How Do You Schedule An Online Appointment Efficiently?

Updated on :June 18, 2024
By :Rushay M. Trivedi

If you have a business that counts on customer appointments, you understand how much effort is needed to plan and handle the calendar. Customers, clients, or patients call you for appointments, and you need to determine when it can work. Further, it gets complex when you’ve to schedule emergency appointments, reschedule others, or cut your loss. However, now you don’t have to do this manually, because there are many best appointment scheduling software and systems available for you. These online scheduling software and apps can handle the work with ease for you.

What Is an Online Appointment Scheduling System?

An online appointment scheduling system helps you schedule your appointments more easily. These schedule software helps your business grow exponentially. They help clients book, cancel and reschedule appointments via a web interface.

The advantages of online appointment management, when implemented in your online transformation are countless. Many organizations are scrambling to apply digital processes to revolutionize client experience and also interrupt their competitors. With a range of solutions available, each one promising you to help enhance your business, how can you find out which of your goals are most imperative for you and consider how the solution will help attain them. Technological implementations that modernize current processes are an efficient use of resources and time with the additional advantage of limited disruption in your business.

Appointment-driven businesses should focus on making a high calibre, streamlined customer experience. But, many businesses book appointments still using an outdates, manual process that forces their clients to call their call centre and wait while the agent reviews as well as compares the staff availability between a separate staff list and a calendar. The process takes a few minutes to finish and oftentimes results in bad client experience.

When you are thinking of implementing new technologies, adopt new software and technologies that will enhance your business’s current operational system, like the appointment scheduling system. It will offer you the chance to decrease your operational costs in call center and become readily accessible to clients by providing a digital channel. The advantages of including an appointment management system are vital for your business success and a business appointment scheduling system can assist you to attain these goals.

Features of a Good Online Appointment Scheduling System

Online appointment scheduling system do much more than giving customers many different available times when they come for a services, treatment, or meeting. These systems lets clients reschedule and cancel the appointments without needing to call you. Moreover, they make it simple for business managers and owners to do their work. Below is what can you expect from the best online appointment scheduling apps:

Flexibility: Every business is unique and the best appointment scheduling software know that every business has a diverse need. Hence, they let you tailor your bookings. Do you want customers to select one of your services? Do you want them to specify the appointment locations? The best appointment scheduling systems lets you customize such aspects.

Payment Processing: A good online appointment scheduling system will also let you collect the payment at booking time. This way, you can make your clients pay upfront for the service. As a result, if the customer does not show up, your organization will not have a loss. Moreover, in a few industries, paying upfront also helps keep businesses run more efficiently and smoothly and leads to better customer experience.

Calendar Synchronization: Almost every online appointment scheduling system lets you sync with the calendar. This can help you see your important business appointments along other important information.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling Systems

Online appointment scheduling has now become a preferred way to keep business appointments and schedules organized. Many different businesses are now discovering the many advantages of using an online appointment scheduler. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Businesses Can Achieve Yearly Objectives

Though applying this kind of solution might not be on the top of your business’s to-do list, the advantages of a scheduling system can help you attain a few of your yearly goals. Below are a few examples of business goals that online scheduling systems can help attain: 

  • Offer clients with improved digital accessibility
  • Decrease the operational costs
  • Streamline the internal call center processes

Online tools such as appointment scheduling software offer business with complete access to the operational efficiencies that are important for their growth and offer increased access to clients, enhancing their scheduling experience. Moreover, such differentiators can help position your business as an innovator.

Increase Your Business Productivity Drastically

Optimizing your staff’s time improves your business’s productivity. Below are a few ways in which online appointment scheduling lets your staff optimize their precious time:

  • More on-time services because of decreased walk-ins
  • Decreases idle time because of no-shows
  • Free branch staff from answering phones to schedule appointments

Whether your business is including online scheduling in contact center or making an online scheduling center, both these tactics will let your business drive more appointments. The organization’s call center will be established with a more effective scheduling process which will lead to your representatives being able to handle more clients in a day, resulting in more appointments driven to your business’s branches. With an online channel, your clients will also get the luxury to schedule appointments at their convenience.

Develop Relationships With Your Clients

Initially, an online scheduling system can look counterintuitive, but the reality is that scheduling appointment online can save time of users. Online scheduling systems lets businesses to allow clients access your services much more effectively. If you select to provide next-day or same-day session an online appointment scheduling systems are an excellent way. A customer can make last-minute appointment as well if your schedule opens up.

  • Facilitate client meeting
  • Simple to offer quality services
  • Better client satisfaction results in higher client lifetime value
  • Build brand loyalty

Lesser No- Shows

For a service-based business, no-shows are not just a minor inconvenience, but they are a missed earning chance and results in lots of wasted effort and time. If your business experience lots of no-shows, then you should certainly get an online appointment booking system that can send automatic reminders and confirmations.

The Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software/Apps


It is a wonderful cloud-based solution available for both small and large businesses in every industry. 10to8 offers users with a tailored booking website using which customers can schedule appointments, access current bookings, and pay for services and events. It also allows customers to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments as required. Your appointments get synced with the user calendars automatically and it can integrate with Outlook, iCal, Gmail, and more. Using 10to8, users can maintain different calendars if required. Attendees can get text message and email reminders, and the users can store questionnaires, notes, and other customer data.

Acuity Scheduling

Another excellent appointment scheduling app for customizing your booking procedure is Acuity Scheduling. While designing your booking page, this app lets your customers select recurring appointments, if applicable, fill the intake form and also pay upfront for required services. Users of Acuity Scheduling can also select to allow your customers to cancel or reschedule their appointments. You can even place a limit on what minimum notice or how much in advance a client can make an appointment.


Doodle is another cloud-based online appointment scheduler platform that helps both small and large sized enterprises to schedule appointments and meetings. The main features of this platform include access invitation, invite notifications, calendar management, calendar invites, added information request, meeting reminders, multiple user management, custom invites, and more. In addition, this platform also lets users set up and tailor meeting request, fix meeting, and manage availability of participants.


While many appointment schedule applications provide lots of free services, Appointlet is amongst the most generous one, making it a service to select if you’re not completely ready to into a service. You can make a booking page easily that you can share with customers, clients, and patients directly. Convenient options like the abilities to add buffer time around the booking help keep a control on all your appointments. Using this, you can also customize the reminder messages that are sent to your customers before their appointment time.

It’s a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution created for businesses in different industries. It offer a booking website so that the users can take up online booking, get customer feedback to optimize service performance and revenue and send SMS and email appointment reminders both to clients and service providers. This tool lets users to send promotions, link service providers , set up recurring service, and also customize options for booking site. Customization in includes adding a booking system as iFrame or adding the booking button to the Facebook page or website.


This is an outstanding cloud-based appointment booking software that provides unlimited users, appointments, and calendars for free. Though it is geared towards spas and salons, its complete flexibility makes it a great fit for all kinds of service providers and businesses requiring a multiuser scheduling software for free. Most notably, the app lets you track many staff schedules. You can book unlimited appointments as well for every staff member, a great feature for those who are managing a very busy multi-staff operation.


This cloud-based appointment scheduler has an excellent customizable interface having booking pages that could be added to websites or shared as links, perfect for employees or consultants who wish to share calendar selectivity or want to book a time separately from company’s website. The key features of Picktime include options to synchronize with 3rd party calendars, standalone calendar scheduling system, ability to fix recurring appointments, unlimited employee and staff calendar, and client management. This tools works great for both businesses and clients on any browser.


This tool provides a cloud-based appointment scheduling tool appointment for organizations of every size. The features include integration with current Facebook pages, websites, analytics and reporting tools, calendar sync, and more. The users of SuperSaaS can tailor color schemes and page layouts, automatic calendar synchronization settings, logs and branding, confirmation text messages and emails, waiting list and form. Integrated credit and payment options, access control systems, price and voucher rules also can be configured for meeting the user needs.


Setmore, an online appointment scheduling software, is different as it lets organizations to make classes that clients can reserve. These appointment and calendar management features make this tool a wonderful free online appointment scheduler for anybody looking to schedule group activities with evert registration. Setmore provides features just like other tools, but with one exception. Using this tool, you can make class booking and let your clients reserve spots online. Its free version supports 20 staff logins. You can also integrate Square Payments with Setmore.

HouseCall Pro

A cloud-based services management app, HouseCall Pro is ideal for services professionals for automating their workflow. This tool includes complementary web portal and native mobile app. It serves an extensive variety of industries like plumbing, cleaning, HVAC, electrical, and more. This tool also lets companies to waive off paperwork for digital automation. HouseCall Pro offers great features like job scheduling, payment processing, dispatching, estimates, customer notification, automated invoices and receipts, email marketing automation, company chat, and more.


This app is excellent at handling series or packages of appointments. This app has all the general booking service that you would expect to get in the best online appointment schedulers, but being capable to account for packages of appointments makes it exclusive. ScheduleOnce can handle some advanced booking types like team bookings. When it comes to businesses, it has some tools for doling appointment assignments out to a team, like assigning all upcoming appointments by pooling all the staff availability.

TimeTap, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, vCita Online Scheduling, Bookeo are other best appointment scheduling software that you can consider.

Whether it is to schedule an appointment for a consultancy with a doctor, or to book a slot for your class, or take a slot for a service appointment, the best way is to choose a hassle free appointment scheduling software. If you have not tried one, go ahead and try any of the above mentioned appointment scheduling tools.

Rushay M. Trivedi
Rushay M. Trivedi

Rushay M Trivedi works for RushKar Information Technology LLP., a software development company in India. 

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