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Aztek is a full-service digital agency providing web design, development, and digital marketing. We help growth-minded businesses build websites, optimize across all devices, generate leads, and increase revenue.

We work on understanding your audience to develop a well-rounded strategy, building fast-loading responsive websites, and promoting these websites with a focus on return on investment. We believe great content, speed, functionality, and search visibility make for happy users. And happy users mean better results for your business.

With 20 years of experience, we have worked with 600+ companies in a variety of industries and have seen how quickly the world of digital changes. Our focus is on growth: growing website results and, ultimately, growing businesses through strategic website design, development and marketing.

$150 - $199/hr
10 - 49
United States
3615 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare & Medical

Aztek Clients & Portfolios

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
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Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
  • Cuyahoga Arts & Culture screenshot 1
  • Cuyahoga Arts & Culture screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

Can a website help strengthen a community?

We think so. That was our goal working with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture on a responsive website redesign.

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) is the public funder for arts and culture in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Each year, CAC invests more than $15 million in organizations that bring art and culture to local Cleveland communities. That translates into tens of thousands of programs and events that enhance education, enrich the quality of life, and support the local economy.

So what was the problem?

The old website didn't have event filtering options, so it was hard to find information about the variety of events in the area. CAC also had to enter all of the information for thousands of events and programs on their own.

Collaborative and filterable events calendar

We helped CAC develop a dynamic event calendar that would shows the variety of events and programming gives visitors more search options for events and allows cultural partners to submit their own event information into the system.

Visitors can now sort events by:

  • Date
  • Price
  • Category
  • Area/Location

Goals for the project supported by CAC's mission and vision

  • Increasing attendance at arts and cultural events, by making event information easier to find and filter.
  • Making it easy for partners to provide event information, reducing the administrative burden on CAC team.
  • Being transparent to the public by communicating how and where tax dollars are being used, making board meeting minutes available for download, and communicating the grant process.
Timco Rubber
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Timco Rubber
  • Timco Rubber screenshot 1
  • Timco Rubber screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks

Timco has worked with Aztek for longer than some firms have been in business.

What started out as a redesign project turned into pay-per-click campaign, and then ongoing content marketing and creation, with other ideas still on the table.

We've helped Timco track down the profit margin on their digital marketing efforts, and it has paid off. We revamped the site's materials pages to make them easier to read and navigate.

To get super accurate ROI numbers, Timco helps us complete the sales loop after a user completes an action on their website. They report back on revenue from closed leads and give credit to the appropriate source. We even go as far as tracking a running profit on their account, considering not only revenue, but expenses necessary to maintain the campaigns.

Chagrin Valley Soap
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Chagrin Valley Soap
  • Chagrin Valley Soap screenshot 1
  • Chagrin Valley Soap screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks

No one likes to pinch and zoom, especially when they're trying to make a purchase.

We started working with the Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve family on a responsive website retrofit and continue to improve the site with conversion optimization and content recommendations.

Many small tweaks make a big impact.

Each month, we analyze the site looking for opportunities to improve. Instead of just doing a major overhaul every few years, the site constantly undergoes a series of small tweaks that are barely noticeable to most users. We test these tweaks to see what is working best and keep the changes that make a positive difference.

Western Reserve Trust Company
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Western Reserve Trust Company
  • Western Reserve Trust Company screenshot 1
  • Western Reserve Trust Company screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks
Financial & Payments

There hasn't been an independent trust company in Ohio in over 100 years. When Western Reserve Trust (WRT) described what they were looking to do as a company, everyone knew the website design had to be just as unique.

"As a newly founded company in a high-profile, sophisticated industry, we needed to build a website that would not only accurately reflect our company and its values, but one that would visually set us apart," says Dominic Perry, one of the principals of the Western Reserve Trust Company. "We knew the “look” we wanted and had much of the content available for a website, but weren’t quite sure how to pull it all together."

"Dave Skorepa, Aztek’s Chief Creative Officer, and his team of designers and developers, instinctively understood what we wanted and went to work immediately to create a first class website – just like we envisioned – both in appearance and in technical sophistication. The entire process of gathering content, editing, and generally keeping everyone on task was expertly directed by Aztek Production Manager, Tiffany Moyse. Tiffany’s attention to detail ensured that our project was completed within our timeframe and within budget. Tiffany was extraordinarily responsive to the ever-changing deadlines (on our part), managing to service our account flawlessly and with just the right amount of humor!"

Aztek's design team had some big expectations to fill. What made it easy was WRT's description of who they were, what they wanted, and the desire to honor their Cleveland roots. Their team was prepared to assist with content, feedback, and decisions so we could hit a fairly aggressive timeline as well.

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  • Tribute screenshot 1
  • Tribute screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks
Business Services

Tribute is a software company. A very niche software company (they make software specifically for industrial distributors), but just like the Cobblers kids having no shoes, they had neglected their own website for years despite being a tech company. And it wasn't just that their website was outdated. They also had struggled to communicate what was so great about their software without giving away "the secret sauce". So they decided to hire Aztek to get them through it.

So in this case, building a new website was the easy part. The real challenge was extracting the key benefits and communicating to their target audience why their software (and their team) was so great...without giving away the proprietary features. but after a few discovery and content workshops together, the team arrived at a strategy that everyone felt comfortable with. We could show enough to let the site visitors know they had found a niche distributor ERP solution that would solve their problem in ways the competitive solutions didn't.

Website Redesign: NOPEC
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Website Redesign: NOPEC
  • Website Redesign: NOPEC screenshot 1
  • Website Redesign: NOPEC screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
12 weeks

NOPEC recently launched a big campaign that better explained to consumers what they do (save you money on your utility bills by negotiating rates in bulk). For years, people were unsure of exactly what value they provided, some even thought they were an extra charge on their monthly utilities (they aren't). The new campaign delivered a clear and easy to understand message and the website needed to follow suit. And their previous website was just as confusing for users, both from a navigational and messaging standpoint.

So both team sat down to re-imagine the website experience as one that was simpler and more targeted for their different audience segments. And simpler not just for the public, but for their own team to manage the content as well. Tasks like updating pricing and NOPEC communities that used to take hours, now take minutes, freeing up the NOPEC team to work on other initiatives.

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