Successful innovative IT developments

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ARTWELL group of companies is leading in custom WEB development, integrations,  PHP,  JAVA programming, analytics, creative design, UI/UX, blockchain, neural  networks, business process automation, ERP, MDM.  We have our own development center and our ...
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$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
Successful innovative IT developments
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PHP programming, PHP-containing frameworks: sites, aggregator portals, 
accounting programs, open data, interactive maps, GIS, monitoring systems, 
situation centers, mobile applications, CRM, document management, city portals, 
navigation centers, distance learning, social networks, energy solutions, ERP — 
and any other programming tasks.
Media monitoring (Russia and the World). Processing a huge array of data in 
real time.
1C programming, consulting, budget, delivery control methodological support, 
factory automation, document management.
Development of information systems: Register of the agricultural equipment, 
enterprises, organizations, control over the execution of state tasks, people's 
control over the execution of orders of the Governor, citizens' appeals 
(including integration with the system of appeals of citizens to the President 
of the Russian Federation).
Comprehensive support of the developed software. Allocating employees to the 
customer's territory, conducting seminars/webinars.
SEO, SMM, SMO promotion. Organizing competitions and events.
Solutions together with partners: combining the strengths of each of the system 
integrators, we implement highly complex non-standard solutions under our 
We provide full support in the preparation of all documentation for the project 
— justification, design, preparation of the technical project, development of 
the user interface, writing the technical requirements, following the necessary 
legislative acts.

Service Focus
3 Portfolios
WWF Far-Eastern branch website design
The main goals of site creation were: - Architecture, development of prototypes of all unique pages - Website design (home page design each unique internal pages of the WEB-project based on the adaptability, the design of the mobile version of the site) - Layout design of...
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$10001 to $50000 15 weeks Social
Contact information
Derbenevskaya emb., 11, Building A, Sector 2, Office 628, Moscow, Moscow 115114