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WRLD Tech Consultancy

Reimagine Your Technology

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About WRLD Tech Consultancy
At WRLD Tech Consultancy, we work with you to implement customized technology solutions, helping streamline processes to better your margins and bottom line. Specializing in Business IT Solutions Consultation, Custom Web/App Development, Design, Branding, Consulting,...
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WRLD Tech Consultancy
Reimagine Your Technology
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App Lifecycle Management

WRLD Tech is in it for the long haul. We’re not a “flash in the pan” technological disruption agency who’s here today and gone tomorrow. We help maintain apps throughout their entire lifecycle.

Brand Strategy

The guiding light of your brand identity should be to touch the hearts and minds of your customers as they are today. When was the last time you updated your approach to do exactly that? Digitally and physically (with print materials and more)? It’s probably time for an update.

Business IT Consulting

Strategic IT is the foundation of everything we do because technology is often the fastest-changing area of business growth. WRLD Tech opens the channels for collaboration with every IT environment in your company, and brings them all onto the same page. Security, network, infrastructure, and beyond.

Managed Service Provider

Hiring your own IT support team takes up space, resources and the valuable time and energy of your executives, and is very expensive. Our top-notch support experts maintain your day to day IT environment at a fraction of the cost. Endpoint and on-prem server reporting, maintenance, support and monitoring all-in-one, remotely or on call (Dallas,TX).

Cloud Services, Virtualization, & Hosting

Eliminate the costs and human capital spent on maintaining your own server rooms, and simultaneously remove the limitations from your business through our partnerships.

With cloud solutions, you can run your technology with the full force you’d normally achieve in-office and on-network – from anywhere. Moreover, our migrations and cloud solutions are beyond secure and redundant, perfect for file storage, email migration, accounting / bookkeeping, and more.

E-Commerce & Merchant Processing

WRLD Tech can be your end-to-end solutions provider for E-Commerce. From building your customer-facing store to complete merchant processing management. We have certifications and partnerships with a vast number of processors for your convenience. Additionally, we provide PCI compliancy, discounted EV (extended validation) SSL certificates and even HIPPA compliance.

Creative Design (Logo, Web, Packaging & Print Design)

Cut through the noise with a unique and practical design for your company, including a website that will immediately engage your ideal customers.

Marketing Strategy & SEO

WRLD Tech strives to go beyond regular marketing strategies, intending instead to completely magnetize your business with astounding deep-level connection to the hearts and minds of your target audience. This results in world-class SEO and targeted campaigns that produce best-in-class ROI.

Web Development

Without an original online presence for your company, you have nothing. We help you find the essence of what makes your business successful and build from there, with everything from graphic design to complex web and mobile applications. Then we can take the next step by revolutionizing your business processes with internal/backend app development that makes it easy for the technical laymen to use.

WordPress Experts

WRLD Tech has over 10 years of history developing, designing and implementing custom WordPress CMS (content management system) websites, making it easy for the end product, store, or blog to be updated and maintained. 

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WRLD Tech Consultancy
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WRLD Tech Consultancy
4707 Algiers St. Ste 101, Dallas, Texas 75207
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