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Bamboo Apps is a trusted outsourcing partner that delivers custom software and provides skilled design & development teams for companies working with connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles. Our expertise covers ADAS, HMI design, Telematics & Infotain...
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Bamboo Apps
IT expertise and teams for automotive & mobility
5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
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Kirill MankovskiReviewed 4 days, 16 hours ago
VAS services aggregation platform
Role: Managing Director at at ADA Indonesia
Reviewed 4 days, 16 hours ago by Kirill Mankovski
Role: Managing Director at at ADA Indonesia
VAS services aggregation platform
We hired Bamboo Agile to help us build a custom VAS services aggregation platform that would contain third-party VAS and Content services providing our customers, mobile network subscribers with one common access point. The platform had to consist of a smart transport (SMS shortcodes) router and charging gateway - direct billing, MT-billing, etc. Bamboo Agile guided us through the entire development process.
They started with a thorough business and technical analysis to determine functional and non-functional requirements. After that, their UX/UI designer prepared the mockups to align our visions of the final platform. Then after getting an approval from us, their engineers took the designs into development.
Due to the specifics of our IT systems and platforms, we had to overcome significant integration challenges, however because of their expertise and knowledge we managed to complete the project on time despite that.
The development process was followed by UAT, and on-site support from their side with the platform's deployment.
Bamboo Agile delivered good quality work with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, and their expertise in Telecom was impressive. It's not easy to find a software development partner that knows the domain better than they do, so highly recommend.
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App Designing (UI/UX)
Project Status:
In progress
  • Elaboration & requirements development
  • HMI UI/UX design
  • Mobile software design & development
  • Custom automotive software development & UX/UI design

We also provide expert development and cross-functional teams that can include:

  • Mobile, frontend, backend developers;
  • DevOps & QA specialists
  • UX/UI designers
  • BA, PM
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Design and Development Services for JLR InControl Remote Apps
Challenge    Two years ago Bamboo Apps participated in the development of the first version of the Jaguar Land Rover InControl Remote apps. Recently, JLR has presented the second version of the app suit. Bamboo Apps participated in the redesign project to del...
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$500000+ 100 weeks Automotive
In this ebook, you;ll learn how to save on connected car app development by adopting the principles of universal software architecture. It also reviews the current state of connectivity experience and consider its possible future.
  • Mobile App Framework
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Car Rental Software
Adopting a market-back approach and deep understanding of user requirements can be a viable strategy for addressing several issues. This whitepaper explores how to focus on user experience and tools of UX design can help automotive players.
  • UI-UX
  • User Experience UX
  • Big Data Analytics
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