and automated approval workflows. Our expense management platform gives employees the flexibility of uploading their expense receipts from anywhere for 2 times faster filing experience leading to 5 times faster reimbursements. This way, bookings get faster, all the expenses get filed on time, employees are delighted because of the ease of filing expenses, and the organization’s financial productivity is enhanced by 40% also allowing companies to be audit ready. 
Another notable feature of our product is the world’s first virtual travel consultant called ITILITE Mastermind. Mastermind will unleash a company’s true saving potential with its bird’s eye view of the travel and expense program, benchmarking and comparing with the competitors’ travel policy, and data-driven, actionable insights.
What industries do you generally cater to? Which industries in general are highly benefiting by using your software?
Our software is rooted in transforming the corporate travel and expense management space. It is an AI-powered SaaS platform built to automate the corporate travel process through its highly customizable features that are suitable for any company. In addition to that, ITILITE also doubles up as a fintech platform designed to automate employee expense-reimbursement systems. Our target audience is businesses with a large traveling workforce and a sizable annual travel budget and by sizable we mean that 70% of the out-of-pocket expenses borne by these customers tend to be travel & travel-related. 

Business travel is a $1.3trillion market globally, still dominated by legacy systems of the 90s, resulting in inefficiencies leading to significant cost leakages, and poor traveler experiences. The legacy processes in place today are not agile and incapable of adapting at the speed required. For example, with WFH, expense fraud increased globally by 250%. Hence, we are here to solve this problem.
What are the key features of your software that makes it stand apart from your competitor products in the market?
While ITILITE’s mission is to make travel and expense management seamless in business practices, we are constantly on the lookout for ways in which we can deliver more convenience and speed while saving time spent on cumbersome processes and cutting costs by introducing newer features. A few key features that make ITILITE stand apart in the industry are: 

a.    ITILITE is the only product that is built for B2B, offering end-to-end digitization and automation for both T&E under one roof, unlike other players who offer either manpower or heavy services model or partial digitization
b.    ITILITE’s app is designed with optimum user-friendliness, resulting in a smooth user experience
c.    The built-in savings-focused incentivization module encourages travelers to comply with company policies, bringing behavioural change among employees
d.    Less than 90-sec booking experience through highly personalized option curation and automated approval workflows and 5X faster reimbursements by automating approvals and reducing manual work hours
e.    ITILITE’s Mastermind provides real-time actionable insights and consulting on your T&E program. Competitors offer periodic or quarterly reviews that are dependent on third-party consulting
f.    Granular policy & approval process that ensures compliance and organizational control on expenditure 
g.    Advanced analytics helps optimize the processes and save more on every step, not just in ticket costs 
h.    Flexible pricing models for customers - Pay-as-you-go & subscriptions, with zero upfront, cost
i.    Seamless Integration across organizational processes through SSO, Expense Management, and HRMS
What is the customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?
ITILITE’s customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Our aim is to deliver products that are able to cater to their needs with strong customer onboarding and support. So, we are proud to have inspired the trust of 500,000+ customers globally across over 230 small businesses, unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies. This has led to us being ranked as ‘Leader’ in the Travel & Expense category in G2 (one of the biggest software review websites in the US) Summer Report 2022. It is an honour that is driven by customer reviews alone. We got to this point after a long but rewarding journey. Even during the pandemic, when many businesses struggled to make ends meet, we witnessed 5X growth, and the bookings made through our platform have elevated by 200%. Our diligent customer support team makes sure to provide undivided and priority assistance, anytime for a solid 24/7*365 days over chat, emails, and phone calls. We also conduct regular business reviews with our clients on multiple platforms to get an in-depth review of our products and customer experience.
Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what is the percentage of repeat customers that you have?
Since we are a B2B company we sign an annual agreement with the companies who are our customers which they renew at the end of the year. ITILITE has a 100% of repeat customers to date.
Does your software product provide any resource or knowledge section for its users? If yes, what kind of material is provided to your users to help them get acquainted with your product?
Yes, we provide multiple resources for users to understand our product. Currently, we go heavy on organic and inorganic channels of communication. In terms of organic, we publish blogs, newsletters, and ebooks that capture the nitty-gritty details of the travel industry and suggest solutions to complex problems. Trends - which allow readers to know what's happening around the world and case studies - that help customers know how others are leveraging ITILITE and what more they themselves can do. We have separate topics, structures, and ideas for various buyer personas at different stages of the marketing funnel.
We are also very active on multiple social media channels like LinkedIn (where we recently hit the 20K followers mark), Twitter, and Facebook. Our inorganic tracks include text and display ads on Google and Bing Network and print ads. We recently occupied the entire front page of the Economic Times newspaper, which is one of the most prominent business newspapers in India. So, whenever there's something new with us, we let people know, and that’s how we keep our customers up to date.
What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?
We have a solid Customer Support team working 24/7/365 to ensure that our customers’ queries are answered and solved immediately without any hassle. To avoid queuing customers on long calls with bots, we provide priority assistance on phone calls, emails, and chat. We also conduct regular business reviews with our clients on multiple platforms that serve as customer-provided solutions. 
What has been the revenue for your product for 2021?
While we cannot disclose the actual figures, we have grown exponentially, and have never stopped enhancing our product experience. As a result, we now offer 8X ROI to our customers and have recorded 5X growth and an increase in transaction volumes by 2X since our Series B funding round in 2020.
Where do you see your product in the next 10 years?
We just raised $29 Mn in the Series-C funding round led by expert investors Tiger Global and Dharana Capital along with participation from existing investors Matrix Partners India and Tenacity Ventures, so I think it is safe to say that things are going well and we are optimistic about our future.
In terms of target market impact, we are proud to power more than 500K users across more than 230 companies like Swiggy, Byjus, Ula, Automation Anywhere, and many more in India, the US, and SEA markets. 
Although we have grown exponentially, we have never stopped enhancing our product experience. As a result, we now offer 8X ROI to our customers and have recorded 5X growth since our series B funding round in 2020. 
On the people front, we have grown to a team of 300+ smart, talented, and dedicated individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to get ITILITE on to the next level. 
We are also very optimistic about what our future holds. With all the support we have received from our investors and our customers we plan to double down on more product innovations to enhance control and make our product more intuitive. We plan to strengthen our workflow and analytics engine to serve the most complex needs of our enterprise customers while maintaining the simplicity treasured by our fast-moving clients. 
We will continue to deepen our peer learning experience as we have been doing through initiatives like “Top Drawer Travel Talks” and “The Orange Hour” and will expand our A+ team to enhance the level of support we offer to our customers.
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