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About ItFox
IT-company "ItFox" is engaged in the creation of mobile and web applications. During our work (and this is neither more nor less since 2009), we managed to build up a pool of regular customers in terms of finalizing and maintaining 1C software products), however, o...
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Your reliable partner in the world of IT
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We can expand your team or lease our IT-department to help you with IT problem-solving.

Turnkey solutions

“Turnkey solutions” service provides a full cycle of works, associated with the creation of an IT-product (starting with data collection and development of a prototype – and up to its launching and publication). In this case, our specialists do not just implement your project in accordance with your technical requirements – rather they also carry out an analysis, prototyping, development of the architecture, optimization, etc., helping you implement your idea with maximum efficiency. Moreover, cooperating with us will also help you lay the proper groundwork for the future IT-product, avoiding the possible mistakes, which could make its further development impossible. To put it simpler, if you seek assistance from a freelancer, he will probably help you, but in the case of a slightest deviation (i.e. adding of a complementary indicator) some bugs may appear – which means that the entire code should be rewritten.

Machine learning

What is machine learning? In short, it is an algorithm that uses large amounts of data, statistics, prognoses, and hypotheses. It may seem that this algorithm conducts common analytics (obviously, excluding the human factor), but, in fact, it is a much more complicated process. The program is in a constant process of development, creating new algorithms and converting the received data into a new experience, which changes the initial algorithmic structure in accordance with the results of analysis and the history of its work.


So, what can you do to help your client get full information about your product at any time and make a purchase?

Our “Web Development” service gives you great opportunities to optimize your business processes, to save your money and time, needed to sell your product, reach your potential audience, etc.

Mobile development

People work and plan their vacations, order food and house cleaning services, monitor their children’s location and their health online. Whereas in the family of four, statistically, there are 1-2 PCs, the number of smartphones equals the number of people – therefore, their target audience is wider. The share of mobile traffic has become 50% and continues its growing tendencies.

That means new business opportunities since not all entrepreneurs understand the necessity of these IT-decisions. In general, mobile applications may be divided into the following categories: apps for clients (consumers) and apps for business (staff and contractors). While your competitors are still working the old-fashioned way, waiting for the incoming calls and hiring new salesmen, our partners have already broken the new ground, enjoying the convenience of their work, multiple requests, and profits.

UI/UX mockups

In this sense, it is essential to develop the proper UI/UX layouts, which will lead him to this decision. In a short, UI design is focused on image perception (including fonts and colors), whereas UX addresses the website’s functionality. The largest search engines monitor the users’ activity – to be able to make their conclusions and necessary corrections, increasing their profits.

Service Focus
4 Portfolios
Housing and communal services subscriber’s office
Project: Developing a mobile app for IOS and Android platforms Task: It was necessary to develop a mobile application and a website for online payments for housing and communal services Implementation: A simple but functional design was chosen for the application an...
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