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Flexible, affordable solutions to manage your schedule the way you want. With SuperSaaS by your side, don't waste time with back-and-forth emails. Stay available to your clients 24/7, send automatic SMS/email reminders, create waiting lists, custom forms, accept online payments and credits, sync calendars, customize layout style to match your brand, integrate your website, design your own promotions, control access, set pricing rules, and more.
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  • Open Source
  • Cloud Hosted
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac


  • Email
  • Phone
  • 24x7 Support

Knowledge Base

  • Help Guides
  • Video Guides
  • Blogs

SuperSaaS Core Features

Appointment Scheduling

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Calendar Sync
  • Group Scheduling
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Multi-Location
  • Online Booking
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring Appointments


  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Multi-Location
  • Online Booking
  • Real-time Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Reports & Analytics


  • Booking Channels
  • Booking Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Notifications/Reminders
  • Online Reservations
  • Reporting & Analysis

SuperSaaS Executive Interview

Jan M. Faber
Jan M. Faber
CEO, SuperSaaS
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Kindly share your feedback on how GoodFirms has been doing so far in increasing your visibility among potential clients.

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Please introduce your product and give a brief about your role within the organization.

SuperSaaS is a flexible and affordable online appointment booking tool that caters to small and large companies, including events, business, education, and more. It is highly customizable, the colour scheme and layout can be adjusted to fit the design of your own site. It comes with unique features such as the ability to connect multiple schedules, waiting lists, and support for over 30 languages. SuperSaaS integrates with many other online services, such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, Facebook, WordPress, Outlook, Google Calendar and many others.

I created the product in 2007, as one of the first SaaS appointment scheduling tools on the market.

What was the objective behind coming up with this software?

In 2007 most software was still sold via Compact Disc and for installation on your own server. I realised this was cumbersome and customers would rather have a SaaS web service that took care of installing and maintaining that for them, as made possible by the rise of the internet and capable browsers.

How is your software beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other software alternatives available in the market?

Firstly, SuperSaaS is a lot more affordable than competing solutions, we can offer a lower price owing to the large scale and our self-service model, the customer configures everything himself. (We do offer customer support if the customer has trouble with the configuration, of course.).  Secondly, we have over 15 years of experience in the market, which has resulted in a product that’s much more feature rich than competing solutions. The value for the customer is that they will not have to adjust their business process, because it’s likely that our product already supports their way of working.

What industries do you generally cater to? Which industries in general are highly benefiting by using your software?

We are used all over the map, literally, with paying customers in 79 countries and in every industry imaginable, including education, governmental and military.

What are the key features of your software that makes it stand apart from your competitor products in the market?

It’s mainly the breadth of different features, which avoids the customer running into limitations on other products. However, the ability to combine multiple schedules into one is a unique feature to SuperSaaS that enables complex scheduling scenarios. For example, you can allow an end user to book a visit only if the Google calendars of your staff show that one of them is in the office. And then combine that with another schedule to state that for a specific service, specific equipment needs to be available.

What is the customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?

We are proud to say that on several of the online rating services available we consistently rank above 4.5 out of 5 stars. SuperSaaS is a self-service system, but customers are welcome to send in feature requests if they feel our system does not meet their needs yet.

Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what is the percentage of repeat customers that you have?

In general our customers tend to be very loyal, they only leave us if their business or project ends, but because it’s a self-service product we have no way of knowing whether they return in a different guise at a later date.

Does your software product provide any resource or knowledge section for its users? If yes, what kind of material is provided to your users to help them get acquainted with your product?

We provide extensive documentation, including tutorials, videos and a blog, and they can always contact our help desk if needed.

What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?

Customers can contact us by email. Response times are generally within 30 minutes during office hours.

What has been the revenue for your product for 2022?

$1.5 million

Where do you see your product in the next 10 years?

In the same place as 10 years ago. At the forefront of online appointment scheduling technology.

SuperSaaS Pricing

Pricing Type

  • Flat Rate

Preferred Currency

  • USD ($)

Free Version

  • Yes

Payment Frequency

  • Monthly Payment
Vendor pricing page
  • Available Trial

Plans & Packages

$9.00 Per Month
Maximum number of upcoming appointments - 100
Maximum number of registered users - Unlimited
Ad free - Yes
iCalendar sync (Outlook/Google Calendar) - Yes
Past reservations that can be kept - 1000
$18.00 Per Month
Maximum number of upcoming appointments - 300
Maximum number of registered users - Unlimited
Ad free - Yes
iCalendar sync (Outlook/Google Calendar) - Yes
Past reservations that can be kept - 3000
$28.00 Per Month
Maximum number of upcoming appointments - 600
Maximum number of registered users - Unlimited
Ad free - Yes
iCalendar sync (Outlook/Google Calendar) - Yes
Past reservations that can be kept - 6000
$38.00 Per Month
Maximum number of upcoming appointments - 900
Maximum number of registered users - Unlimited
Ad free - Yes
iCalendar sync (Outlook/Google Calendar) - Yes
Past reservations that can be kept - 9000

SuperSaaS Reviews

4.5 4 Reviews
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SuperSaaS, a very professional scheduling software that is intuitive, easy to customize and flexible.

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Review Summary

I have researched a lot of solutions before I found this one as I wanted something more reliable. It is an awesome and convenient appointment scheduling software. I am so appreciative of this software. It helps me to manage my client's bookings, and alert them about reminders and such. It keeps me organized and always on time for our company’s clients. I can say that it changed my business and relieved my stress. here you may find features that are simple and easy to use.

Which features have you used in SuperSaaS?

Appointment Scheduling Software , Scheduling Software , Reservation Software

How long have you used SuperSaaS?

5 Months

How frequently you use SuperSaaS?


How do you find pricing of SuperSaaS?


What do you like the most about SuperSaaS?

Easy to navigate and does everything that I need. it has everything you need and gives so much flexibility. It does the job nicely and has made life so much easier for me.

What do you like the least about SuperSaaS?

I didn’t find anything but for some users, it may be tough to understand.

Erika Jansen van Rensburg

Great tool for managing bookings

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Review Summary

SuperSaas is a great tool, I use it for group bookings for my group fitness classes, Great value for money. Just still need to get comfortable with all the functions.

Meg Mayzelle

comparable services cost 10x more

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Review Summary

We reviewed and tested dozens of scheduling platforms, and SuperSaaS was hands-down the most customizable and also the best priced. The free version is super functional, and the paid version is affordable for small businesses. It is truly designed to work with your business, instead of your business working with the platform. The only downside to SuperSaaS is the way differing time zones are dealt with; we've found it very confusing for our clients.

Unparalleled customization options, comprehensive online support documentation, rapid response to support requests.

Matt Pickard

Video Review for SuperSaaS

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