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According to GoodFirms PPC Campaign Management Research, digital marketers envisions three of the most intriguing AI applications when it comes to PPC marketing - performance analysis, smart bidding, and micro-moment targeting. While these are some of the more popular tools in practice, there are a dozen others of the kind, developed or being developed.

Thus, the research team at GoodFirms efforted to collect inputs from a few influencing PPC experts across the globe. The primary purpose of the efforts was to dig out some of the best AI and machine learning applications for PPC campaign management. While the secondary purpose was to get insights into how these PPC experts perceive the recent developments, and what to expect next.

In such regards, this comprehensive research not only curates cutting-edge PPC tools & techniques but also top wisdom for every PPC marketer. Check out the full research to get insights from 10 Gurus on Future of PPC: AI and Machine Learning for PPC Campaign Management, surveyed and composed by GoodFirms.

Here are the Top AI Applications for PPC, as asserted by PPC Gurus:

Top AI Applications For PPC | Experts' Opinions

  • Smart Bidding, which has been developed, installed, and marketed by Ad platforms heavily, is popular among 70% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Micro-Moment Targeting, employing advanced behavioral characteristics for serving day-to-day needs of customers, has been voted by 40% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Performance Analysis, using machine learning to do a tedious analysis of performance data, is supported by 30% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Responsive Ads, which automates A/B testing and copy optimization while on the go, has gained recommendations from 30% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Audience Management and Targeting, AI tools that automate audience segregation and replication methods, is envisioned by 20% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Dynamic Search Ads, which automates ads creation and targeting based on the content of your website, has been suggested by 20% of the PPC Gurus.
  • Account Management, using artificial intelligence to analyze and understand performance reports, was mentioned from 10% of the PPC Guru.
  • Price Optimization, use predictive modeling to decide prices and discounts, has been pointed out by another 10% of the PPC Guru.

Some of the PPC experts have been developing their own PPC automation tools, using big data, predictive algorithms, and machine learning. They suggest marketers can develop and adapt custom made automation tools for marketing requirements. For this, marketers can partner up with a leading Artificial Intelligence company or they can even employ some of the marketing automation software available in the market.

A Tip for Businesses

As asserted by PPC Gurus, there's plenty of creative applications by artificial intelligence when it comes to Pay-per-click ads and digital marketing overall. So marketers need to re-assess their roles and align the efforts for the upcoming techniques; as impending tools are much more effective and tempting. As for now, what experts suggest is to treat machine learning as an intern which has great potential, and let it do your heavy-data tasks. This way, marketers can focus on more creative aspects and develop futuristic roles.

Also, if you own a business which is in need of online advertising, here is a list of top Pay Per Click (PPC) companies researched and compiled by GoodFirms.

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