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About Digital Tailor Agency Kenya
Digital Tailor Agency Limited is a Digital Agency that deals with profitable, positive, digital marketing, social media management, application development, payment integration, SEO, hosting, creative graphic design services, web development services as well as develop chatb...
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Digital Tailor Agency Kenya
Embrace tailor made Digital solutions
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Web Development & Application Development 

A lot of websites and applications pervade our space already, with each different serving needs. Developing websites and applications for companies has become a must as companies seek to outdo one another on the internet. 

The fight for the target market is now online. The best strategy companies can adopt to ensure that they have a functioning website and mobile or desktop applications adequately maintained and designed, which serves the purpose of their businesses. This is why we, at Digital Tailor Agency Limited, offer our clients the best and all-round web and app development services

Graphic Design 

Statistics are great, but some messages are hard to visualize when people have to stare at the data. With our motion graphics expertise, we allow our clients to tell stories in engaging and provocative ways. Long lists of facts and figures may cause the audience to gloss over important details or not fully realize the impact of the findings a particular individual has worked to discover. Our team brings concepts to life by finding a visual hook to help people understand the message our client is trying to pass across to them. It becomes easier for a customer to understand these graphical images than when one hands the customer a piece of paper with bullet points and no distinguishing features. 

Motion can serve many different purposes. It can create excitement, understanding, paint a clear picture or serve as an enhancement for video storytelling at its root; it is a method of visually representing stories or concepts. 


Digital Marketing & Social Media Management 

At Digital Tailor Agency, we recognize the potency of the social media in increasing the sales and popularity of businesses with the final consumers who are the public. It is crystal clear that the impact of social media cannot be over-emphasized. Companies now take advantage of the social media and particularly, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in promoting their businesses. 

The popularity of an advertised product on the company's Instagram and Facebook page is a right way and a viable tool in measuring the popularity, relevance and general acceptance of the product by the consumers. We will achieve this by being continuously active on the various social media platforms, making timely posts, and being involved in activities that will promote our clients. Doing so will create an effortless outreach to their potential customers. We work by generating real interactions to an Instagram profile. We will do this by liking photos and following over 60,000 people from client's account automatically.

Chatbot Development 

We will avail our customers the chance to have their customers attended to even when they are not available by developing chatbots that simulate intelligent conversations with their customers, having all their queries answered. 


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