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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom logo design?

Logos are visual representations of a brand. As the name implies, custom logos align with a business's vision and mission. The most promising part, and perhaps the most likable part of custom logo design, is that the business owner's input is prioritized over everything else, which means the outcome always aligns with the actual vision of the company.

More than that, the custom logos convey what the company stands for and tug at the consumer's heartstrings, making them cut above the rest.

Custom logos prove to be memorable and, more than anything, motivate customers to understand the brand up close and personal.

What is the importance of good logo design for any brand or business?

Logos represent a brand globally. So it’s not about drawing some lines and shapes, putting them together in a frame, and then calling it a Logo. Contrarily, every line, shape, and dot in the logo stands for something meaningful, as do color and fonts. Put another way, every minor and major thing displayed in the logo conveys company characteristics, values, and attributes.

Indeed, a lot of thought process goes into logo creation. All these efforts help the brand differentiate itself from the competition and catch consumers' attention. Not surprisingly, businesses of all sizes are prioritizing logos these days.

Do I need to copyright or trademark my logo created by a logo maker?

Yes, of course, you need to copyright or trademark the logo created by a logo maker. Why? For one, competitors are free to copy your logo if you haven't copyrighted it, or they can turn it around on you, saying that your logo is their property and consequently can file a lawsuit against you. To avoid all this rigmarole, get your logo copyrighted in the first place before you go out in the market with the same.

Another thing, once your logo is done, it's important to scour the market to ensure no other company has the same business logo or business name that you have decided to adopt.

What different types of logo design services do companies offer?

Logo design services companies build custom logos that become visual representations of the brand. Some of the key services these companies offer include Client Consultation, Market Research, Concept Development, Sketching and Drafting of Potential Logos, Color and Typography Selection, Iconography selection, Iteration and Feedback.

The different types of logos that logo design services companies provide include Monograms, Pictorial Marks, Mascot Logos, Abstract Logo Marks, Word Marks, Lettermark Logos, Letterform Logos, and Combination Marks.

How do I select the best logo design company for my project?

Selecting the best logo design for your project is easy, provided you do the required groundwork. Wondering what this groundwork involves? Okay, check their experience, portfolio, testimonials, and research process. Also, the logo design company should be able to guide you in terms of the type of logo that would go with your brand message, given that there are multiple types of logos for multiple types of businesses. For instance, there are wordmarks, letter marks, pictorial marks and even abstract logos, among many others. The logo design company should help you nail down the one that would absolutely align with your products or services.

How much does it cost to design a logo?

Typically, logo design costs depend on project complexity, designer experience, and if the client has any special requirements. That being said, logo design agencies charge $1,000 to $5,000 or more for a logo design project. Freelancers charge $20 to $150 per hour for a project. Then there are online logo makers who charge around $20 to $100, but you may have to compromise on originality a bit. You can even think of crowdsourcing platforms to get your logo made. To that end, you must create a budget ( $200 and above) and invite multiple designers to submit their ideas.

Can logo design agencies help me brainstorm ideas for my brand logo?

Yes, it goes without saying. It's part of the logo design agency's job profiles to help brands brainstorm ideas for their logos. In fact, the good ones will go the extra mile to help you narrow down the right one that sits well with your brand message. While doing so, they will first undertake the required market research and analysis. Next, they'll aid in concept development and sketching, followed by iteration and feedback gathering, and lastly, revision, refinement, and finalization of the logo.

And given that there are multiple types of logos for multiple types of businesses, they'll help you design one that perfectly fits your business profile. For starters, there is one logotype for startups called a Letter mark a Pictorial mark for those with a bouquet of well-known products, and for those with a stable, solid positioning in the marketplace, there is a Wordmark logo. Yes, of course, there's an Abstract Logo for those who wish to convey a modern angle in their business messaging.

The logo design agencies help you finalize the logotype that plays along with your business type and message.

Should I hire a freelance logo designer or a logo design company for my project?

Well, it depends on the project requirements and the budget you are setting up for your logo design project. Hiring a freelance logo designer won't leave you light-pocketed, and you will get a lot of personalized attention from the freelancer as well. More importantly, if there's any change in project scope or timeline, it's easier for such designers to adapt to the changes quickly. Even a portfolio review is a piece of cake, as you can quickly check out their portfolios to get a first-hand account of their style and capabilities.

On the other hand, logo design companies have their own plusses. Unlike freelancers, they boast of designers who bring fresh ideas, skills, and styles to the table. More often than not, they have a superior understanding of branding and design principles. Moreover, their workflows are fixed, ensuring that timelines and expectations are met. If the project calls for a quick turnaround, betting on design agencies is ideal.

What steps are followed by a professional logo designer?

A professional logo designer first tries to get the hang of the client brief and develops a story following that. Next, he unlocks words that align with the storyline and then designs sketches for those chosen words. He even conducts market research and analysis for inspiration; next, the illustrations get tested in the marketplace, followed by feedback and iterations. Now is the time for layout development employing free design software tools and chosen colors and fonts. And lastly, revision, refinement, and finalization of the logo happen.

What skills and tools knowledge should a good logo designer have?

A good logo designer should have both hard and soft skills. Hard skills, as in he should be able to juggle artistry, functionality, and practical appeal of the design without much hassle. When it comes to soft skills, a designer should bring excellent ideas to the table and articulate and convey the concept clearly in exchange for company briefs. How good or bad the articulation part is depends on the communication skills the designer has come to hone over the years.

Communication skills come in handy for the designer not only in articulating the concept but also for offering consultation services, customer service, and building rapport with the clients. Developing active listening skills and being open to constructive criticism should be considered of extreme significance.

When we speak of Logo design tools, the market is flooded. There are Adobe Illustrator, Inkspace, Hatchful, Coreldraw, Canva, Laughing Bird, UCraft, Tailor Brands, and so many others.