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In 2015, WiserBrand launched as an eCommerce agency. Now, we're a trusted Digital Solutions and Consulting Partner. Over 60 SMEs have succeeded with our help.

Located in New York and backed by advanced R&D hubs in Ukraine and Argentina, we're recognized on the Inc. 5000 list as one of America's top rising stars.

Our Services:

  • IT Consulting: Planning your tech needs.
  • Business Process Automation (BPA): Making work efficient with AI.
  • Web Design and Development: Building online spaces for your brand.
  • App/SAAS Development: Creating tools for your business.
  • Digital Marketing: Running campaigns that resonate and deliver.
  • Customer Support/Call Center: Giving top-notch customer service.

Step into the digital future with us.

$50 - $99/hr
50 - 249
United States
1120 Avenue of Americas, 4th floor, New York, NY, NYC, New York 10036
17 Sumska st., Kharkiv, Kharkiv 61000
Juan Carlos Cruz 1949, 5H, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
24 Scharnhorststraße, Berlin, Berlin 10115

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • E-commerce Development
  • Web Development
  • IT Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Large Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Other Industries
  • E-commerce
  • Startups

WiserBrand Clients & Portfolios

Furniture Shop Development Case
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Furniture Shop Development Case
  • Furniture Shop Development Case screenshot 1
  • Furniture Shop Development Case screenshot 2
  • Furniture Shop Development Case screenshot 3
  • Furniture Shop Development Case screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Our client is a large and highly-rated US furniture retailer. The business started 6 years ago in New York and has expanded worldwide since then.

The furniture platform’s performance needed thorough improvement. At time, the page load speed reached over 11 seconds. These delays caused the traffic and conversion rates to drop. Moreover, the existing product configuration and descriptions were not enough to win the market competition and keep the customers.

WiserBrand experts analyzed the environment and found the issues in its performance. Once fixed, the online store page loading time was reduced from 11 to 0.5 seconds. The client was satisfied with the results and decided to continue our cooperation. As a result, the task to improve performance evolved to a wider scope, requiring a much larger team that now totals 25 specialists. For 3 years, we’ve been improving the system further and exploring new ways to make managing the business even more convenient and efficient for our client. Our team has built a unique infrastructure for the online furniture platform, as well as modified the whole development process with the Agile approach. We’ve addressed the lack of usability and applied step-by-step transformations.

  • Configured the load distribution to decrease the loading speed for customers all over the globe, and to easily manage high peaks in sales if any critical load spike/issue arises. Now a failure of one component won’t mean failure of the entire system.
  • Reinvented product search logic, their display, and ranking. Implementation of a search engine that allows effective and accurate searches. Error correction, synonyms, search, attractive UI, and many more included.
  • Constant detection and elimination of vulnerabilities. We ensured real-time monitoring for website security. On top of that, our specialists employ timely patching of software to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities.
  • Our experts set up caching to boost the online retailer’s website performance and decrease the load on the system. We’ve chosen dependable and secure software ideal for this purpose. We’d also examined the website, and adjusted values specified in their configurations to achieve drastically better results.

    The project is ongoing.
PPC for Coffee House
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PPC for Coffee House
  • PPC for Coffee House  screenshot 1
  • PPC for Coffee House  screenshot 2
  • PPC for Coffee House  screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Coffee House is a network of specialized shops selling coffee equipment and coffee from the world’s leading producers. 

Against the backdrop of the increasing website visibility, the retailer’s existing paid search structure was underdeveloped compared to competitors. So, the company needed a strategic and targeted digital advertising policy to increase its coffee machine market share.

We rolled out a broad-span strategy that involved three stages:

  • Stage 1. Preparation

  • Stage 2. Launch

  • Stage 3. Review and intensification 

As Coffee House’s marketing partner, we overhauled UX and set up granular and flexible campaigns. Well-thought-out advertising resulted in a huge boost in conversion volume while the average cost per lead was nearly cut in half.

We hit ambitious targets by utilizing the latest and most innovative Paid Search strategies

The project is ongoing.

Marketing Services for Furniture Shop
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Marketing Services for Furniture Shop
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 1
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 2
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 3
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 4
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 5
  • Marketing Services for Furniture Shop screenshot 6
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

When it comes to furniture, our client is an eCommerce platform where customers can find everything they need all in one place. Started 6 years ago in New York, the US retailer has now expanded worldwide. 

Still, our client needed to market their brand smarter. They were looking to boost customer base and revenue through their website visibility and traffic boost.

By that time, WiserBrand was already working on a functional and eye-catching website and customer service enhancement. Happy with the results, company entrusted us with their SEO, SMM, and brand reputation in general. At WiserBrand, we know how to remove headaches for a busy team like our customer. So, after an initial audit, we identified the gaps in the company’s SEO and SMM initiatives.

To help the furniture retailer devise, we carefully crafted the strategy to unlock business growth and enhance brand authority. And we went straight to the heart of the matter.

Here are critical optimization components we developed:


  • Competitors and traffic analytics for SM channels
  • Content plan with a posting calendar
  • Accounts on the most relevant Social Media platforms setup
  • Ads Manager, Product Catalog, and Shopping Tags and Pinterest tag


  • On-page optimization (metadata, sitemaps, images optimization, mark-up pages with structured data, internal linking)
  • Off-page optimization (link building, engaging, comprehensive, and unique content marketing)
  • Business directories configuration
  • Target keywords detection based on the semantic core of the website


Our digital marketing strategy gave a super-speedy turnaround for eCommerce platform. It became a solid foundation to build further authority and rankings. See the highlights below:

  • Our latest campaign provided ROI with a 61% lift in purchases and a 42% increase in new buyers

  • Overall website ranking grew by 70%

  • Organic search per week increased by 170%. We gain a high traffic value metric – 28,200. That’s the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired via PPC.

  • We have turned Social Media platforms into a stable traffic source and “hot” leads. Through Facebook and Instagram we managed to increase brand awareness and cultivate relationships with client’s customers. All users’ queries from Social Media now get into the right ears – these Social Media also run a Customer Support channel.

    The project is ongoing. 

Marketing Case for Online Food Store
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Marketing Case for Online Food Store
  • Marketing Case for Online Food Store screenshot 1
  • Marketing Case for Online Food Store screenshot 2
  • Marketing Case for Online Food Store screenshot 3
  • Marketing Case for Online Food Store screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Our client is a large famous online food store with home delivery throughout the UAE. It offers more than 400 types of groceries, dairy, fish, meat products, confectionery, drinks, and more.

Business Challenge

The food supplier company noticed that the existing advertising campaigns drained their budget. The KPI was falling - sales through social pages and website didn't show much growth. They lacked valuable, aesthetic content that would increase brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty.

Our entire team was involved with finding new creative ways to build upon and push the food supplier to the next level. Our approach consisted of the following initiatives:

  • Analyzed the existing social media pages
  • Created state-of-the-art social media posts on new well-researched topics
  • Launched a new a turnkey advertising account
  • Identified weaknesses and suggested page-by-page fixes
  • Defined communication channels with the audience
  • Agreed on a shared vision of the content plan, visuals, and brand’s voice
  • Suggested advertisements to promote a newly opened store
  • Offered a new content plan for the next month
  • Built a panoramic picture of the brand promotion
  • Presented logo, banner, and examples of posts for the upcoming week
  • Pushed in production all mentioned strategy elements
  • Regularly reported on the progress and milestones


Our cooperation has lasted four years. During this time, we’ve renovated the social media strategy - its visual presentation, advertising concept while saving ⅓ of the budget. We’ve reached and engaged the target audience. Our client was happy to report the following improvements:

  • Improved advertising aesthetics
  • Grew engaging content asset
  • Increased clicks and transitions to the site
  • Ensured rapid development of the brand in social networks
  • Transformed ads that doubled average ad clicks
  • Increased sales with organic and paid content
  • Developed a strong, loyal community

The project is ongoing.

Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace
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Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace
  • Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace screenshot 1
  • Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace screenshot 2
  • Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace screenshot 3
  • Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace screenshot 4
  • Blockchain Development for Agri Marketplace screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
10 weeks

About the client

Demand for organic agricultural products is constantly rising. New players enter the industry and strive to step into the light, while mature ones seek to upgrade and maintain their hold on the worldwide agricultural market. All the participants need to negotiate prices, read specs, view photos, and communicate with other participants.

Such a market situation urged our client to seize the opportunity, unite the involved parties, and solve the shortcomings of the traditional approach. To conquer new heights, they turned to WiserBrand experts. We discussed the creation of an inclusive and accessible commerce platform that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, removing the involvement of intermediaries.

Our customer wanted to build a modern agricultural market with the help of custom private blockchain and smart contracts for the sake of speed, transparency, and security of purchase and sale.


Business Challenge

We needed to create a unique, secure, turnkey system suitable for all stakeholders. The platform was supposed to eliminate unnecessary paperwork for them, introduce transparent pricing, reduce inefficiencies in the supply chain, ensure security, organize management and automate work, taking the state law into account.


After a deep market analysis, we dived into building the platform. For this challenging task, we involved the best specialists in blockchain and Smart Contracts. They employed progressive programming languages Golang, TenderMint, Vue.js for secure data storage, high speed, and system performance, inventing a system with different access control and interfaces for particular users. Third parties, including shipping companies and inspectors, can only access the data they need, thus maintaining buyer and seller privacy.


We have implemented our client’s key requirements and launched an innovative online agricultural trading platform. A short summary of our principal achievements. 

  • The triplex ecosystem we developed proved to optimize and facilitate operation on agrimarket. Obligations were fulfilled, and cash and goods flowed transparently.
  • Blockchain technology ideally suited to agricultural trading, allowing transactions to be agreed upon and completed quickly, cost-efficient, and securely.
  • Data integration and export solutions helped increase the platform’s value proposition and facilitate mission-critical business processes, such as payment processing, supply chain functions, sales tracking, and more.
  • Interface responsiveness and security of the legal & financial operations evoked a sense of quality. Users found the agri marketplace engaging and reliable.
  • Monetization instruments demonstrated efficiency for our client (factoring, token insurance, targeting ads, transaction fees, a percentage from deals, and paid promotions).
Customer Support for Furniture Shop
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Customer Support for Furniture Shop
  • Customer Support for Furniture Shop screenshot 1
  • Customer Support for Furniture Shop screenshot 2
  • Customer Support for Furniture Shop screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Business Challenge

Our client is a large US home furniture center that offers renowned solutions for customers’ comfort from many brands. Started in New York, this company managed to gain partners across the USA. This network allows the furniture merchant to keep prices low and deliver throughout the country. 

Customer satisfaction for the furniture company should have never been an afterthought. For several years they have been growing their online portfolio and client base. Eventually, this expansion resulted in a never-ending stream of requests. Keeping up with them was getting harder for our client’s in-house support group. As a result, their rates started to sink.



No more backlogs of queries and complaints. We removed the queue of requests waiting for a supervisor’s review. Of course, with a total infrastructure rebuild. As our client welcomed this initiative, a new effective decision-making and delegation plan was adopted where.

  • Team leads are consistent in their decisions and empowered to resolve complicated cases.

  • Coaches enhance the competencies of the staff through the development of their skill-sets and learning brand specifics.

  • Quality assurance analysts review support conversations, suggest improvements if they spot a mistake, and monitor overall Support representatives’ performance.

First-Call Resolution

Gone are the days when the furniture store customers received a canned reply to their email. Our Customer relationship management priority is First contact resolution. We take action. Owing to our specialist’s vigilance, store’s FCR rate now reaches 50%.


Gradually, the furniture marketplace expanded, its business requirements changed and the number of clients increased. WiserBrand Customer Service managed to keep up. Our Customer Support leaders mapped out strategic employee onboarding. On average, 4-5 people join our Customer Support department every month and are fully integrated into the company operations within a month. Depending on the business objectives, hiring may freeze or resume.

Over the last 18 months, WiserBrand has reinvented Customer Support for the furniture merchant. Now these are 30 individuals with an unflinching focus on the customer experience. These are professionals capable of reaching best possible performance across all support channels, including social networks.

The project is ongoing. 

Marketing Services for Le Komora
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Marketing Services for Le Komora
  • Marketing Services for Le Komora screenshot 1
  • Marketing Services for Le Komora screenshot 2
  • Marketing Services for Le Komora screenshot 3
  • Marketing Services for Le Komora screenshot 4
  • Marketing Services for Le Komora screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

“Le Komora” is an authentic Swiss restaurant and a store. Being the only restaurant network in Ukraine, “Le Komora” also stocks a selection of specific accessories – fondue and raclette grills.

Business Challenge

The Swiss restaurant management noticed that the website didn’t appear at the right moment in Google Search results. It also didn’t engage their core audience the way they expected.

To put their brand on top of mind of the target audience, Le Komora’s marketing team started to look for a reliable partner. Turning to the WiserBrand specialists, they got inspired by the SEO and PPC strategy and started cooperation.


To get more eyes on Le Komora’s brand and grow sales, we’ve implemented the following initiatives:

Regular technical audits and bug fixes

  • Assessed the website
  • Eliminated errors

Web ranking monitoring

  • Discovered what can be improved
  • Analyzed organic traffic and bounce rate

Internal pages optimization

  • Updated metadata
  • Added structured data to product pages
  • Developed content
  • Added internal linking

Blog launch

  • Developed strategy with detailed tech specs
  • Brought in top copywriters
  • Checked, proofread, and optimized content

Link building

  • Developed systematic and structured strategy
  • Gained the desired links


Since 2019, the WiserBrand team has broadened Le Komora’s online reach and met its sales goals. Our results in figures:

Increase in impressions and clicks

  • The number of website page impressions from 43.2K to 123K
  • Clicks from 1.53K to 3.21K. The average position improved by 8 units

Organic growth

  • Traffic (from 1 540 to 2 271 users) – 47.47%
  • Users (from 1 422 to 2 176) – 53%
  • Sessions – 24%

Blog pages performance

  • Blog pages gained influence
  • Increasing page views brought traffic to the site

Link build

  • Donor domains from 84 to 160
  • Links from 290 to 821

The project is ongoing. 

Customer Support for HireRush
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Customer Support for HireRush
  • Customer Support for HireRush screenshot 1
  • Customer Support for HireRush screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
50 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

Founded as a local business promoter platform in 2015, the HireRush platform empowered small and mid-sized businesses to establish their digital presence. The company provided entrepreneurs with tools for the development and growth of their own websites.

Business Challenge

Passionate to set apart in a crowded marketplace, HireRush never lost its focus on delivering exceptional service. To deliver it, Customer Support was supposed to respond to customer inquiries by phone, voice, email, and website in writing. For a startup where literally one person performed all those duties, it was almost impossible. Ready to level up its service offerings, HireRush turned to a professional Customer Care center in WiserBrand.


To deliver a rich customer experience, WiserBrand put in place the following steps:

  • Hired a team of emotionally intelligent, empathetic, resourceful communicators

  • Developed internal processes and training programs

  • Added a Spanish-speaking rep

  • Introduced performance analysis and continuous improvement techniques

  • Described procedures for handling both customers’ and providers’ issues on service, registration, purchases, removal of ads/accounts, disputes resolution, refund, etc


HireRush immediately started to see impressive results.

  • In 4 weeks, a new CS department was launched.
  • In 6 months, the department reached its full production and functional capacity.

During the cooperation with Hirerush, the WiserBrand Support Team managed to build long-term relationships with clients and providers. All Customer loyalty and satisfaction indicators improved, while negative attitudes towards the service decreased. All efforts paid off – HireRush income flew up.

Later on HireRush decided to switch to a different direction, so it was decided to sunset the work of the Customer Care department.

Nevertheless, this project matched the original objectives – HireRush admitted they had received the greatest possible benefit from our partnership. Inspired by the progress, we are eager to kick off new projects.

SEO Services for Coffee House
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SEO Services for Coffee House
  • SEO Services for Coffee House  screenshot 1
  • SEO Services for Coffee House  screenshot 2
  • SEO Services for Coffee House  screenshot 3
  • SEO Services for Coffee House  screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Our partner is a network of specialized shops selling coffee equipment and coffee from the world’s leading producers. Founded in 1997, the purveyor of the finest swiss coffee embodies the coffee culture in Europe. The coffee house offers only the best and most reliable equipment, proved by thousands of satisfied customers.

Business Challenge

The passion for delivering the best possible coffee experience allowed the coffee retailer to increase its profits over the years. But being preoccupied with the coffee quality and customer service, our partner had no spare time to iron out their digital marketing.

The website lacked authority and relevance in search engines. Low quality and irrelevant links damaged traffic. Search results didn’t display this coffee seller’s website for the keywords their target audience usually used. In an increasingly competitive marketplace missing out on a customized marketing strategy affected their equipment sales.


To tackle this challenge, we came up with multi-layered tactics. It involved the following components:

Semantics and content optimization

  • Handled competitors audits, evaluated impact they make
  • Collected a semantic core out of 1800 queries
  • Enriched the structure of the site, added an engaging blog
  • Created captivating, industry-specific blog posts
  • Optimized categories and metatags, created templates for products

Infrastructure technical enhancement

  • Fixed robots.txt file for search engine crawling
  • Consolidated duplicates and set up canonical pages
  • Set up 301 redirect to display moved pages correct
  • Covered all structured data needs on the website
  • Fixed crawl errors and broken links
  • Installed SSL
  • Increased page speed
  • Fixed mistakes in implementing Hreflang
  • Improved Core Web Vitals: LCP and CLS
  • Additional SEO boost: Deindexed low-quality and thin content; Performed SEO site audit; Introduced circular linking, a better pattern of backlinks

Inbound linking production

  • Identified growth opportunities within the competitive landscape
  • Bought quality backlinks
  • Pumped links through level 2 links

User Experience improvement

  • Introduced changes based on split testing
  • Mapped design weaknesses
  • Updated product cards

Additional work on the project

  • Implemented various scripts: an availability checking, quality indicator, GDN placement cleaning
  • Launched dynamic remarketing campaign
  • Scaled advertising to all relevant cities


Clients started to find their way to the website organically. Right keywords dramatically increased the coffee house’s position and built exposure. Faster loading and enhanced security contributed to the conversion increase.

All these pieces fit together helped to get a stronger foothold within the coffee equipment industry. The company reported that their revenue has more than doubled.

The project is ongoing

Customer Support for Insurance Agency
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Customer Support for Insurance Agency
  • Customer Support for Insurance Agency  screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
50 weeks

Our client is an established insurance agency based in New York, USA.

Over decades, they have made a name for themselves in the field of commercial and personal insurance. Currently, this insurance and risk management company works with a carefully selected group of insurance carriers, chosen for competitive premiums, financial stability, and responsiveness to claims.

Business Challenge

The company was expanding its footprint. New clients were coming in through different offices. Their in-house team couldn’t cope with a massive backlog of new requests and plenty of renewal monitoring.

To avoid a lack of responsiveness for their client, the insurance company decided to delegate daily business activities to a back-office partner.

An accommodating and performant partner who can keep safety and confidentiality of information.


Beginning day 1, we showed that WiserBrand back-office agents are quick to onboard and ramp up. We learn and work fast. To become an extension of the insurance provider team, we put extra effort into tailoring processes and close-knit integration.

  • Data and forms processing setup without compromising on the quality of processing or accuracy.
  • Confidential flow of handling customers’ data by back office agents
  • Fast, professional claims management setup without customer attrition.
  • Handling all day-to-day tasks while optimizing the existing process for higher productivity


As a result of outsourcing our back-office services, our client’s company performance has risen while expenses dramatically decreased as compared to the costs required for the in-house team. We set up a micro-enterprise that functioned the same way as the insurance company but cheaper, covering all employees’ expenses and configuring processes.

  • All issues related to managing insurance requests, consulting, agreement execution, data entry, reporting, etc. were resolved.
  • The overall productivity increased by more than 20%.
  • We improved customer service satisfaction and retention.
  • Operations and processes became more streamlined and transparent.

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WiserBrand worked on improvement of the HireRush user experience and did a great job. They performed the audit of the website, analysed the user behavior, implemented A/B testing and a totally new design. They quickly addressed every issues, meet all the clients’ requirement and do a great job.
I do recommend them to anyone who needs professional help in IT technology. We are really grateful for their awesome work! Thanks a lot! Hope to work with you again.