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DB1 Global Software LLC was ranked three times as one of the Americas' fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times (2020/21/22). DB1 delivers high-quality custom software mobile/web applications and provides dedicated teams and team extensions.

DB1 delivers robust and reliable solutions for medium and large companies through the latest software development technologies, applied in an agile methodology. DB1 allows its clients to focus on their business while dealing with tech hassles and digital transformation.

$25 - $49/hr
250 - 999
Avenida Carneiro Leão, 563 2º Andar – Sobreloja, Maringa, Parana 87014-010
+55 (44) 3033-6300
United States
201 South Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida FL 33131

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Testing Services

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Large Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Financial & Payments
  • Banking
  • Education

DB1 Global Software Clients & Portfolios

DB1 Global Software and Kyani partnership
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DB1 Global Software and Kyani partnership
  • DB1 Global Software and Kyani partnership screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Food & Beverages

Kyäni and DB1 Global Software: a partnership focused on quality

After working with different companies in Latin America, Kyäni was searching for a partnership that would support them with talents and resources.

They met some companies in Brazil, and then they found DB1. More than support for Kyäni, we supported them with technologies, talents, and know-how they needed to help them grow their business.

Working together

We assemble a dedicated team to work with Kyäni, formed by a project manager, a business analyst, a quality assurance, designers, and three developers.

We also organized ceremonies to align expectations and demands to deliver value for every sprint. In this way, Kyäni could provide feedback, and, as a team, everyone can participate and help Kyäni grow. Using the agile framework, we were able to achieve goals every week.

Challenges that we faced together

By understanding Kyäni’s market, the ceremonies were business-oriented to achieve the company goals. Putting different skills together, we were able to deliver value during development.

The key to a great partnership is not to focus on what has to be done but on delivering the outputs and results the business expects, always keeping a good user experience, going beyond the scope, and surpassing expectations.

Even with the distance, it seems like Kyäni and DB1 are working side by side. The team looks after culture and language details to deliver the best solution.

The team adapted the schedule to get the best of each time zone since people in different countries worked together.

VIDEO CASE: https://youtu.be/1sF55zipnsQ

Client´s testimonial:

“Kyäni has been working with DB1 since March 2020. Over that time, we have been able to effectively integrate our internal teams with their team. They are professional and it has been a pleasure to work with them. We view the DB1 team as an extension of our own.” Troy Hiltbrand – Chief Information Officer at Kyäni

Check how DB1 reformulated Treetech software
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Check how DB1 reformulated Treetech software
  • Check how DB1 reformulated Treetech software screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Oil & Energy

Treetech modernizes legacy software, making it usable, practical, and more complete, with DB1 Global Software help

What used to be a legacy system that hindered Treetech’s modernization has become modern software, with screens developed based upon UX analyses, complete dashboards, responsiveness for different devices, and much more.

This project developed:

  1. New, modern, responsive software that enables brand scalability
  2. Revamped interface, focused on UX
  3. Relevant dashboards and graphs for Treetech’s needs

Treetech’s challenges

Treetech is a company specialized in asset management at electrical facilities, with equipment, sensors, and software that allows for managing equipment maintenance and monitoring resources for strategic decision-making.

A system had been used for providing information about sensors and allowed for interpreting the generated data. However, this software had become obsolete and difficult to use.

The problems were manifold: business rules and the visualization interface were on the same layer, it was difficult to use, the program only supported three languages, it was not responsive and it used legacy technology.

DB1’s work

With the challenges identified, DB1 started to develop a program that would solve those problems. We went further, however, and started thinking about new features, new technologies and new concepts that would make the software modern and usable.

Committed to quality and to delivering value, the dedicated squad developed solutions to each of the listed challenges and went beyond, finding technologies and demands that Treetech had not identified. New features were thus incorporated into the program.

Delivery to Treetech

Today, the software features modern technologies, with a separately developed ASP.NET Core C# business rules layer and Vue.js visualization layer. The interface was entirely redesigned so that it is usable and offers a good user experience.

Business rules were also developed in Restful API. The system became available in many languages – which can be added according to Treetech’s needs – and profile control was reworked to manage its customers and data.

In addition, the software is now responsive to different devices, keeping its documentation recorded in Markdown format requirements, and allows for scalability through microservices, which can be added to the program. Finally, the program has new modules, features, and modern dashboards that meet Treetech’s different needs.

Modernize and redesign your software with DB1 Global Software. In addition to developing what you need, we work strategically to find new growth opportunities!

VIDEO CASE: https://youtu.be/GUXmb80C-3c 

In this video, you know Treetech's story, a company focused on electrical installation management. With software, Treetech does equipment maintenance and resource monitoring to help with strategic decision-making.

Client´s testimonial:

“Treetech needed to develop some software for asset management and for monitoring the Brazilian electrical system, and although we knew precisely what we needed to accomplish in terms of features and usability, we also knew that we needed a huge department to pull off a project of that size. So, we decided to search the market for a company that could develop everything we needed according to specifications. That was when we found DB1. Ever since then, we have developed many projects with them, with a great degree of success!” – Daniel Pedrosa – CEO of Treetech Tecnologia

Vehicle Credit Granting Platform for a Bank
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Vehicle Credit Granting Platform for a Bank
  • Vehicle Credit Granting Platform for a Bank screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
24 weeks
Financial & Payments

OMNI vehicle credit granting processes became less bureaucratic through the development of its first mobile platform, Omni+.

Murilo Silvério, Chief Operating Officer at Omni Financial Solutions, explains the challenge faced and how it was solved:

“Before we had a process of 18 fields to be filled in the simulator (desktop only), to get the instalment payment amount to be due without considering the needs of customer guarantees.
Today with only 6 fields we are able to run a first screening, which performs a series of validations that ends up pre-approving the conditions of financing or refinancing the vehicle, relying only on the confirmation of the data-informed by the customer.

By placing customers benefits at the heart of the process, Omni+ mobile and desktop platforms revolutionized credit analysis and are expected to benefit over 222k people, from retailers, credit officers to consumers.
APP Omni+ performs credit analysis and simulates the financing conditions of a vehicle within minutes. It is also possible real-time adjustments of purchase conditions to the customer’s needs, by simply touching the screen.

All the agility needed to solve the problem of bureaucracy that put the sale at risk were provided. We applied UX development to Omni+ with real end-user concern. The project was based on processes that ensured on-time deliveries and low rework rate.

A team of ten experts were selected to develop Omni+, taking only a bit longer than two months, with nearly 300 deliverables generated.

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