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About WebÔwat
WebÔwat is a digital communications agency specializing in digital competencies through the lens of creative freedom. We believe any idea is possible as long as there is the will to think outside of the box and work as a team. WebÔwat was founded in an effort ...
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Your window to the world
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Website Development

WebÔwat helps businesses leave a mark on the web from the concept of the page to the delivery of year-long updates.

Digital Marketing

Online ad campaigns play a central role in the digital world. WebÔwat puts your message before the right eyes at the right time.


An in-depth analysis of your website content is central to better ranking. WebÔwat makes your website more relevant to search engines as well as your users.

Data & Analytics

Knowing your users' behavior and how your website performs are crucial for any business. WebÔwat will help you with analytical tools to improve your online presence.

Social Media Management

WebÔwat develops your social online presence by optimizing your channels, managing engagement, and growing your following.

Design & Content

Our all-encompassing approach takes you from planning to execution. WebÔwat takes over all aspects of content to optimize your return on investment.

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2 Rue de la Chapelle, Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1325