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A speech recognition software conveys an extraordinary customer experience while enhancing the regulation rate of a self-service system. It empowers common, human-speech that create natural conversations with clients. The voice recognition software even provides easy solutions for collecting dynamic information, for example, names and addresses. Using the best speech recognition software enable the organizations to spare operators for more critical undertakings. In need of a trial and tested speech to text software recognition technology for your business? Just go through the list of top voice recognition software by GoodFirms below and select the one that fits you best.

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List of Top Voice Recognition Software | Best Speech Recognition Software

Online Speech Recognition

Voice Dictation: Use the magic of speech recognition software to write emails and documents in Google Chrome. Dictation accurately transcribes your speech to text software in real time. You can add paragraphs, punctuation marks, and even smileys using voice recognition commands.

Free version
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Voice is ready for work

Dragon speech recognition software is better than ever. Talk and your words appear on the screen. Say commands and your computer obeys. Dragon is 3x faster than typing and it's 99% accurate. Master Dragon right out of the box, and start experiencing big productivity gains immediately. From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets, Dragon voice recognition so... read more

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Braina Pro
World's best speech recognition software.

It allows you to easily and accurately dictate (speech to text software) in over 100 languages of the world, update social network status, play songs & videos, search the web, open programs & websites, find information and much more. You can use your voice to text software to your Windows computer, automate processes and improve your personal and business productivity.


4. Sonix

We make it fast, simple, and affordable.

Sonix transcribes, timestamps, and organizes your audio and video files so they are easy to search, edit, and share.  speech to text software generates a time-stamped transcript for a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

1 Days
Type with your voice.

A speech recognition and conversion solution with the multi-language speech recognizer, documents & emails transcriber, and more.

Free version
Automatic Speech Recognition Software & Instant Translation

Speechlogger is a great speech recognition (speech to text) and instant voice translation web app. It runs Google's speech to text technologies for the best results. The only web app with auto-punctuation, auto-save, timestamps, in-text editing capability, transcription of audio files, export options (to text and captions) and more. No user registration needed & it's completely free!

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Winscribe Speech Recognition
Fast, Lightweight & Accurate Voice to Text Solutions

Winscribe Speech Recognition software technology recognizes the words you are speaking and automatically types them for you, resulting in significantly faster documentation and turnaround time. Winscribe also assists companies that are looking to adopt more “paper light” business practices to digitally document and store information, minimizing the need for hardcopy paperwork. 

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iSpeech Translator
Speak and translate

Speak and translate any words or phrases including email or text in multiple languages with iSpeech Translator. The app's human-quality text to speech and speech recognition are brought to you by iSpeech, the creator of DriveSafe.ly, an award-winning leader in texting while driving applications.

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Speech recognition that just works.

With the voice recognition revolution here, Speechmatics has used its decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), available in private or public clouds and securely on-premises. The technology can be used for real-time or pre-recorded audio and video files, pushing the boundaries of speech recognition innovation and supporting an industry-leadi... read more

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10. Simon

Simon is an open source speech recognition program

Simon is an open source speech recognition (speech to text) program that can replace your mouse and keyboard. The system is designed to be as flexible as possible and will work with any language or dialect. Simon uses the KDE libraries, CMU SPHINX and/or Julius coupled with the HTK and runs on Windows and Linux.

Free version

11. Kaldi

Kaldi is a toolkit for speech recognition

Kaldi is a toolkit for speech recognition written in C++ and licensed under the Apache License v2.0. Kaldi is intended for use by speech to text recognition researchers. Kaldi is similar in aims and scope to HTK. The goal is to have a modern and flexible code, written in C++, that is easy to modify and extend.

Free version

12. CMUSphinx

Open Source Speech Recognisation ToolKit

CMUSphinx collects over 20 years of the CMU research. State of art speech recognition algorithms for efficient speech recognition. CMUSphinx tools are designed specifically for low-resource platforms. It supports several languages like US English, UK English, French, Mandarin, German, Dutch, Russian and ability to build models for others

Free version

13. Mozilla

Common Voice is Mozilla's initiative to help teach machines how real people speak.

Voice is natural, voice is human. That’s why we’re excited about creating usable voice technology for our machines. But to create voice systems, developers need an extremely large amount of voice data.Most of the data used by large companies isn’t available to the majority of people.

Free version

14. HTK

HTK is a portable toolkit for building hidden Markov models

The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is a portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models. HTK is primarily used for speech recognition research although it has been used for numerous other applications including research into speech synthesis, character recognition and DNA sequencing. HTK is in use at hundreds of sites worldwide.

Free version

15. Julius

Open Source Large Vocabulary CSR Engine Julius

"Julius" is a high-performance, two-pass large vocabulary continuous speech recognition software for speech-related researchers and developers. Based on word N-gram and context-dependent HMM, it can perform almost real-time decoding on most current PCs in 60k word dictation task.

Free version

16. Mycroft

World’s First Open Source Voice Assistant

Mycroft is an Open Source Voice Assistant. We're a transparent, customizable, and privacy-minded alternative to the current voice products on the market. A platform that lets you voice enable anything. Because Mycroft is open source, our software can be customized for brands and users alike--and integrated on any platform. It runs on Linux, can be built on a Raspberry Pi, and used with our Mark I ... read more

Free version
Dictation Bridge
A Free, Libre, Open Source, dictation solution at last

The dictation solution for screen reader users created by and for the community. Building on a modest goal shared by three people in three wildly divergent timezones communicating by email as far back as 2011 all the way through the success of a community fundraiser in 2016 and its resultant two-year development and testing process.

Free version
Voice Report

Voice Report enables field employees to dictate reports while on the go, using a highly secure speech to text solution. Record your voice from any device and securely access your transcription online from anywhere.

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Hear the voice of all your customers with fast and accurate speech transcription

Our highly accurate, automated speech-to-text transcription transforms your unstructured voice data into transcripts that can be integrated into your analytics platforms. V-Blaze by Voci Technologies enables you to improve agent quality monitoring, enhance the customer experience, extract competitive intelligence and ensure compliance.

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Daktela Polska
Multi-channel customer service. Built-in virtual exchange. Built-in CRM.

Komunikacja Omnichannel, wielokanałowa obsługa klienta. Telefon, Email, Webczat, SMS. Obsługa inbound i outbound, nagrywanie rozmów, system ticketowy, statystyki.

15 Days
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21. Voxpow

Speech Recognition tool for your site

Speech to text conversion powered by Machine Learning. Direct in your website and for free. Voxpow supports your global user base, recognizing more than 100 languages and variants. We use Google Cloud Speech-to-Text stream to convert results, immediately.

Free version