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✅ Our web site: Digital Unicorn is a digital studio specializing in the design, design and development of digital, high-performance, innovative and bespoke projects. We are a team of developers, designers and project managers, all experts, pa...
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France, United States
Digital Unicorn
Digital Unicorn
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To introduce myself, my name is Lucas and I am General Manager of Digital Unicorn.

I lead a team of 12 developers  specialized in mobile dev, 2 marketing and SEO experts and 4 designers.

I, myself, have many years of experience as a developer and trainer in developing iOS & Android mobile apps. I am also a specialist in Startups.
We are an expert IT agency in the design, design and development of mobile application projects. We will accompany you throughout your project. IT is not a simple domain and that is why we must be well accompanied and advised.

This is what we have been doing with all our customers for more than 3 years, to their great satisfaction.
You can also give me your phone number so that I can contact you directly.

We can do the same for your mobile application project and we invite you to call us on 0972603072 ( French Number Phone ) or to reach us by e-mail: [email protected]

You will be able to tell us about your needs, your objectives and communicate your budget to help you in the realization of the specifications.

To give you an idea of ​​the Design and UX we can do at Digital Unicorn, here is a mobile application we are currently working on:
➡️ (Air Ticket Purchase Application)

Our different achievements are also present on our website: https: //

Wishing you a great day,
Lucas, General Manager - Digital Unicorn

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Digital Unicorn
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Digital Unicorn
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Digital Unicorn
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Digital Unicorn
30 York St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000
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