Claw Studios

Claw Studios

We materialize ideas into digital products

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About Claw Studios
We are a small software company focused on bringing up with innovative ideas to solve your daily basis problems. We are specialized in software product design and we help you going through all the stages for releasing it, from brainstorming to launch & support. We ...
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Claw Studios
We materialize ideas into digital products
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We offer a digital product design and development specialized service that follows a five stages well defined process and emphasize on near working with our customers providing accompaniment during all the product development stages, this means that we help our customers from the early stages (brainstorming, value proposition, niche detection, idea validation, MVP definition, release strategy, etc) to the latest stages of the process (development, launch and support).


- We offer an outsourcing service, in which we build an offshore team with assignees that fit the profile requirements provided by the customer.

- We offer an end to end strategy, design and development service focused on providing continuous improvement over internal and external products, new ones or previously developed for or by the company. Integrating an offshore professional development team with an assignee selection based on the company's needs that were detected in a discovery and diagnostic process previously done.

This team works under an iterative process that have the following four steps:

  1. Discovery:
    We learn about the business, the processes, rules and we perform continuous analysis looking to problems and bottlenecks in the different processes of the company.
  2. Potential Solutions Proposal:
    Encountered problems are prioritized and solutions are proposed for the most critical ones. The team works on  breaking down the solution into wireframes and mockups to be able to define a Release scope.
  3. Development:
    Once the scope of the Release is approved, the team works under the Agile framework called SCRUM, that allows the customer representative to act as a Product Owner and be part of the development process, working together with the team while having clarity and transparency about the process and work done by them during each iteration called Sprint, that will produce an output of a Potentially Shippable Product that could be shipped to production if needed.
  4. Launch & Support:
    The code is deployed and shipped to the production environment where the end users will be capable of using the product. The team provides support doing bug fixing, minor changes and providing infrastructure support until the product is fully stabilized.
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