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We help clients to rapidly create digital products with lasting business impact.

We have a wide experience in Software Development and Architecture, API Integration and Creation, Cloud Computing, Process Automation, Systems Migration, ERP's Integration, and other IT services. And the good thing is: we are really committed and we love what we do!

This includes projects in several stacks of different technologies and in long-range knowledge areas, such as Business and Production Softwares, CRM, Web & Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, Data Analysis, among others.

$25 - $49/hr
2 - 9
Rua Conde Casal, 91, Braga, Norte 4730-698

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  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
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  • IT Services

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  • SoProd screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks


It is a production software, from Solocal Group, capable of managing all the company's productions.

SoProd is responsible for receiving requests for services and products, enabling their management, assigning tasks and is also capable of carrying out automated processes. All this through several defined and completely dynamic flows, depending on the product/service.

It has several interfaces for different purposes: CRM, KPIs, Configuration, Consultation, among others, all with different access levels (that is, depending on the level of the user, you may or may not see the interface in question).

It also contains many integrations with third party software/platforms.


Through the provision of our Outsourcing and Nearshore service, with the objective of providing a service both remotely and in person when necessary, the objective and challenge requested for this project is mainly to improve performance and the evolution of features.

As it is a production software, it was also necessary to study and deal closely with not only the IT team but also with stakeholders directly related to the production team itself, in order to better understand their needs, current problems and what features are desired.


Focusing initially on performance, analyzing and restructuring the project in terms of the implemented code, it was possible to identify and improve a lot of points. After this restructuring, a huge performance improvement was achieved, achieving that existing interfaces could be presented between 2x to 5x faster and always maintaining the current functionalities and usability.

At the production level, this improvement represents a great reduction in the dead times of employees, which in turn increases the quantity of products produced.

New features were also developed and restructured, such as: KPIs, Flow Diagram, Production sub-flows, handling customer orders, external integrations, among many others.

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  • Master screenshot 1
  • Master screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
28 weeks


Although the Master Science Lab has an institutional website, fully informative which allowed its customers to consult information about existing courses, the need to sell their training offer online.

By adopting online sales and automating various processes, Master would be able to reach more customers, increasing the sale of its courses and at the same time saving and reducing process time for its employees.

Remembering Master would already have several defined internal processes, third-party software where the entire training offer is managed, billing software, manual sales and emails also sent manually.

All of these points would have to be taken when designing the new platform.


Understanding Master's internal processes as well as its third party services, a whole new web platform (an e-commerce) was built, where it was possible to integrate all these processes as well as the information coming from third parties.

In this way it was possible to make the website dynamic, autonomous and without the need for double data insertion. Also as the objective is to become an online store, it was necessary to implement and automate payment methods as well as to communicate with the billing software.

Regarding payment methods, two systems were implemented, payment by ATM references and Paypal. Also on this point, thinking about customers, the possibility of phased payments (in several parts) was conceived, but only for payments via ATM references.

The entire strategy was rethought of emails related to the online store, in order to automate all emails related to purchases, payments, reminders and cancellation of purchases.

Cenclock Mobile App
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Cenclock Mobile App
  • Cenclock Mobile App screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
24 weeks
Other Industries


The process of recording and managing the work and reports of Centrocar mechanics was manual, and needed to be managed daily.

Despite being an expensive job, it was also a process carried out by filling out paper forms. Where, at times, some information could not be readable due to deterioration of the material and / or other similar causes.

In this way, the challenge was to automate all of these processes and allow the recording of these times and jobs in a simpler and more practical way, with automatic integration into the system, avoiding possible loss of information.


The solution arises through the development of a mobile application for Android for mechanics, so that they could register their work bites through a few clicks, to be subsequently communicated and integrated into the company's system.

This application would have to work in offline mode, as there are some workplaces with limited or no mobile network, and it is necessary to ensure that the application works normally even in offline mode.

All communications between the Application and the System are made through a REST API developed also by our team, which serves as a “bridge” between the system and the mobile application.


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