Don't Leave Data On The Table

5.00/5 (1 Reviews)
ChipBot analyzes your customer's behavior while giving them support and engagement. Fully Automated.
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Don't Leave Data On The Table
5.00/5 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
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Rich LoReviewed 8 months ago
Getchipbot advantage
Role: artist/founder at artclicker
Reviewed 8 months ago by Rich Lo
Role: artist/founder at artclicker
Getchipbot advantage
Been using chipbot for the past 8 months. The expansive usefulness of the app is astonishing. It took a bit of learning curve, but incredibly important for a startup. Intelligent and cost effective.
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1. Engage Without Live Chat

ChipBot works like an Apple Genius. It's available whenever the user needs help and provides them with insights that are created by your users or yourself.

Insights are questions like "What's your pricing?" or "How does this help me?"

2. Improve Bounce Rates

ChipBot has built in call-to-actions called Triggers. These are pulled when the user hits a specific target on the page. It's like when an Apple Genius walks up to you and suggests a new model.

Triggers can lead users to your sign up page, initiate an email prompt, or lead users to your testimonials.

3. Get Meaningful Feedback

ChipBot tracks all encounters and reports them to you. It's tracking when users search for a term but not ask a question, when users dismiss a trigger, or when they provide a negative response.

Good or bad, ChipBot is collecting every meaningful behavior for you so you can act on it.

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