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We are an Innovative Software Company with a passion for excellence.

Our team is made of handpicked talented individuals, curious by nature, developers by profession, and experts by experience.

We support the full software development life cycle (SDLC) from planning to implementation, testing, and delivery.

Our mission is to bring ideas to life by putting down all barriers with the help of technology, creativity, and professionalism.

We deliver innovative solutions to help your startup grow. Partner with us to accelerate your software development projects.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001
Great Place To Work
$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
Free Ukraine Street, Tirane, Tirane 1019
United Kingdom
First Floor Office 3 Hornton Place, Kensington, London W8 4LZ

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • IT Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Testing Services

Client Focus

  • Large Business
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Financial & Payments
  • Government
  • Hospitality

AtraX Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Opus
  • Siemplify
  • Google Chronicle
  • Easylend
  • Microsoft XBOX MVP
  • Structshare

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  • Siemplify screenshot 1
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Information Technology


SIEMPLIFY is a Cyber Security Platform, that enables Security Engineers and Experts to automate their Enterprise level investigations, preventions and checks. It allows them to connect with more than 300 different Integrations and tools that help them connect to the largest virus databases of the world and increase their efficiency and save time, in an environment where time is essential. Among the Partners that provide integrations, we can mention Microsoft, Azure, Amazon
(Alexa), BitDefender, Alienware, Cisco etc.

Main Goal:

Test business logic, work closely with QA team to automate the core test functionalities of the system. Implement part of CI CD development cycle to automate running of the automation tests in parallel. Create the integration test infrastructure according to the latest best practices and implement custom solutions to make tests easier to maintain

Use Case:

The Security engineer responsible for a bank has Siemplify running in his system. He has preconfigured the steps to take if a certain attack comes to a certain port of the servers. While he is asleep, he receives an automated mail in which there is preconfigured the hour the attack happened, the action taken, the people that have been informed, the case opened, the alert opened, his stage, the integrations that have been activated and all the other world statistics about the same attack in different places and their course of action. In the morning the Engineer goes to work and reviews everything in his Siemplify portal, chatting with other world experts inside the portal for further info.

Technology Stack:

.Net Core, Angular, Python.•Cloud infrastructure:•Azure, Amazon•Repository:

Git – Azure DevOps•CI/CD•Azure DevOps•Development pipelines, RC Pipelines, version pipelines.

Stage pipelines (for the client)•Production pipelines•Management ,Tests•Jira, Zephyr

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  • Booknlive screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
Not Disclosed
Travel & Lifestyle

Our client idea for a booking site with original features was made reality by us, with a scalable website, fluid and organised using architectural patterns!

Technologies used:

Frontend: Typescript , Angular, Tailwinds css, Facebook / Google login, scalable architecture, with patterns and different structures implementations, with the use of facades for encapsulation.

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  • Gorillas screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
Not Disclosed


GORILLAS TECHNOLOGIES GMBH (GORILLAS) is a provider of online grocery delivery solutions. Gorillas owns and operates a fleet of bikes and delivery partners to deliver its products. It procures products from local farmers which supports local

The company has operational presence in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. Gorillas is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. They are one of the Europe’s fastest-growing startups and on March 2021 they became Germany’s fastest ever unicorn company with a $1bn valuation and €305m total funding raised.

Main Goal:
The company’s platform offers delivery services for a wide range of products including fresh fruits, dairy, vegan products, soft drinks as well as unique selections from local community partners, enabling customers to receive supplies within a short period of time. Users are able to browse and order a wide range of groceries online.

Technology Stack:

Native: Swift, React, Kotlin, Redis

Web: React, Redis, Next.js

API: AWT, GraphQL, Rest

Backend: Kotlin, Java, Spring Boot

Data: Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis, Datadog

Infrastructure: Docker, Serverless, GCP, Kubernetes, Ingress, Microservices

BI: Kibana, BigQuery, Tableau, Machine Learning, Grafana, Github, Travis CI, IntelliJ, Mixpanel

Toyota After-sales and Lead Management
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Toyota After-sales and Lead Management
  • Toyota After-sales and Lead Management screenshot 1
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Toyota After-Sales And Lead Management:

TOYOTA Aftersales and Lead Management Cloud System is a robust platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies like Microservices, .Net Core, React, DDD, RabbitMQ, and MediatR to enhance the end user experience and customer service. The system employs Microservices architecture for modular and scalable components, while .Net Core ensures optimal performance. React provides a modern and intuitive user interface. With Domain-Driven Design principles, the system aligns with real-world Toyota aftersales and lead management processes, improving efficiency and empowering users. RabbitMQ enables reliable communication between system components, while MediatR facilitates CQRS for better performance. This cloud-based solution improves customer satisfaction through streamlined aftersales processes and efficient lead management. It delivers exceptional service and personalized attention, revolutionizing the industry with superior user experiences. Experience the future of Toyota aftersales and lead management with this innovative cloud system.

Technology Stack: 

  • Frontend: Reactjs Javascript
  • Backend: .Net Core with EF Core, CQRS, Mediator
  • DB: MongoDB,
  • CI/CD
  • Development pipelines
  • Production pipelines
  • Management,Tests
  • Jira

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