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Welcome to Promodo! Your Digital Growth Partners 🚀

Ranked as a lead award-winning Digital Marketing Agency across Europe and CIS, we've been mixing creativity with data-based marketing to deliver highly customized marketing promotion services.

Why Choose Us:

👉 3,000+ clients

👉 7 offices worldwide

👉 a 360° marketing approach

👉 $1B+ revenue in management

👉 450+ in-house professionals

We'll help you develop your brand across these facets: 

  • SEO: audit, optimization, link building, SERM, organic market research;
  • Paid Ads;
  • Email & Retention Marketing;
  • Web Analytics, Cross-platform analytics, BI Reports;
  • UX/UI, CRO;
  • Mobile App Marketing: ASO, User Acquisition;
  • Marketing Research and Strategy.

The roadmap is simple: We analyze your online business performance ⏩ develop a result-oriented strategy ⏩ and boost your marketing funnels! 

Let's scale your performance with our trusted digital marketing expertise. Speak to our friendly team.

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$50 - $99/hr
250 - 999
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st. Otakara Yarosha, 18/2, Kharkiv, Kharkiv 61045
+38 057 7525462
United States
SUITE 100, 6920 S. CIMARRON RD., Las Vegas, Nevada 89113
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Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • App Designing (UI/UX)

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business

Industry Focus

  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Travel & Lifestyle

Promodo Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Avon
  • Karcher
  • Lenovo
  • Pandora
  • Glovo
  • mintee
  • monobank
  • Nikon
  • Decathlon

The Place | PPC Case Study
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The Place | PPC Case Study
  • The Place | PPC Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
70 weeks
Real Estate


The Place Group is a chain of premium and luxury office spaces, co-working spaces and meeting rooms in Dubai and the UAE. The brand's priority is corporate clients, with freelancers, influencers, events and photo shoots in the background.


  • Enter the commercial property rental market in Dubai and become competitive.
  • Rent out all network premises within the marketing budget using digital marketing tools.

Initial Data

The Place approached us in October 2020 with the task of launching a brand within the commercial real estate market in Dubai. The client considered using all available digital tools, but needed to be within a marketing budget. The main requirement was that we needed to attract relevant traffic and leads.At the start of this project, the Place Group team was confident that it would be able to attract either freelancers or real estate agents as clients, but we were able to get some big companies as well.

Unijoy | Strategy Case Study
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Unijoy | Strategy Case Study
  • Unijoy | Strategy Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
26 weeks
Consumer Products


Unijoy is a premium Japanese diaper brand. The business was inspired by the birth of a son of one of the partners, so the quality of diapers is the brand’s ultimate priority. 


  • To identify the most relevant online and offline sales channels.
  • To triple sales from the current volume in six months.

The brand's mission is to take care of babies and help their parents. Unijoy products have passed European certification and comply with the EU quality requirements.

Initial data

While the Ukrainian market is new for Unijoy, the brand has turned to us to get a full picture and the state of the niche. The client expected to receive the data on:

  • Potential market rivals and competition in the premium segment
  • Ukrainian diaper market capacity
  • The most relevant sales channels
  • Market analysis to develop a promising product range.

Business Goal: Occupy 30% of the premium and super premium diaper market in Ukraine over 4-5 years.

10 10 tires | SEO Case Study
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10 10 tires | SEO Case Study
  • 10 10 tires | SEO Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
14 weeks

Client is a front-runner in the Canadian tire and wheel sales and services market, with over 40 years of industry experience. 


  • Boosting website traffic;
  • Elevating search engine rankings;
  • Driving higher revenue through search optimization strategies.

Since the client's website had been developed a long time ago, it had numerous constraints with the site's engine. As a result, many of our project requirements took a long time to launch or were not implemented at all.

Claspo | SEO Case Study
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Claspo | SEO Case Study
  • Claspo | SEO Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
25 weeks


Claspo is a website that offers a pop-up form and notification builder to effectively increase website sales.


To attract organic traffic to your website through low- and mid-frequency search queries by optimizing the content strategy of the Blog section.

Initial Data

The product Claspo aims to simplify the routine tasks of marketers related to customer communication and optimizing the user journey on the website.

The target audience of the product consists of demanding and knowledgeable professionals who are seeking insights and unique solutions. And in the case of our client, the goal is to attract such an audience to their new blog. The content should not only be optimized for search engines but also provide value to potential customers. | SEO Case Study
View Portfolio | SEO Case Study
  • | SEO Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
26 weeks
Consumer Products


AppleParts is a company, headquartered in Middleborough, Massachusetts, selling spare parts for Apple gadgets. Having over 1,000 SKUs of genuine Apple parts, the brand offers international shipping, partnering with FedEx.


Competing in the electronics and technology industry is very difficult due to numerous aggregator websites and industry giants such as Amazon and eBay dominating search results. Besides, the category-specific searches also face significant competition. 

Another challenge was targeting different geographic markets, namely American and European.

Working with the client, Promodo’s SEO team focused on:

​​➔ Increasing organic traffic;

➔ Boosting organic sales and revenue.

Initial Data

The previous SEO team, unfortunately, flooded the website with numerous poor-quality links, which negatively affected the site during the Google updates.

Besides, the website suffered from poor technical optimization as more emphasis was placed on link building and content rather than technical aspects.

Leobank | ASO, PPC Case Study
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Leobank | ASO, PPC Case Study
  • Leobank | ASO, PPC Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
31 weeks
Financial & Payments


Leobank is a mobile bank that is a project of Fintech Farm and Unibank, available to users in Azerbaijan. Leobank clients have all the advantages of a Visa card, including credit limit, payments, transfers, cashback, etc


Issue 100K credit cards in 8 months using Mobile app marketing tools.

Initial Data

Leobank is designed according to the mobile only principle, which means a bank without branches.

To issue a Leobank card, a user just needs to install the mobile application and go through a quick registration procedure. Clients can pick up the card themselves from Unibank branches or order delivery.

The brand had been on the market for 5 months, before the promotion of the mobile application. Thanks to the 
pre-order campaigns that led to Leobank s landing page, they attracted more than 15K customers even before 
the release of the application.

The Promodo Mobile marketing team joined the project in November 2021 and continues to work on improving all 
performance indicators by now (November 2022). In this case, we will review the work and results of cooperation with the brand for 7 months (November 2021-
May 2022).

Using paid promotion channels, the cost of one installation of the application should not exceed $2.


During the period, we not only fulfilled the plan regarding the number of cards issued, but also exceeded it many times over.

We managed to reduce the cost of installing and activating the card significantly: it did not exceed $1 on average in all channels.

During 7 months working within the App Store and Google Play for this project, 380K+ cards were issued as a result.

Mintee | Design & Creative Case Study
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Mintee | Design & Creative Case Study
  • Mintee | Design & Creative Case Study screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
10 weeks
Financial & Payments

Mintee is a service that allows a buyer not to pay a commission for using a payment terminal. Furthermore, it makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to make an additional discount for cash payment — win-win situation.


It is necessary to create a new name able to compete with the mastodons of the market.


Our name should be simple in its atmosphere. We should not create an atmosphere of «premium» and alienation. On the contrary, our service is a friend of your small business, you should not be afraid of it because it has common interests with you.

We are not a real estate business conglomerate that wants to suppress small businesses. We are a group of ambitious economists who break the system a bit, leaving our users in the black.

Target audience

America's small business owners.

Main fears of the audience:

  • Fear of fraud. Whilst analyzing the competitors and their problems, we noticed that many of them do not understand what they get additional profit due to. And only free cheese, most often, is in the mousetrap.
  • System integration is difficult and expensive. After a discussion with the focus group, we saw that many people are concerned about the cost of the equipment, as if we were selling it to them. Our service installs everything for free, quickly and transparently, which should be hinted at.

  • Difficulties with disconnecting from a service in case you don't like it. After reading reviews on third-party resources, we saw that for many businessmen, the possibility of getting «stuck» in the service is scary because their business may lose flexibility as a consequence. Our product is not «sick» with that.
Karcher | Email Marketing Case
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Karcher | Email Marketing Case
  • Karcher | Email Marketing Case screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
26 weeks
Consumer Products


Karcher is the Germany-based brand which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment.


  • Encourage customers to buy Karcher products before the prices increase.
  • Increase Click-through-Rate (CTR) and Open Rate (OR) criteria through the implementation of gamification in email newsletters.

Initial Data

Since 2019, we have been cooperating with Karcher in the sphere of retention marketing. During our cooperation with the brand, we helped Karcher to restart and set up the effective work of the email channel:

  • verified the domain;
  • set up a client account in eSputnik;
  • developed new templates for emails;
  • set up a regular trigger and promotional mailings;
  • validated the contact database.

The brand takes care of the email database of contacts always to be up-to-date. Therefore, all invalid contacts are deleted, inactive contacts are reactivated, and the database is replenished due to effective retention marketing tools.


As part of the new project, we had to develop and implement a strategy for selling goods before raising prices and drawing the audience's attention to the brand's activity as much as possible.

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