Appointment Scheduling Software

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Appointment Scheduling Software

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling appointments or booking reservations is an important task for organizations of any size. Whether it is an SMB or a Fortune 500 company, if it is a service-based company, embracing a streamlined process for scheduling appointments ensures a smoother flow of business processes. 

The task of scheduling appointments and booking reservations is not as simple as it seems to be. If there are a huge number of daily appointments or reservations to be made, this process becomes tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, if the appointment scheduling process has flaws, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction, which can be risky for the financial health of any business.

Lacking Appointment Scheduling Software

Earlier, appointments were taken over the phone and recorded in an appointment book. After that, it progressed to the use of an electronic calendar offered by Google or Microsoft Outlook. But, these traditional ways of managing appointments require more manpower and are highly time-consuming, which can drive up the operational costs.

An appointment scheduling software can address these issues caused due to outdated scheduling methods. It provides the flexibility to your customers to book an appointment online on their own even after your business hours. Earlier people used to make a phone call or email to book an appointment. Now, people prefer booking appointments online, thereby eliminating the frustration caused due to busy phone lines and delay in response to emails.

Thus, the appointment scheduling software market is growing and has become a necessity for appointment-based businesses wanting to stay competitive and achieve their sales goals.

Appointment Scheduling Software Stats

Let's take a further look at what exactly is an appointment scheduling software, how is it better than other different ways of scheduling, and why all the appointment-based businesses should use it.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?

Appointment scheduling software can automate, streamline, and improve the entire appointment and reservation booking process consuming less time and manpower. Thus, the businesses that rely on appointment scheduling for providing services like salons, health centers, consulting & law firms, educational institutes, etc., prefer using appointment scheduling solutions also known as booking software for the convenience of their employees and customers both.

What Is Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software has become the most efficient and effective way of managing appointments, and reservation bookings, as well as storing contact information of the customers. Not only does it manage the entire appointment scheduling process, but it has also simplified the way organizations stay connected with their customers, students, patients, clients, etc., In short, appointment scheduling software helps businesses in improving their services ultimately resulting in high profitability and growth.

Appointment Scheduling Software Is Beneficial for Businesses Like...

Who Can Use Appointment Scheduling Software

What Does Appointment Scheduling Software Do?

What Does Appointment Scheduling Software Do?

Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

Now you know what appointment scheduling software is, and what does it do. But why should we use appointment scheduling software? In this age of Uber and Zomato, consumers expect to complete their basic errands online. This is where appointment schedule software helps. It gives your haphazard, hay-wire appointments a streamlined approach.

As per a recent survey relating to appointment scheduling in healthcare -

Appointment Scheduling Software in Health Care

Same applies to other sectors as well. Consumers these days highly prefer online self-appointment scheduling, which also benefits the organizations by saving their time spent on answering the phone calls, replying to emails, and maintaining appointment book or electronic calendar manually.

The online appointment scheduling has given birth to various other benefits too as mentioned below -

Appointment Scheduling Software Benefits

Are you looking for an appointment scheduling software for your business? Let's have a basic understanding of the characteristics to look for in an appointment scheduling software which would help you in selecting the best one compatible with your business requirements.

How to Select an Appointment Scheduling Software?

While selecting appointment scheduling software, most of the organizations look for basic features like online self-scheduling and automated text/email reminders. But, other organizations may require additional functionality to improve their entire scheduling process. So what should we look for in an appointment scheduling software? Below-mentioned are some factors to be considered before selecting an appointment scheduling software.

Features and Functionality

Obviously, the features included in the software you select should suit your business requirements. It is always better to go for a demo before adapting software for your business to save time and avoid disappointment.


Your business is definitely going to grow with time. You need to look for a software which grows with your business. You need to select an appointment scheduling software capable of expanding its functionality to meet the changing demands of your business.


There is a lot of important data including your customers’ information stored in your appointment scheduling software. Securing that data from malicious attacks or hackers is highly significant. Thus, security is one of the most required feature in an appointment scheduling software.


The cost of the appointment scheduling software may vary depending on the features it provides. Many times, we end up paying for the features we are not going to use. Thus, it is wise to select the software which can meet the specific needs of your business, so that you get what you pay for. It is always better to go for a free trial of the software before purchasing one to make the right decision.


Many organizations look for advanced functionality beyond the standard features in an appointment scheduling software. These organizations should ensure that the software they select can integrate with other tools like payment gateways, email service providers, CRMs, Calendars, etc.


Prompt support by the software provider is quite significant, especially if you are a new user. You may face several problems while operating the software, and so quick support would help you in case of a system glitch or any kind of technical failure.


There are many appointment scheduling software available in the market. Thus, it requires enough research to decide which one is competent enough to tackle your appointment scheduling processes. Go through the users' reviews before making the crucial decision of selecting the appointment scheduling software.

So, here we have come up with the top 7 free and open-source appointment scheduling software which you can consider while selecting one.

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Appointment Scheduling Software

#1 Easy!Appointments

Easy!Appointments is a free and open-source appointment scheduling software that allows your customers to book appointments with you through the web. Also, you can sync your data with Google Calendar, helping you to manage your appointments accurately. You can install this software in a single folder of the server and thus can run smoothly with your existing website.


Key Features

  • Allows customers to book, modify, and cancel appointments online within specific time slots
  • Includes flexible calendar displays and layouts helping in managing appointments, booking history, and customer information
  • Helps in sending automated email notifications in case of a schedule change, booking modifications, and cancellations
  • Define different services, and specific teams and employees serving customers for each service
  • Events can be synchronized with Google Calendar and share that information with other applications
  • User Interface can be translated into 21 different languages
  • Facilitates multiple-attendant slots, helping to handle groups of customers at certain times
  • Responsive design and thus can be best viewed in any device and platform
  • User community from all over the world available for support and troubleshooting

If you have already used Easy!Appointments, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 classroombookings

Classroombookings is a free and open-source booking system specially designed for schools. Launched in 2006, schools all over the world use this appointment scheduling software for managing their computing resource availability. It is written in CodeIgniter PHP framework and uses MySQL as a database backend.



Key Features

  • Allows online booking and thus eliminates the double booking problem
  • Ability to configure an unlimited number of rooms and users
  • High-end control over room booking in terms of which users and groups can book rooms available and types of bookings possible
  • Can setup the quota in room booking to control a number of bookings per user
  • It has easy to use and simple user interface
  • Helps in customizing the timetable schedule based on the working of the school

If you have already used classroombookings, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 BUK

BUK is a free appointment scheduling software which is flexible & straightforward with versatile features helping you to streamline the entire booking process making it as seamless as possible. It allows 24/7 self-booking, enables you to sync appointments to your Google Calendar and send automated text notifications to your clients. It also allows you to create your customized booking page, helping your clients to book appointments easily.


Key Features

  • Allows your clients to self-book at any time with real-time updates
  • Helps you in managing your team’s schedule
  • Allows you to access your calendar on any device and receive notifications on a real-time basis
  • Enables you to create a booking link which can then be shared on social media accounts and your clients
  • Helps you in checking the stats and client information to streamline your business operations

If you have already used BUK, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#4 TimeTap

TimeTap is one of the most popular appointment scheduling software used by a variety of businesses, schools, and public organizations. It allows 24/7 self-booking, which helps you in getting more bookings done in less time. You don't need to sort your clients' bookings every day, as you get reminders for daily bookings regularly. Overall, it helps you in running your appointment-based business seamlessly.


Key Features

  • Allows an unlimited number of appointments, clients, and services
  • Stores client information to be easily accessible whenever required
  • Can easily set up repeated appointments at regular intervals
  • Provides flexibility in your business hours availability
  • Allows 2-way calendar sync
  • Helps in managing appointment schedules for different locations
  • Can integrate with payment systems
  • Allows you to manage calendars of your staff members with role-based access permissions
  • Calculates travel time between 2 appointments
  • Offers clients to join the waitlist in case of non-availability of the appointments
  • Allows people to register for courses or seminars expected to run for multiple days
  • Capable of providing group appointment scheduling
  • Sends automated emails and text notifications
  • Creates customized booking sites
  • Allows you to embed schedule on Social media platforms, website, etc.
  • Can create customized booking forms
  • Listed on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and so your customers can book from any device
  • Provides high-end security
  • Supports multiple languages

If you have already used TimeTap, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Calendly

Calendly is an automated appointment scheduling software which allows you to book appointments without any hassle. It connects your calendar to Calendly, lets you define the duration of the meeting, and allows you to share your Calendly link with people attending that meeting. Your clients, colleagues, or students would not be able to view more information than they need.


Key Features

  • Can integrate with different calendars by Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud eliminating double-booking issues
  • Allows setting up buffer time between meetings, create secret event types, and prevent last-minute meetings
  • Ability to detect different time zones, so that there is no confusion due to a difference in geographical locations
  • Can work with different apps like Zappier, GoToMeeting, SalesForce, etc.
  • Can support one-on-one meetings, and collective availability meetings both

If you have already used Calendly, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 Reservio

Reservio is an online appointment scheduling software helping businesses to stay organized and manage their appointments from any device or platform. Specially designed for beauty salons, yoga centers, and healthcare clinics, it is available in 13 different languages. It is an extremely user-friendly appointment scheduling system which can drastically change the way you manage your appointments.


Key Features

  • Schedule appointments and book events easily with a few clicks
  • Ability to send booking reminders through email and SMS
  • Helps in accepting online bookings through website and Facebook 24/7
  • Provides access to customer details and booking history
  • Can integrate with Google Calendar
  • Track and optimize sales data as well as business performance

If you have already used Reservio, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling can organize your appointment booking process so that you get more clients, receive payments on time, and take your business to the next level. By using this software, you will be empowering your clients to view your real-time availability, book appointments with you, and even pay online instantly. They can even reschedule on their own, get reminders relating to their appointments, and eliminate 100% confusion.

Acuity Scheduling

Key Features

  • Easily customizable as per your business requirements
  • Allows preparing team calendars
  • Provides access to the real-time calendar
  • Ability to adjust with different time zones automatically
  • Can work well with multiple locations and employees
  • Can be embedded directly to your business website
  • Can send appointment reminders via Email and SMS
  • Facilitates event and group scheduling

If you have already used Acuity Scheduling, please feel free to share your reviews here.

So, this was the list of free appointment scheduling software which you can consider using for your business. If you are still confused with which one to select, just go through the below comparison chart to make a smart decision.

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Appointment Scheduling Software Comparison Chart

Appointment Scheduling Software Comparison Chart


While selecting an appointment scheduling software, you need to research different software in-depth so that you can never regret in the future. We hope this list of top 7 free and open-source appointment scheduling software has been helpful to you.

Also, you can go through the freemium and paid appointment scheduling software like ScheduleOnce, vCita Online Scheduling, Cogsworth, Bookeo, 10to8, and Set a Time. If investing in these solutions is not a problem, you can consider purchasing one of these solutions and enhance your appointment scheduling process for your business.

Just don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback if you have used any of the software mentioned above.

You can also browse all software categories if you are looking for the best software for other facets of your business as well.

Just stay tuned, as our research team keeps on updating the latest software which you might be looking for.

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