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Frequently Asked Questions

Big data analytics: What it is & How it works?

Big data analytics is defined as the process of assessment of big data to uncover patterns, links, and market trends to help make informed decisions. It is the process of cleaning tremendous amounts of raw data through clustering, regression, etc., to create a powerful information asset for businesses. Big data analytics mainly comprises collecting, processing, cleaning, and analyzing data.

  • Identify and gather big data.
  • The structured or unstructured data is later organized, stored, and processed.
  • The next process is data cleansing, where the big data is cleaned to improve its quality for better results.
  • Valuable insights are gathered from Big data by applying suitable data analytics techniques and practices.
What are the different types of big data analytics?

There are four main types of big data analytics. They are;

  • Diagnostic Analytics: A process that analyzes the data to reason out why and how of the data.
  • Descriptive Analytics: A process of analytics to find out what and when of the data.
  • Predictive Analytics: A process to find out what can happen in the future.
  • Prescriptive Analytics: A process to understand what you need to do in the future.
What are the benefits of big data analytics and its impact on small businesses?

Business efficiency, cost savings, better understanding of the market and customers, and proactive functioning are the major benefits of big data analytics. Not only large businesses but even small businesses can take advantage of big data analytics and gather meaningful insights. The best big data analytics firms can help small businesses to make informed decisions and enhance business growth with suitable data analytics techniques and practices.

What services do big data analytics companies provide?

Big data analytics companies provide different types of Analytics as a Service(AaaS), managed data analysis, consultation, analytics architectures, easy-to-use analytics solutions, and visualization services to clients. In addition, top big data analytics firms also serve image analysis, data modernization, preparation and management, data storage, robotics, and computing solutions. A few advanced Big data solutions companies also provide development and tuning of machine learning models, data mining systems, and AI solutions besides software development and data support services.

How do I choose the right big data analytics company for my business?

The following crucial factors can help you effectively choose the right big data analytics company for your business;

  • Summarize your big data analytics project requirements, including purpose, location, tech stack needed, deadlines, budget, and more.
  • Study the latest global market trends in big data analytics.
  • Decide the preferred location for your big data analytics consultants to ensure time-zone compatibility for better communication.
  • Search the best big data analytics companies from well-known and reliable listing pages like GoodFirms, leveraging filters for location, services, industries, and your other preferences.
  • Contact the chosen companies to discuss the detailed project requirements, deadlines, budget, and the availability of big data analytics firms in your time zone.

Compare the shortlisted top big data companies based on their reviews, ratings, skills, experience, and pricing to choose the perfect big data service provider for your project.

How much does big data analytics cost?

Big data analytics costs $5,000 to $100,000 depending upon the technologies used, customer support severity, and types of analytical services. Big data analytics companies also fix the overall prices based on required licenses, data storage, organizational data needs, quality of data, customization features, etc. Confirm with your big data company to understand the total costs and related features.

What industries do big data companies cater to?

Most industries use big data to derive valuable insights and make informed business decisions. Big data companies offer their services to healthcare and pharma, automobiles, IT, cloud computing, educational institutes, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, insurance, energy and utilities, retail and wholesale, and Government institutes. Right from data gathering and analyzing to generating valuable and meaningful applications of the data, Big data companies serve various industries based on their data size and requirements.

How do I hire a big data developer?

Hiring a big data developer can be overwhelming for a business. However, the process can be made simple by following these steps:

  • Define the goals and purpose of your project.
  • Refer to a reputed and reliable review and rating platform like GoodFirms to shortlist a few big data development companies.
  • Compare the shortlisted companies against factors including experience, level of project complexities handled earlier, pricing structure, and reviews from genuine clients.
  • Make sure you discuss the timeline of the project, the scope, and the complexity of the project.
Can I implement big data analytics in-house instead of hiring a company?

Whether you need to hire a big data analytics company or manage with an in-house team is a decision that is critical to make to manage your data efficiently. This basically depends upon your business size, data requirements, and future business goals. If you are a company with limited needs and specific data purposes, then a dedicated IT staff or a well-trained and proficient team can be a cost-effective and more flexible option. But, as the company grows, scaling your data capacity could be difficult.

Due to this, hiring or outsourcing to a big data analytics firm does have a number of advantages. Pivoting new trending services, testing different ideas, and trying multiple data architectures are much easier with an experienced, hired big data company. With access to all resources, tools, and technicians, users can expect minimum downtime and superior customer support. Outsourcing to the best big data analytics companies can be cost-effective with round-the-clock service.

What are the challenges of big data analytics? How do big data companies help to fix them?

The commonly encountered challenges of big data analytics are associated with high infrastructure costs, data acquisition and analysis. Challenges associated with real-time insights, data management, integration with existing systems, identification and elimination of data quality issues, right tool selection, poor knowledge of employees, etc., are also frequent while working with big data analytics. Since big data analytics companies have access to different resources such as highly skilled big data experts, data optimization tools, cyber security professionals, etc., they can help fix the challenges of big data analytics while ensuring optimum data quality and security. They are also proficient in migrating the IT infrastructure to the cloud to handle and analyze massive data sets effectively.