8 Best Free and Open Source Inventory Management Software Systems

Updated on :July 14, 2024
By :Sophia Jayden

Inventory is a key value for any company. Both excessive and surplus inventory can cripple an organization's financial flow and can pose a big threat to its liquidity position. Inventory Optimization is critical to ensure your stocks’ reliability and availability. It can reduce business risk. A good Inventory Management Software system can help you gain better control over the inventory management process of your company. Such a tool will help you automate your inventory, and integrate the workflows with other associated systems. Real-time inventory management can be a great investment for every business today.

What is an Inventory Management System?

All organizations, small or big, have inventory that includes its raw materials, supplies, products in process, items in operations, and all finished goods. Inventory can be as small an item as a needle or can be some complex assemblies of an aircraft. Either way, mishandling of inventory or ignorance towards evaluating your inventory efficiently can cause significant financial losses and can result in either inventory surplus or inventory shortage. For a business, this means a missed productivity and lost sales.

Automating the entire Inventory management process can reduce the possibilities of deadstock, spillage and unwanted storage costs.

Let us take a simple scenario:

In a typical business set up, customers order products from you and you keep control of the orders, raw materials etc. to meet your customers’ demand. Things go out of proportion many a time due to lack of proper coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, customers and salespeople. Without understanding the actual situations, each team starts controlling the inventory requirements. Inaccurate forecasting leads to the Bullwhip effect.

Your situation could be like this;

Inventory management software

To reduce the Bullwhip effect, you need an Inventory management software solution that can automate many of the processes in real-time.

Have a look at the benefits;

Inventory management software

Utilize the technology, centralize information, track and control inventory easily. Take advantage of Inventory Management Software.

Inventory Management Systems: Then and Now

Inventory management systems went through a significant transformation in the last few decades. Modern inventory management software comes with robust automation capabilities which is useful for businesses in attaining more agility, flexibility and transparency in the inventory management processes. Not only this, use of different technologies in modern inventory management systems further streamlined the processes with enhanced data analysis and management capabilities. Present inventory management systems offer numerous benefits to users as compared to earlier systems in terms of real-time insights, demand forecasting, automated replenishment, inventory optimization, etc., use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more allowing businesses to achieve inventory efficiency in a sustainable manner.

Here is the comparison of inventory management systems, then and now:

inventory management systems then and now

What are the Types of Inventory Management Software?

There are different types of inventory management software, ranging from free to expensive ones. Inventory management systems vary not only in terms of cost but in terms of features, deployment methods etc.

Three main deployments methods include;

  • On-premise inventory management systems
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) inventory management systems
  • Cloud-hosted inventory management systems

Is Inventory Management Software System a strategic tool?

Yes, it is. The foremost aim of any company today is to meet the inventory need of their customers. Some of the best free and open source Inventory Management Softwaresystems available today in the market can help you accomplish the business inventory demands and automate the process.

Inventory management software enables you to track the worth of your products, items, or assets; get hold of all your storage needs; manage the number of your finished products. This way you save time and cost.

A good Inventory management software system must be able to tie together your company’s strategic goals, sales, production and materials requirement planning. It should be able to automate purchase based on the forecast of your sales order.

Below are the 8 best free and open source Inventory Management Software systems that promise to offer maximum inventory efficiency. Use the one that fits your needs and go ahead with your order, pick, pack and delivery without any friction.

8 Best Free and Open Source Inventory Management Software Systems

best free and open source inventory management software systems

Have a look at this comparison chart before we take you through each inventory management software systems;

comparison table best free and open source inventory management software

inFlow Inventory (Freemium Inventory Management Software)

inFlow is an intuitive inventory management software that will surprise you with its capacity to let you master the inventory operations automatically. Built and backed by the experts, this powerful inventory software has till date received 98.7% customer satisfaction.

inflow inventory management software

(Image Source: inFlow)


  • The inFlow Inventory management software is available as cloud version
  • inFlow is available as a Windows App, a web app and companion apps for both iPhone and Android users
  • Users can view their inventory from any browser with the inFlow web app
  • Users can use their own phone as a barcode scanner, add or edit products from where ever they are
  • The software allows its users to strike a perfect balance with structured workflows
  • You can track the entire sales process right from ordering to payment right within the software
  • Intuitive dashboard reports and customization options make the process work the way you want
  • Manage inventory, track sales and purchases to keep the workflow moving, and generate reports easily to plan ahead, all within the software.
  • The tabs in inFlow make it really easy and quick to switch gears
  • inFlow invoices sync with QuickBooks online, so everyone gets live updates
  • Thorough reporting and intuitive dashboard
  • The software also offers paid packages (Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise) which enable added advantages in terms of the number of products/clients, storage, reports, data etc.

Track order, manage inventory easily, save time and cost with inFlow Inventory Management Software.


Odoo open source inventory management software is a cut-down version of an enterprise level ERP system. The software comes with a free downloadable version. You can read a detailed review of Odoo before finalizing the product.

odoo inventory management software

(Image Source: Odoo)


  • Odoo’s modern interface allows you to control and monitor your incoming orders, manufacturing orders, scrap products, pack products, receipts and much more easily and quickly without any complications 
  • Odoo Inventory is fully integrated with manufacturing, purchase and sales and thus keeps every function on the same page
  • The software automatically schedules all your orders based on your sales order request
  • Automatic inventory tracking in real-time
  • The unique Odoo double entry inventory management allows full traceability from the supplier to the customer. Shift orders at no loss.  
  • Odoo’s easy and intuitive mobile dashboard allows you to control, update and track your orders anywhere and everywhere
  • The system allows you to activate only those features that matter to your business and easily manage either single inventory or a multi-warehouse activity
  • Its advanced routing facility allows users to deliver products directly to customers straight from the suppliers. This avoids storage, unnecessary loading and unloading of goods etc. Picking, packing and shipping are smooth and clear without any friction. Transfer of materials between warehouses and locations are completely automated with Odoo
  • Its smart scheduler triggers all inventory operational activities automatically.
  • Its customer portal is designed to give complete visibility of each order and its delivery status
  • Its custom barcode, custom alerts, custom route definition, real-time inventory valuation, advanced reporting engine and inventory forecasts are other enhanced features that make this software more functional and usable
  • The software integrates well with all leading shipping carriers


Developed with usability as its first priority, PartKeepr is a free and open source inventory management software system designed to work for all types of inventories from small to large.

Partkeepr Inventory management software(Image Source: PartKeepr)


  • The software allows users to control as many inventories, as many manufacturers and distributors as possible
  • The search functionality is very powerful enabling users to search for as many fields in seconds. Right from your stock levels till manufacturers, distributors, orders etc are easy to search from a single dashboard.
  • The software is absolutely free
  • Gives complete control of data
  • Order management is so simple and easy with this software
  • PartKeepr is integrated with Octopart to find part data and check the availability
  • The software works well for electronics components
  • The key advantage of this software is its parametric search

RightControl Lite

RightControl is one of the top Inventory Management Software systems that offer a versatile approach to inventory management with unlimited features across the range. The software caters to every business, right from start-ups to established multi-level operators.

Rightcontrol Inventory management software(Image Source: RightControl)


  • Manage your customer and supplier contacts easily
  • Record each of your sales orders automatically
  • Easily create a picking list of your inventory products
  • Raise invoices instantly
  • Enable secure network access for your entire team
  • Gain access to inventory at various stages of the inventory control process via different forms
  • The stock allocation system lets users allocate stock and check allocated levels.
  • Automatically update stock levels when purchases are checked-in
  • The barcode number tab allows you to set the barcode
  • Centrally manage your stock with RightControl Inventory Management Software a system that comes with the flexibility to expand your business through its business-centric features.
  • The Lite version is affordable, user-friendly and flexible.

ABC Inventory

ABC Inventory management software is free inventory software for unlimited records and unlimited workstations. The software is designed to handle every aspect of Inventory management.

ABC inventory management software

(Image Source: ABC)


  • Track every stage in the inventory lifecycle automatically
  • Get access to information right from the stage where you create a purchase order to the stage of shipment to your customer
  • ABC Inventory is a Barcode capable application
  • The software comes with Warehouse/location movement logs
  • Users can adjust Inventory directly
  • Multiple screen formats and views
  • Facility to track inventory issues automatically as per the location, serial number, remarks etc
  • Quick and easy access to Inventory Cost Quotation
  • Instant Unit of Measure conversions
  • In Stock, On Hold, Committed, and On Order totals and details
  • Thorough reporting for purchase orders, inventory control, warehouse appointments, shipping, etc.
  • Users can customize the dashboard

Stockpile Inventory Management

Stockpile Inventory is a free online inventory management system ideal for small business and individual users. It is simple and yet makes online inventory management simple, easy and quick. The software is a big time-saver. Users, locations, and managed products are not limited.

stockpile Inventory management software(Image Source: Stockpile)


  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Add stock to an existing inventory easily
  • Manage returned and damaged stocks in real-time
  • Access, administer and edit your existing inventory, manufacturer, location, transaction, customer preference easily in just seconds
  • Access to current stock levels and get reports instantly
  • Unlimited users, locations, products, storage, Inventory
  • Tiered access model to manage multiple locations at the same time
  • Excellent technical support

Skyware Inventory

Skyware Inventory is a free, easy to use application ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Skyware Inventory management software

  (Image Source: Skyware)


  • Well placed application tabs allow users to access items, transactions, files and profiles
  • Sub-tabs help in easy and quick access of the existing and open transactions
  • Facility to export inventory data to create a customized report or spreadsheet program
  • Access the history of transaction of each item easily and quickly
  • Each item can be filtered as per date, location and transaction types
  • Monitor the movement from one single dashboard
  • Gain access to reports anytime
  • Manage users, categories, locations
  • Support cost reports for FIFO (First In, First Out), LIFO (Last In, First Out) and AVERAGE
  • Multiple custom fields for inventory items and transactions


InvenTree is one of the leading open source and free inventory software ideal for organizing parts, suppliers management, Bill of Material (BOM) management, etc. The intuitive stock control and parts management capabilities of InvenTree make it a perfect choice for SMEs in tracking and monitoring the overall stock of a certain part.

inventree inventory management software

(Source: InvenTree)


  • Facility to organize and arrange parts in structured categories as per your needs
  • Easily create, delete, and modify suppliers or parts from inventory
  • Facility to organize stock items in locations and sub locations for flexible inspection and tracking
  • Intelligent Bill of Material (BOM) management with multiple supportive file formats
  • Offers build management system to automatically or manually allocate parts from inventory
  • Advanced reporting features that supports custom template
  • Powerful customization capabilities with native Python library, plugins, and RESTful API.

Well, the above mentioned free and open source software solutions are best suitable for businesses with a low budget or businesses that require basic inventory management features. 

List of the Top Inventory Software Commonly Used 

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a leading inventory management software for small and big businesses that comes with robust inventory tracking, warehouse management, order management, and e-invoicing capabilities. It also supports quick integrations with Razorpay, G Suite, Shopify, Salesforce, and numerous other organizational tools. Zoho inventory is available in both free and premium versions, besides a free trial of 14 days. You can also read the reviews about Zoho products to understand their offerings.

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is a leading inventory management and tracking software to manage inventory of multiple locations from a single dashboard in real-time. It is one of the few tools that enable users to track inventory parts based on quantity and weight and control the margins by matching the FIFO, LIFO and average costing structure with the inventory used. As an  Inventory, warehousing, and manufacturing software solutions. Fishbowl offers robust real-time traceability, efficient barcode scanning, automated inventory control, asset management, quick integration with popular business tools and detailed reporting capabilities to ensure effective management of complete warehouse operations. The tool is available in two pricing packages, Fishbowl Drive(Cloud) and Fishbowl Advanced(On-premises), starting at $329 per month.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is an integrated business management tool with excellent inventory management functionalities. Businesses of all sizes use NetSuite to automate their financial processes, gain better visibility in inventory, optimize the supply chain, flawlessly manage orders, and improve warehouse efficiency. It offers a single and real-time view of inventory across all locations and sales channels, which reduces stockouts and inventory costs. NetSuite ERP is integrated with the other modules of NetSuite like accounting, CRM, supply chain etc. facilitating smooth workflows between departments. Do not miss to read the reviews of NetSuite ERP.


Sortly is another widely popular inventory management system, that helps businesses of all sizes and industries in organizing their assets, inventory, orders, etc. It is one of the best tools for streamlining daily inventory operations, simplifying auditing, forecasting and budgeting, generating real-time inventory reports, giving access to relevant people only, tracking the supplies and consumables, etc. Sortly also comes with multi-device access, custom low-stock alerts and in-app barcode and QR code scanner. It offers a 14-day free trial, a free version for personal use and premium packages starting from $29/month onwards, billed yearly. 

Industry-Wise List Of Top Inventory Management Tools

At present, the market is flooded with different types of inventory systems, making it challenging for businesses to select the right inventory management software for their needs. Here is the list of top inventory management software that works best for specific industries, which can be a best guide for you to select your desired software as per your business. 

Inventory Management Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Whether you run an apparel manufacturing or food, or machinery or electronics manufacturing, inventory management is critical to ensure supply chain optimization, determine current inventory balance, track raw materials consumption, manage items and supplies in stock, etc. This can only be achieved through manufacturing specific inventory management software, which is beneficial in effectively fulfilling the orders, forecasting the demand, and maintaining a decent level of inventory in stock. Here, is a list of the best inventory management tools ideal for the manufacturing industry;

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is a top manufacturing inventory software for manufacturing firms dealing with machinery, food & beverages, electronics, etc. It comes with an intuitive user interface that allows remote access from other devices, logs accurate records for materials, transactions, etc., visualizes every aspect of the product for optimization, etc. It supports integration with major e-commerce sites like Shopify, Paypal, Bigcommerce, Zapier, etc., for a centralized flow of information at one place. SOS inventory is available for a free trial of 14 days and standard pricing starts from $59.95/month for 2 users at an extra $20 each for new users.


Unleashed is a leading cloud based manufacturing inventory management system ideal for all firms that have their manufacturing units. It helps in automating reordering, efficient production planning and purchasing and supplier management. The tool offers manufacturing-specific functionalities such as transactions in multiple currencies, accounting integration, Bill of materials, connecting unlimited warehouses, purchase order control, demand forecasting, barcode scanning, inventory optimization, etc., giving everything to improve the manufacturing process. The pricing of the tool starts from $349 per month onwards, besides a 14-day free trial.

Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory is one of the best tools tailored to fit the growing needs of manufacturers to improve item management and inventory tracking while enhancing business productivity. Some of the best features of Finale Inventory are kitting and bundling, mobile barcode scanning, stock auditing, demand forecasting, custom reporting and analytics, etc. The pricing of Finale Inventory starts from $99 per/month along with a free trial. The platinum pricing package is best for large-scale enterprises as it is customizable as per manufacturing capabilities.


Budibase is an open-source and powerful low-code manufacturing inventory management application ideal for streamlining overall inventory management. It supports integration with 30+ organizational tools, drag and drop features, workflow automation, etc., for running the manufacturing process faster. It is a great tool for real-time collaboration between colleagues, vendors, suppliers, clients, and partners. Budibase offers a free version apart from other flexible pricing packages that includes premium, business, and enterprise plans.

Inventory Management Software for the Health & Pharmaceutical Industry

Inventory management is very critical for the health and pharmaceutical industry in fulfilling the patient's needs without any issues. It is critical to have the correct stock of medicines, equipment, accessories and other supplies in place to avoid any danger to the lives of patients. Here are some of the top inventory management software for healthcare organizations:


Cleverdev, a healthcare inventory management system, is a top-notch solution for medical professionals, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers. It offers automated workflows for improving equipment check-in and check-outs, tracking medical equipment and supplies, monitoring all inventory transactions from a single user-friendly interface, etc., with enhanced security and compliance capabilities. It can also integrate with commonly used medical software like Electronic Health Records software, procurement management systems, drug management systems, etc. The software does not offer a free version and one should connect with the Cleverdev team for a free cost estimation. 

SurgiCare Inventory

Surgicare is a leading medical inventory control software specifically made to cater the needs of healthcare centers. Medical institutions of all sizes, such as surgery centers, dental centers, clinics, universities and educational, medical examiners, community health centers, etc. can use this software to save money, time and resources in inventory management, on-demand reports generation, ordering, checking stock levels, checking backorders, etc. The tool offers a free demo, and pricing information is provided upon consultation from the company.

ArbiMed Inventory

When it comes to efficient and cloud-based medical inventory systems, Arbimed Inventory is a top name enabling healthcare providers to acquire real-time information on multiple inventory-related processes. These include stock level monitoring, expiration date checks, ordering, reporting, auditing, forecasting, etc. Its add-on modules allow quick integration with retina clinics, infusion centers and surgery centers to eliminate any inventory issues. Schedule a live demo with ArbiMed experts to get a custom pricing package for your needs.


Barcloud is a popular and award-winning inventory management solution for the healthcare industry to oversee supplies, equipment, medications, etc. It offers automated alerts, inventory requisition, inventory tracking, resource allocation, streamlined workflows, configurable reports, etc., to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharma manufacturers, medical suppliers, etc. It comes in both on-premises and cloud hosting to choose the suitable one as per your needs. It is suggested to connect with the company for pricing and free trial instead of falling for third-party vendors. 

Inventory Management Software for the E-commerce Industry

E-commerce businesses cater to a huge number of digital shoppers at the present time. Due to this, they need inventory management software which can eliminate many issues associated with stock outage, higher maintenance costs, ordering, etc. Some of the popular e-commerce inventory management software are as follows:


LightSpeed is a leading inventory management solution for e-commerce businesses. It helps retailers simplify inventory management, easily manage inventory across multiple channels, create product variants to manage different sizes and colors, reorder new stock, generate barcodes, etc. It comes with integrated online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google, 30 free, easy-to-use professional themes, a website builder, product import from POS system, built-in SEO tools, automated abandoned cart email alerts, etc. The premium pricing for LightSpeed starts from $139 /month, besides a free trial.


Linnworks, previously SkuVault, is a top eCommerce inventory management software that comes with powerful features for managing both inventory and warehouse activities from a single dashboard. The software can connect with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc. Users can easily organize products, raise purchase orders, efficiently handle quality control, generate customizable reports, view warehouse metrics, acquire real-time inventory and warehouse updates, manage shipping, automate order processing and fulfillment, etc. Connect with the sales team to get a clear idea about the overall costs, including add-ons.

Cin7 Orderhive

Formerly known as Orderhive, is an easy-to-use inventory control software and a one-stop solution for e-commerce businesses and retailers to efficiently track and manage inventory on a real-time basis. It can perform a wide range of functions, such as order management, inventory control, shipping management, manufacturing management, purchase management, etc. for ensuring the continuous functioning of the majority of e-commerce processes. It can also integrate with other organizational systems for getting your sales orders, sending stock notifications, accepting payments, etc. Orderhive pricing plan starts from $349/month with a free trial. 


Shopventory is a widely used e-commerce inventory management tool owing to its robust inventory control and reporting capabilities. It offers several unique features such as spreadsheet bulk upload, product bundling, scan-to-count cycle counts, multi-location syncing, multi-channel syncing, modifier inventory tracking, product information management, user access control, etc., that distinguish it from other tools. It is a great tool for retailers and online sellers in saving time and money while ensuring prioritized and accurate inventory. The tools offer a free trial of 30 days and premium prices start from $49/month. You will get 2 months free on a yearly subscription.


When it comes to free inventory management software for ecommerce, Veeqo is a boon for online sellers in automating inventory operations, tracking stock, reporting and forecasting market demand. It allows sellers to adjust stock and listing prices, store data, transfer inventory across multiple warehouse locations, sell individually or in bulk, buy and print labels, order management, etc., from a single place. It can also integrate with 50+ online stores and carriers for actively managing and monitoring the inventory. 


Brightpearl is another leading inventory control tool for the e-commerce industry in managing complex order fulfillment, multi-channel orders and easy multi-location inventory. It is widely used by online retailers owing to advantages like inventory accuracy, inventory planning and forecasting, product performance analysis, access to multiple Plug & Play apps, integration with accounting apps, etc. Brightpearl is also a certified partner of Shopify. Custom pricing quotes are offered by the company upon consultation.

Inventory Management Software for the Banking Industry

Financial institutions have different types of inventories and assets and their optimization and management is a bit challenging if not strategized properly with the right technological investments. Only a banking based inventory management system can manage the financial and banking organizations’ assets. Check the following list of top-trending inventory management systems for the banking industry:

Wasp Barcode

Wasp Barcode is a pioneer in inventory management software for the banking industry in preventing stockout of deposit slips, checks, office equipment, files, etc. It can help track and manage different banking assets such as computer systems, cash registers, branch expenses, cash, ATMs, etc. It offers scheduled reporting, custom report design, audit windows, label customization, barcode creation and print, etc. for making the work easy. Wasp is available at an annual price of starting from $1295/user with a free trial to test the software capabilities.


Logicpath is an award-winning inventory management software having advanced forecasting and inventory optimization capabilities. It helps financial institutions with seamless integration of all the cash points for effective cash network management. It is also helpful in gaining quick visibility and control over the devices of different branches, ATMs, vaults, ITMs, etc. Logicpath is popular owing to benefits like improved cash operations efficiency, better actionable forecasting intelligence, reduced delivery costs, real-time reporting, etc. Consultation with the sales team is suggested to get custom pricing as per needs.

ASAP Systems

ASAP Systems is an advanced inventory management system for handling different types of inventories in a bank. It offers barcode scanning, inventory requisition features, automated workflows, etc. In addition, it can track inventory on the basis of the standard inventory, serial number inventory, serialized with quantity, batch/lot inventory, non-inventory, etc. owing to robust barcode functionalities. The tool is designed to effortlessly identify and locate the assets of financial institutions whenever needed. For pricing information, connect with the vendor.

Vsoft Technologies 

Vsoft Technologies is a one-stop inventory management solution for financial organizations for core banking, payment systems, remote deposit capture, digital banking, etc. It allows banks to allocate role-wise activities to branches, maintain multiple vendors for the bank’s inventory, acquire real-time information on branch and ATMs updates, visualize data into informative graphs, etc. The pricing information is not publicly available but rather provided by the sales team after a brief discussion.

Inventory Management Software for the Human Resource Industry

Human resources are a vital component of every organization. They can use inventory management software for managing inventories, cashflows, employee timesheets, reordering new supplies, etc., reducing the hectic efforts. Some of the inventory management software for human resources are as follows:


Acctivate is a power-packed inventory management tool for HR that comes with modules for order and business management and more catering to the HR industry. HR professionals belonging to small to mid-sized businesses can easily perform and manage a wide range of functions like BOM management, credit management, inventory dashboard, multi-channel inventory management, order fulfillment, report generation, etc. It also supports quick integration with Intuit Quickbooks for handling invoices, payments, tax deductions, cashflows, employee timesheets, etc. It offers a free trial of 14 days and flexible pricing upon consultation with the official experts.

Workday inventory

When it comes to accurate and easy-to-use inventory systems for the HR industry, Workday Inventory is a popular brand for tracking, stocking and replenishing organizational inventory. It is one of the must-have tools for HR managers in acquiring robust inventory controls, real-time business analytics, workflow optimization, HR service delivery, generating reports, adding new inventory sites, increasing stocking locations, etc. It allows HR managers to approve requests, access dashboards, perform transactions, etc., through mobile devices on the go. For pricing inquiries, connect with the Workday Sales team.

Inventory Management Software for the Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage businesses need to manage different supplies, orders, and inventory items including; packed-foods, cold-storage, veggies, beverages, and other ingredients which can be a complex task. However, by using the right inventory management solution, the complexity can be reduced drastically, leading to reduced costs, and food wastes. Some of the top inventory management tools for the F&B industry are as follows:


ChefMod is a topmost inventory management system for F&B businesses in ensuring an accurate and error-free ordering experience for consumers. Features like inventory tracking, purchasing and procurement management, recipe management, food cost calculation, menu cost analysis, invoice scanning, etc., make it a perfect fit for restaurants. It also comes loaded with a lot of online food order management features for ensuring a seamless purchasing lifecycle. The pricing information can be acquired after contacting the sales team of the company.

Revel Systems

Revel is one of the most flexible cloud-based inventory systems for restaurants and hotels in meeting customer demand, adapting to the dynamic market, expanding their reach and increasing their revenue. The tool comes with a POS system, tableside ordering using mobiles, inventory tracking to monitor stock levels, manage ingredients, and automate reordering, multi-location support, consistent data reporting and analytics, etc. Pricing information of the tool is not freely available rather provided based on consultation. 

Orca Inventory

Orca Inventory is a restaurant-based inventory management tool that comes with a lot of inbuilt features to handle various aspects of F&B businesses. These include recipes, plate costing, full-color recipe cards, sales forecasting, reporting, analytics, etc. In addition, its accounting, weather, pos and distributor integrations allows your business to function effortlessly. The pricing of Orca Inventory is segmented into one time licensing fee, monthly charges and add-ons charges. The one time licensing fee is $399 and monthly charges are $129 monthly. Add-on charges vary with services and features.

Upserve by Lightspeed

Upserve is a POS and payment processing solution for small eateries and large restaurant chains. It comes with robust customizations to modify menus, screens and floor plans, besides offering real-time business insights, optimizing the menu, tracking customer behavior, Identifying top-performing staff, online ordering, tableside ordering, QR code ordering, PMS integration for hotels, etc. so that restaurants can easily perform their functions with full efficiency. The pricing packages start from $69 per month with extra charges for add-ons.

Nothing but the Best

Inventory Management Software Market size crossed $3.07 billion in 2022, showing huge demand. The role of inventory management software is not merely restricted to accountability. It is now seen as a source of competitive advantage in demand-driven organizations.

Buyer schedules are uncertain. But, a good Inventory management software system will help you predict and decide your actions prior. The software available in the market today will help you with inventory, including cost optimization, service-level operations, and forecasting both in single and multi-product settings.

If you’re looking for more advanced inventory management software, check out GoodFirms’ list of Inventory Management Software.

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