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Wagento specializes in creating customized, scalable eCommerce websites that are easy to manage and technically advanced with an artistic design. With over a decade of experience, Wagento works with major platforms like Adobe Commerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, and WooCommerce, offering a comprehensive suite of services to enhance digital footprints and streamline business operations.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Budget Guarantee: Unexpected costs? Not with us! We guarantee your budget, covering any overruns (except client changes) – up to a month's worth of your revenue. We're in this together, from start to finish. 
  • Industry Experts: Our team of 40+ seasoned and certified professionals relentlessly pursue innovation and keep pace with industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • Unparalleled Transparency: We promise transparency in everything we do: project tracking, costs, communications, etc. to keep you fully informed, nurturing successful collaborations. Our 400+ successful projects can vouch for it.
  • Devoted Customer Care: Besides a dedicated project manager, you also get a highly responsive and proactive team to ensure swift resolution of any challenges. 
  • International Squad: The Wagento team comprises top talent from around the world who help create exceptional eCommerce storefronts and experiences for our clients. 
$100 - $149/hr
50 - 249
United States
1660 International Dr Suite 600, Mclean, Virginia 22102
+1 (612) 594-7699

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • E-commerce Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Maintenance & Support

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Large Business

Industry Focus

  • E-commerce
  • Retail

Wagento Creative LLC Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Grand Vision
  • IFB
  • Ingebretsens
  • Soak & Sleep
  • Bulk Reef Supply
  • HEB
  • Hyde Park Jewelers
  • Ocean Tackle International
  • Kimber

Wagento helped Soak & Sleep decrease their overall load time by 67%.
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Wagento helped Soak & Sleep decrease their overall load time by 67%.
  • Wagento helped Soak & Sleep decrease their overall load time by 67%. screenshot 1
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Travel & Lifestyle

For more than a decade, online retailer Soak & Sleep has been consistently ranked as one of the top eCommerce stores in the UK. The company was founded on the idea that manufacturers could provide high-quality items for up to 70% less than similar brands by selling directly to the consumer. In fact, it was this B2C model that initially launched Soak & Sleep into success.

However, after years of using Magento 1 to build a customized store, CEO Charlie Hunt realized that the company had a unique opportunity to cater towards a growing online B2B marketplace. But, in order to meet the expectations of both B2B and B2C consumers, Soak & Sleep would require substantial changes to its website and business management tools.

Challenges of Magento 1
The main limitation with their Magento 1 platform was it’s lack of built-in B2B functionalities or tools for retailers. The Soak & Sleep website required heavy customizations to cater to the needs of customers, and the numerous changes negatively impacted site speed and performance. Since slow loading times can be enough to dissuade a potential customer from staying on a website, it was critical to resolve this problem. An upgraded Soak & Sleep store must also be flexible and scalable so the site could continue to accommodate more traffic from both B2B and B2C buyers without affecting loading times. If these challenges could be mitigated, then the store could also begin selling to a global market instead of catering specifically to local UK residents.

Magento 2 KPIs
To measure the success of the Magento Commerce Cloud 2 upgrade, Soak & Sleep chose the following KPIs to track and monitor:

The need for custom developments
The page loading speeds
AOV (Average Order Value)
Conversion rates
By focusing on these 4 major points of interest, which affect both B2B and B2C consumers, Soak & Sleep set up a reliable system to measure their store’s success before and after the implementation of Magento 2. The platform upgrade occurred early in November of 2016, which allowed the brand to deliver an improved experience to their customers on Black Friday and throughout the rest of the holiday season. During this time period, Soak & Sleep experienced less than 10 minutes of downtime, their site speed was noticeably faster, and their AOV increased by 20%. The site additionally cut back on customizations, instead relying on a variety of third-party integrations and extensions, which are available through the Magento marketplace.

B2B Expansion
Along with the dramatic successes mentioned above, the merchant now had access to a wide range of unique B2B tools that were previously unavailable with Magento 1. The Magento 2 Commerce Cloud site provided all the features needed for B2B expansion and success right out of the box, including the ability to manage multiple B2C and B2B websites with different target markets, product types, and locations. Through Wagento’s implementation of Magento 2, Soak & Sleep was able to quickly transition to a new B2B marketplace with tools like:

Backend integrations and extensions.
Increased self-service tools and management for client accounts.
Customized catalogs and pricing.
Detailed reports that can track growth in 75 different business areas.
A responsive, mobile-optimized website.
Multiple payment options and integrations.
Relevant and accurate marketing tools to meet the needs of B2B and B2C buyers.
Quick re-ordering capabilities.
Streamlined quote management tools for customized pricing deals with B2B clients.
Benefits of Online B2B Services
Although 56% of B2B companies had eCommerce sites in 2019, only 11% of these online sellers had their own marketplace. There is still a great opportunity for online merchants to start catering to this growing demand for online B2B services. If you choose to take the plunge and expand to the B2B marketplace, your company can experience the same positive results and benefits as Soak & Sleep, including:

The capability to accurately determine the demand for new products and ideas.
The opportunity to establish your business as an industry leader and expert.
Unlimited customization for your website.
Improved site performance and enhanced security features.
Smart inventory management and order management solutions.
A way to set yourself apart from your competition through a convenient, modernized option that customers desire.

A Century of Success for Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace
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A Century of Success for Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace
  • A Century of Success for Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace screenshot 1
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Other Industries

Connecting with Wagento
Ingebretsen’s transformation over the decades included its exploration into eCommerce. From its humble brick-and-mortar inception, the Nordic shop eventually embraced the online store model that was revolutionizing the shopping experience. The company had been using Magento 1 for its eCommerce platform until, unfortunately, it was announced that support for Magento 1 would end in June of 2020. At that point, all merchants were urged to either migrate to Magento 2 or find some other solution altogether.

Julie Ingebretsen’s husband, Steve Pierson, realized his team’s options were limited. They couldn’t stay on Magento 1, but they weren’t sure if Magento 2 was the best choice over another eCommerce platform entirely. However, after Steve and his colleagues discovered that migrating their complex point-of-sales system with anything other than Magento would essentially require them to start from scratch with that integration, the choice became very clear.

With their decision made to stay on Magento, the Ingebretsen’s team set out to find the person for the job. Hiring a local developer was one of their main priorities. Not only would proximity allow for better communication, but Ingebretsen’s itself is a testament to “locality.” The store is a longstanding artifact of the neighborhoods and cultures that made it what it is today, so choosing someone from the area to head the project would be in theme.

During Ingebretsen’s quest for a developer, Pierson ran across a blog post by Joe Shelton, who happened to be a backend developer for Wagento Commerce—an eCommerce solutions agency located in the western Minneapolis suburb, Golden Valley. After Pierson learned that Wagento specialized in the Magento platform, his team decided to reach out to the local agency about helping them with their migration. After connecting—coincidentally—Pierson discovered that Wagento founder Brent Peterson had a connection to the Ingebretsen’s of early days. It turned out that Peterson’s great-grandfather was a butcher and fellow business competitor to Charles, Sr. To Ingebretsen’s, all these factors must have amounted to some sort of fate, so they hired Wagento for the job.

Key Challenges
One caveat in Ingebretsen’s replatforming plan was the team’s budget. The cost of the Magento license alone is quite steep for a small business owner, and many of the standard Magento editions are targeted towards larger enterprises. Shelton worked with Pierson and his colleagues to discover and implement the best game plan for migration that would limit customization and keep costs low. Throughout this process, Pierson was thankful for Shelton’s ongoing transparency in regards to expenses and unnecessary spending.

“Part of our success was working within the boundaries of Magento instead of relying on heavy customization,” Pierson said. “Joe was always honest about advising against code and customizations outside those boundaries.”

Between the honesty Pierson and his colleagues felt throughout the project and the frequent communication facilitated by the Wagento team, the store employees were able to put their trust in the Minneapolis-based eCommerce agency without a hesitation. Paul Fraser, Ingebretsen’s migration project manager, was another key figure in the Scandinavian store’s success. Fraser not only ensured his team conducted frequent calls with the merchant, but he also taught the merchant to use Wagento’s ticket system on a software called Jira. Mastering Jira comes with a learning curve, but Fraser knew that this mutual task-and-communication tool between his team and the merchant would prove to be invaluable in the long run.

“Paul was the glue that held the whole thing together,” Pierson said. “He plugged up any cracks that things could fall through.”

IFB Appliances Doubled Their Daily Sales Volume with Wagento
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IFB Appliances Doubled Their Daily Sales Volume with Wagento
  • IFB Appliances Doubled Their Daily Sales Volume with Wagento screenshot 1
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Consumer Products

In April 2021, Wagento launched a brand-new website for IFB Appliances. The India-based company desperately needed to modernize their online presence in order to keep up with growing demand and create better customer experiences. With help from Wagento developers, IFB was quickly able to double their daily sales volume after migrating from the Magento 1 platform to Magento 2.

About IFB

Since 1989, millions of customers in India have trusted IFB to develop and provide reliable, affordable home appliances. The company has established itself as an industry leader by creating some of India’s first household solutions, including:

India’s first front load washing machine
India’s first 100% clothes dryer
India’s first 3-in-1 washer/dryer/refresher
India’s first smart load washing machine
Along with laundry appliances, IFB has other divisions dedicated to kitchen appliances, modular kitchens, commercial appliances, air conditioners, and helpful tools and accessories. The company holds itself to high standards in each category, and the core values of IFB are evident in every way the business operates. Above all, IFB strives to deliver “an innovative product that consistently outperforms peers and outstanding service that makes every customer smile.”

Key Challenges

When IFB first connected with Wagento, developers were quick to recognize possible roadblocks and areas of concern. Migrating the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was the main goal of the project, but in order to do so, the Wagento team would have to carefully navigate the unique complexities of IFB’s website.

IFB’s Magento 1 site was designed and customized in ways that didn’t adhere to the best practices. The fragile, and sometimes unnecessary, customizations had to be reworked before developers could move forward with the migration. Secondly, IFB was heavily reliant on 3rd party extensions, providers, and other software vendors to maintain all their desired functionalities. The development team had to identify which extensions and apps were really necessary with the improved Magento 2 platform.

Migration Process

In April 2020, Wagento started to work on IFB’s migration. The team recommended migrating to Magento Commerce, a highly scalable option that would best suit IFB’s current needs and future goals. Once IFB agreed to this suggestion, the Wagento team went above and beyond to provide excellent support and service to the brand.

Throughout the duration of the project, Wagento team members spent several hours working outside of standard business hours. In some instances, developers worked until 4 AM to ensure that deliverables were submitted on time. Managing the complicated Magento 1 website and transferring data to the new Magento Commerce platform wasn’t always easy, but the dedicated team impressed IFB with their timeliness, high-quality work, and consistent communication.

To fully accomplish the migration, Wagento decided to use the following solutions:

  • Wireframes
  • Custom developments
  • Extension integrations
  • 3rd party ERP integrations
  • Project Results

After the upgrade to Magento 2, IFB’s sales volume doubled. On the Magento 1 platform, the sales volume was roughly $2,018 to $2,690 per day (₹150,000 to ₹200,000). Magento 2 helped IFB increase sales volume to $4,036 to $5,381 per day (₹300,000 – ₹400,000).

Furthermore, IFB’s cache coverage is now at an average of 95%, and the hit ratio of the cache is at an average of 96%. The Magento 2 site can easily manage IFB’s growing traffic, which reaches peaks of 300,000 to 400,000 requests per day. With the scalability and out-of-the-box capabilities of Magento Commerce, IFB is well-prepared to expand their business and successfully sustain their growth.

Reach Out to Us!

If your website is in need of an upgrade, redesign, or platform migration, Wagento can help! Certified Magento developers and experts will work with you to create a customized plan for improving your site, maintaining its performance, applying security patches, and much more. Just reach out to us  here and we can get started!

Grand Vision
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Grand Vision
  • Grand Vision screenshot 1
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The Future Looks Bright for GrandVision

Establishing a great online presence and building an accessible, attractive website are two keys for long-term eCommerce success for any company. For the world’s largest optical retail network, these priorities were even more important.

When GrandVision requested help from Wagento to improve and expand their online offerings for customers, they were confident that the Magento platform would be the right fit for their business. After several weeks of hard work, the project came to a close in March of 2020. Here are GrandVision’s results after working with the Wagento team.

About Grand Vision

GrandVision is a multinational optical retailer based out of Amsterdam. Globally, the company has over 30 brands and 7,200 stores that serve customers across 40 different countries. As the biggest worldwide network of physical stores, eCommerce stores, and other optical services, GrandVision is proud to be one of the most accessible eye care retailers around the globe.

GrandVision excels at both optical sales and eyewear manufacturing. They offer sunglasses, contact lenses, frames, and lenses at affordable prices for any budget. GrandVision strives to offer customers “an affordable choice without having to compromise on quality, functionality or design.” 

Project Goals

GrandVision became interested in Wagento as a partner when they decided to move into the Latin American market. The priority for GrandVision was selecting a Magento development agency that was familiar with the local market and could help them establish their online presence across Latin America. Furthermore, they required a web development team that could implement Magento as a backend to their stores to replace their antiquated JavaScript-based system. 

Broadly speaking, GrandVision had 4 ultimate goals while partnering with Wagento:

  • Replace their antiquated backend system 
  • Begin utilizing the Magento Cloud
  • Implementing Magento Order Management
  • Connect 40 optical stores in Peru
  • After this first phase of the project was complete, GrandVision had a secondary goal to incorporate all of its stores across Latin America, including stores in Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

Development Process

Soon after starting the project for GrandVision, Wagento hit a few roadblocks. First, the development team discovered that GrandVision’s current middleware didn’t meet the basic requirements for them to move forward as planned. The team had to regroup to think about how to approach the issue in an efficient manner. 

After discussing the delay with GrandVision, Wagento had to complete certain tasks within Magento itself to make sure the system would work properly with the updated platform. Developers had to attach external ERP systems in warehouses to Magento and Magento Order Management, making customizations of Magento’s own middleware.

Building directly through Magento itself was a key part of the building process. Along with creating custom solutions for GrandVision’s POS system, the development team also implemented a PaaS (platform as a service) on the eCommerce site.

Project Results

The project was officially launched in March of 2020. The site became live for 40 different stores throughout Peru, connecting customized POS systems to the Magento backend for ease of use. Wagento also helped the internal team at GrandVision learn more about the Magento platform and how they could troubleshoot common issues on their own.

This project proved to be successful for both GrandVision and Wagento as a whole. GrandVision got a fresh start in a new market while Wagento further established itself as an expert in the Latin American eCommerce market. The development team was also able to show off their skills at building customized solutions, solving problems with flexibility and agility, and creating a Magento backend without a Magento frontend. 

Final Thoughts

Do you have an eCommerce project that’s too complex, time-consuming, or confusing to figure out on your own? The Wagento development team is standing by to help! No matter what your eCommerce business goals are, our expert developers can create a custom solution to fit your timeline and budget. Connect with us today to learn how a well-designed, modern website can transform your business for the better!

Diesel Conversion Specialists
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Diesel Conversion Specialists
  • Diesel Conversion Specialists screenshot 1
  • Diesel Conversion Specialists screenshot 2
  • Diesel Conversion Specialists screenshot 3
  • Diesel Conversion Specialists screenshot 4
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Other Industries

Diesel Conversion Specialists, a leading name in custom diesel installations, has been transforming how Cummins turbodiesel engines integrate with Super Duty Ford or Chevy trucks. Known for their innovative engine mounting kits and a wide range of Cummins engines, they have carved a niche in the automotive industry, offering solutions that blend technical ability with a passion for automotive excellence.

Challenges with Magento

Despite their success in the automotive sector, Diesel Conversion Specialists faced significant challenges with their online presence. Their website, hosted on Magento, was becoming a roadblock to their digital growth. The primary issues included:

  • Complex Management: The marketing team struggled with the website’s complexity, making it challenging to manage and update.
  • Ordering and Payment Issues: Inefficiencies in the ordering and payment systems were leading to a suboptimal customer experience.
  • High Maintenance: The site required extensive day-to-day maintenance, diverting resources from core business activities.

Solution Offered: Migration to BigCommerce

In response to these challenges, Diesel Conversion Specialists turned to a new solution – BigCommerce. This strategic move aimed to retain the essence of their brand while harnessing the efficiency and user-friendliness of BigCommerce. The key elements of this transition included:

  • Maintaining Brand Identity: The new site closely resembled the old one in design, ensuring brand continuity.
  • Migrating All Data: Data integrity was crucial for continued operations.
  • Custom Kit Builder: A bespoke Kit Builder was developed, enhancing the user experience by allowing detailed searches and displaying various components effectively.

Overcoming Challenges: A Smooth Digital Journey

The Migration to BigCommerce addressed the challenges head-on:

  • Ease of Management: The new platform was more user-friendly, enabling the marketing team to manage the site efficiently.
  • Streamlined Ordering and Payment: The revamped system improved the customer journey, eliminating earlier issues during checkout.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The need for daily maintenance was significantly lowered, allowing the team to focus on their core business.

Conclusion: Accelerating into a Digital Future

The migration to BigCommerce marked a significant milestone for Diesel Conversion Specialists. Not only did it enhance their digital presence, but it also aligned their online operations with their reputation for innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. Simplifying the operational hurdles allows Diesel Conversion to focus on client acquisition and other marketing tasks that will surely increase their revenue for the following years.

This case study exemplifies how embracing the right digital tools and platforms can propel a specialized business into a new era of efficiency and growth.

BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store
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BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store
  • BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store screenshot 1
  • BigCommerce Migration for Online Medical Supply Store screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
32 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

Safewell Medical was founded with the mission of supplying medical products to both individual customers and businesses alike. Their extensive inventory includes a diverse array of items, such as hospital beds, orthopedic equipment, patient care essentials, daily living aids, and mobility assistance devices. With their comprehensive product range, Safewell wished to establish and optimize an efficient online platform for the sales and distribution of medical supplies with B2C and B2B capabilities. 


Safewell Medical faced several challenges in their quest to streamline their online operations and improve the user experience: 

  • Platform Migration: They needed to migrate their medical supply eCommerce website from one platform to another with a user-centric approach and streamline backend functions with system integrations. 

  • Consolidation: They aimed to consolidate two separate websites, Unique Fitness and Unique Medical Supply, and focus solely on rebranding and reopening one store as Safewell Medical. 

  • Technical Issues: The existing Magento 1 website had parts breaking down, and their payment provider was considering dropping them. Additionally, they had some special code that couldn't be fixed by the original developers. 


To migrate the medical supply eCommerce website using the BigCommerce platform, Wagento deployed several strategies: 

  • In-depth Platform Evaluation: We first analyzed the client's current website, identified pain points, and determined if BigCommerce was the right fit for their needs. 

  • User Experience (UX) Audit: Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the existing website's UX/UI design, identifying areas for improvement in navigation, layout, and functionality. We introduced a new UX and UI with the account creation feature for customers, enabling them to access order histories and tracking. 

  • Customization: We utilized BigCommerce's flexible customization options to tailor the website's design and features to meet the client's specific requirements and branding guidelines. 

  • Theme Selection: Wagento chose a suitable BigCommerce theme in collaboration with the client to align with their brand identity and offer the desired functionality. 

  • Mobile Optimization: The UX team ensured that the redesigned website was fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless browsing experience across all devices. 

  • SEO Optimization: We implemented best on-page SEO practices, optimized product descriptions, meta tags, and URLs to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic. 

  • System Integration with Third-party Apps: We introduced relevant third-party applications and plugins to extend the website's functionality, such as inventory management, order processing, payment gateways, shipping solutions, and marketing tools. 

  • BigCommerce App Adaptation: BigCommerce Multi-store front was just out of beta, and many of the client's apps did not work with multi-store front. We worked with the client to find new apps that provided the necessary functions. 

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: The QA team conducted rigorous testing to identify and resolve any bugs, errors, or usability issues before launching the migrated website. 

  • Successful Launch: After all the collaborative work and effort, we developed and launched the dedicated Safewell Medical Supply eCommerce store with B2C and B2B capabilities. 


In partnering with Safewell Medical to migrate their medical supply eCommerce website, our mission was to streamline their online platform while enhancing the user experience and backend functionality. The successful migration to BigCommerce provided: 

  • Enhanced User Experience: A user-centric design with improved navigation, layout, and functionality. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined backend functions with system integrations and optimized workflows. 
  • Scalability: A robust platform capable of supporting future growth and additional functionalities. 
  • Consolidation: The seamless integration and rebranding of two separate websites into one cohesive online presence. 

As Safewell Medical continues to stand tall in the medical supply industry, we remain committed to their success through ongoing support and optimization efforts. Sometimes, we all need someone to help us streamline our business, and today that someone can be us, your next-door eCommerce website development company. If you want to succeed like Safewell Medical did, we await discussing your project! Learn more about website migration with us. 

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