Fresh Trends Contributing to the Growth of Web Conferencing

Updated on :June 13, 2024
By :Veronika Tandon

This Internet-powered era has enabled the whole world to stay in touch with their dear ones, but when it comes to business, then there are so many questions that drive us nervous. 

Most of them are related to using advanced technologies, as technologies have gained an immeasurable value. This article will help you connect with one of the most convenient and modern technologies called Web Conferencing, as it is gaining significance day by day. But, before that, let’s have a look at the set of questions that may arise in our minds: 

  1. What is the best online medium to run a business?
  2. Will the online method be convenient for customers?
  3. If I invest in the web conferencing tools, will it be fruitful?
  4. Are my web conferencing solutions scalable?
  5. How much can I benefit from web conferencing?
  6. Will the future of web conferencing be bright?

The answers to all these questions can be understood by reading the stats given below. The article will give you a concrete proof of the use, adoption, and the future of web conferencing market. Moreover, the article will also help you gain knowledge on the big role web conferencing is playing in connecting people of different parts of the world. You will also learn some of the fresh trends contributing to the growth of web conferencing.

According to a report unveiled by Frost and Sullivan, the conferencing services market may increase by 23% in the period of seven years (from 2014 to 2021).

  • Web conferencing software tools and services are gaining more popularity these days. The market is likely to be worth $3.6 billion by 2020
  • 75% of managers think that web conferencing will be used instead of conference calls. 
  • Businesses banking on web conferences can save 30% on the expenses of travel.
  • 96% of web conferencing participants believe that it improves productivity between remote teams. 

These statistics can support the importance of web conferencing technology. 

  • Why is the web conferencing winning the hearts of the whole world business owners?
  • Are only these stats reliable enough to adopt the web conferencing technology?
  • What are the other reasons to go for web conferencing for your business?

There are many factors that are contributing to the increasing use of web conferencing technologies. But, the following are the fresh trends which make web conferencing tool the ideal choice for a modern-day businessman. 

Fresh trends contributing to the growth of web conferencing:

#1 Web Conferences will become much more user-friendly

Most professionals, unless they are a part of the technology field, find it a waste of time to learn to use web conferencing technology, as they can spend this time doing something promising to take their business to its peak. The reasons could be boring and complicated technology that takes a lot of the user to become familiar. 

To cope with this issue, software firms are investing their all-out effort in developing more user-friendly web conferencing apps that even a novice can learn quickly and without much headache, and they will know how to use it like the back of their hand. 

Moreover, developers are working hard to transform user interface that will look less like the control panel for the U.S.S. Enterprise. The main objective is to make it like a more comfortable environment to which business conducting will be much more convenient and relaxing.

As business meetings are very stressful, and the emergence of new technology like web conferencing will not only reduce the weight of the stress, but it will also make conducting business meetings more interesting, advanced, and modern. Eventually, this will help your client-dealing employees to be more confident and convincing.

# 2 Conducting interview will be diversified in the virtual sphere 

It’s very important for an interviewer to see the facial expressions and body language of their candidates to assess them properly. It allows them to know whether they will fit into the company’s culture or not.

What you think, how confident you are, and how passionate you are for working with us can easily be seen in your body language. So, it’s very important for the interviewer to see their interviewees properly before giving an evaluation of their skills and confidence. 

And, web conferencing makes it possible in a much more interesting way, and it doesn’t matter how far the candidate is. The interviewer and the interviewee get the immediacy of a face-to-face interview without having candidates in the physical location of the company.

And, the best thing is that the candidate gets a memorable feeling of the interview and sees your company differently. It must make them work with you, as your company must leave an unforgettable impression upon them. 

# 3 Web conferences are going to be not less than real-life conferences 

The only thing that you can’t find real is the taste of the coffee and snacks in the meeting. Apart from these two, everything simulated by virtue of the web conferencing is almost real.

Web conferencing

As per interview experts, all the participants of the conference need to land into the virtual world in a headset, which will make the conductor feel as if they were in the meeting room despite being thousands of miles away.  

Every businessman wants to know how to manage business travel expenses, as they have to send their employees to other countries to fulfil business purposes, which gets on their nerves. But, web conferencing allows them to save the unbearable expenditure of airline tickets, hotel bills, etc. by giving the business productivity a boost. 

The fact will play an important role in the fame of the web conferencing, making them not less than real-life conferences.

# 4 Video marketing will turn out to be as an integral part of business communication 

Video marketing has come out as one of the finest ways to get quality, authoritative content to the prospective clients and customers. 

There is a dramatic rise in the use of webinars, video conferences, and webcasts, as marketing is dependent on leaving a long-lasting impression on the customers.

That’s why the web conferencing is going to be the prime attention for marketing and communications in the future. It allows you to discuss the expenses, bills, and payments with your clients conveniently. 

Many businesses utilize advanced invoicing software to invoice their clients, but talking to them about that face-to-face will avoid any argument that may arise in the future related to billing.

# 5 The collaboration will be much more colourful 

The video conferencing market of Australia was estimated to be around more than A$700 million by 2018. The credit for this goes to the latest developments in conferencing technology, which allows participants to share business documents and screens with the other participants more interestingly and conveniently. 

Team web conferencing

So now, collaboration has become more colourful, as participants can collaborate much better on projects without being affected by the thousand-kilometre distance. 

Web conferencing technology not only eliminates the physical distance issue, but it allows both sides to contact each other anytime, thus rendering the management quite simple. 

There were so many issues like selecting a particular candidate to send to a foreign country, training them, providing them with the required information, and responsibility.

All this are time consuming and difficult to manage.

Talking about projects, sharing details, and presenting content and promising ideas play an important role in the conversion of potential clients. And, web conferencing has made it quite simple. 

# 6 Content management will be the prime concern for businesses 

Sharing content is one of the most important things done over the web conferences. It’s very important for a business to make such valuable content more easily accessible and understandable for customers and clients. Moreover, probable buyers must be able to search such reliable content conveniently, and for that cloud computing is the best measure to make it possible.

It will be much easier for businesses to manage their audio and web files. Moreover, handling collaborative workspaces will also be simpler for them to make the information easily accessible from them. 

# 7 An emergency meeting is no more a headache

As we know, the mind of a businessman or a client is crowded with thousands of questions, confusions, and preoccupations when going for a new business proposal, as it comes with innumerable potential risks determining the growth or failure of the business.

In this situation, an emergency meeting can be asked for from any side to remove a doubt or confusion. And, many times, clients come to know different offers and discounts from somewhere, thus willing to invest more in their projects resulting in asking for an emergency meeting.

All you have to do is to turn on your computer system and set the web conferencing equipment to deal with your clients anytime directly. 

The biggest advantage of the emergency meeting is that it can ward off the probable issues that may arise in the future and spoil your business relationship with your clients. 

Furthermore, if you have something better and more valuable to offer to your clients, then you can do so by contacting them anytime. It will sweeten your professional relation, thus winning the hearts of your clients and leaving them no option except for you in the future.  

# 8 Being much closer to your employees

So far, you have come to know about the use of web conferencing. 

Is your business only dependent on your clients? No right? Your employees are your weapons to win a war, so don’t underestimate their value and role in your business. 

Web conferencing

It tends to happen that your clients are away due to their personal problems physically, but they are virtually reachable. When having any notifications from your clients, you must keep them updated with that.

Moreover, you can keep track of your every project and the latest changes done to them from anywhere by means of web conferencing technology. 

It will make your employees have a greater sense of responsibility, which, in turn, will force them to work more sincerely. And, if your employee falls ill, then you can show your care and love for them in a better way, which will strengthen the bond between you and your employee.

Web conferencing will have a bright and glorious future 

As said above, web conferencing software solutions are sure to become much more user-friendly, and will play a vital role in the near future, as it can offer business professionals with a more real-life scenario. The free and open source web conferencing software will have the upper hand.

It will erase the distance that comes up as a barrier to your business for its growth and making it unable to reach the place where you dream of and it deserves to be. 

Moreover, you will be in a position to know the world better by means of the web conferencing technology. The better you know the world clients and their expectations, the better you can prepare yourself to fulfil their aspirations. 

Not only this technology allows startups to have a ladder leading to success directly, but it will also make possible for large and well-established companies to taste the advanced technology and give something enthralling to their customers. The best thing is that both of the sides are easily visible to each other, thus giving a real-life experience by lessening the burden of a face-to-face and serious meeting. 

If your business requires a tool designed to cope with long-distance communication challenges, then web conferencing is the only measure that can bridge the distance. 


Web conferencing tools and systems are in great demand today. I am sure this blog would have given you a clear idea of the fresh trends contributing to the growth of web conferencing. All the information provided here vouches clearly the growth of web conferencing technologies that can make your business management much easier. 

From discussing a particular project, sharing business details, helping companies save their business travel expenses, talking about invoicing before directly using your advanced invoice software for this, to being ready to serve your clients anytime, web conferencing is not less than a boon to a modern-day businessman. If you are interested to understand some of the top performing web conferencing software solutions, then you should take time to go through the entire list of top web conferencing software created by GoodFirms.

If you are running short of time, then here are few quick takeups. Quickblox, Proficonf, UberConferences are some of the top names accepted widely as the best web conferencing software solutions. 

Have you ever used any web conferencing software? If yes, do share your experience with us.

Veronika Tandon
Veronika Tandon

Veronika Tandon is an Invoicing Consultant & Marketing Manager at  Invoicera. Invoicera is an Online Invoice Software Empowering Account receivable & Payable management for over 3 million businesses worldwide since last 14 years.

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