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We help launch digital products on time.Development and support of services and startups. Integration of IT and hardware. All kinds of apps for iOS and Android with support for various types of devices.

$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
Radisheva 6а, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk 620014
+7 (495) 131-8180

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • IoT Development
  • Software Development

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Business Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail

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  • Parksharing screenshot 1
  • Parksharing screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
20 weeks
Other Industries

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Parksharing is an example of a service in the development of which specialists from all of our areas participated: analytics, design, backend, frontend, mobile development, hardware integration, testing. 

We have developed an absolutely new product for the Russian (and not only) market, which our client plans to implement in different residential and business centers across the country.

What is the essence of the service? Suppose you are a management company of a large housing estate or business center with its own parking lot. Some parking spaces you purchased or in the permanent lease, and some empty most of the time: not everyone is willing to buy a parking lot or even pay for it permanently (if for example it is used only on certain days). How to make empty parking lots bring additional income to their owners? 

For this purpose it is necessary to create a flexible tool of interaction between the owner and the tenant:

  1. A tenant can quickly and easily reserve the right space for the right amount of time (someone needs parking for a month, and someone uses it for a couple of hours a day). It should also be easy for the tenant to pay for the reservation.
  2. The owner should be able to create reserved parking spots, assign them a price and a schedule of availability, and see in real time which spots are reserved for how long and how much.
  3. Plus, there has to be control at the parking lot itself: a customer with an already paid reservation can only drive in at the redeemed parking time.

Together with the customer we have found a solution for each point :)

In the application, you can create and rent out not only parking spaces, but also any other utility rooms, strollers, courts, garages - everything that the management company has at its disposal.

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  • Hiplabs screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
3 weeks
Information Technology

"Cobbler without boots" - this often happens if you are a digital company with a huge flow of tasks, which you approach as responsibly as we do :) It was worth it to collect all the strength and the will into a fist, to take a firm stand on the path to create our own site.‍

The corporate website is the face of the company, so everybody wants to make it special, different from the others, saying what kind of team it is, what are its ideals, goals and position on the market. The task is not easy, especially if you consider that the structure of all corporate sites are very similar, as visitors always need about the same information.‍

So we asked ourselves: what is so special about us? How are we different from other digital agencies? How can we show it?

  • We realized that our key values are that we do not have processes "for the sake of processes", we are constantly changing just because of our employees and the initiatives that they offer, thus creating the kind of company that we ourselves have always dreamed of working in.
  • We also aim to work long term with our clients, giving our best and implementing their projects as our own and taking responsibility for the result.

‍All this gives rise to some specific features of our company:

  • We are very mobile, quickly find and implement new technologies, follow trends.
  • Developers are only middle and above with the top stack, have experience in the complex implementation of projects, know in advance what the pitfalls are, take it into account when designing.
  • We can always explain difficult things to customers in simple terms and suggest the best solution.
  • We are not afraid of really complex projects and uncharted technologies :)‍

Brevity, trendiness and professionalism - that's what we wanted to display on our own corporate website.

We started with the development of our own corporate style: logo, patterns, color schemes. Namely corporate identity reflects our attention and knowledge of trends: products that we make now should be relevant for the next few years. Plus our approach to work: everything is very dynamic, the atmosphere in the team is creative, we are ready for non-standard solutions and projects.

Then we began to develop the website. Brevity is the sister of talent, so our professionalism is reflected in the conciseness of the provision of information about the company: literally one main page gives a complete picture of us as a team, and the projects in our portfolio speak for themselves - just open the corresponding section.

At the same time, brevity and minimalism should not look boring - to enliven the interface, we actively used branded patterns, non-standard grid and block animation.

We were well aware that we needed to make a website very quickly, while there is time and resources - with the start of a new project, the implementation of the idea will go into a "long box". So we decided to use the Webflow tool - a modern constructor, which allows you to make a website in a short time, while not limiting the visuals, animation, and SEO settings.

We drew design layouts in Figma, then moved on to development in Webflow. Tested it, started filling it with content.

All in all it took us 3 weeks to develop the site and that included the English version and translations for it. It was the summer month when the workload in the team is not so heavy and we can spend the time for ourselves :)

We receive a lot of requests from potential clients for our current site and many of them tell us that we are hooked by its unconventionalism. And as an unobvious bonus - the site really helps us to find and hire highly professional employees: the developers look at it and understand that we are unconventional, trendy and young, aware of current trends and technologies.

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  • Fridge screenshot 1
  • Fridge screenshot 2
  • Fridge screenshot 3
  • Fridge screenshot 4
  • Fridge screenshot 5
  • Fridge screenshot 6
  • Fridge screenshot 7
  • Fridge screenshot 8
  • Fridge screenshot 9
  • Fridge screenshot 10
  • Fridge screenshot 11
  • Fridge screenshot 12
  • Fridge screenshot 13
  • Fridge screenshot 14
  • Fridge screenshot 15
Not Disclosed
17 weeks
Food & Beverages


Fridge - startup of delivery of products in postamates with the function of a refrigerator, installed in the entrances of residential buildings. Customers order and pay for the products through a mobile app, and a Fridge employee then delivers the products to the postamate. The customer is notified that the order can be picked up and recieves the QR code to open the cell.


Develop an application through which the customer orders products, a system for processing orders and integrated software for the postamate itself.


As a result, Fridge received three mobile applications, a web back office for manager and software for postamates. All has been written by us from scratch, and all business process of startup has been automated in rather short terms - 4 months. Besides, we have provided full technical support at all stages of development and after release. After the launch of the service Fridge came out on self-repayment for three months.

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  • Doma.ai screenshot 1
  • Doma.ai screenshot 2
  • Doma.ai screenshot 3
  • Doma.ai screenshot 4
  • Doma.ai screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
25 weeks
Real Estate

We made the project in several iterations and supported it for two years. In December 2020, Sberbank acquired Doma.ai and decided to integrate the platform into its ecosystem in order to further develop IT solutions for the housing and utility market.


Liga ZhKH - a franchise company for the management of residential buildings. The company now manages 40 houses in several cities in Russia and continues to expand, a feature of the company - in a modern approach to building management and interaction with residents. Liga gives priority to management transparency and human communication between employees and residents.


Liga was needed to establish new channels of communication with tenants, to automate internal business processes, to get modern tools for working with applications and reporting, to control the meters installed in the houses. Taking into account the specifics of the business approach of the company, it was decided to develop a platform that would help to solve all these problems within a single digital environment.


Liga has received convenient tools for internal business processes and for communication with residents, which has improved many performance indicators in the company:

  • The number of lost applications from residents has been reduced by 4 times - all applications are now received and stored electronically.
  • The database with residents' contacts was updated in a month.
  • The time of execution of requests was reduced by three times.
  • Reporting by employees on completed tasks was simplified and communication between residents and the management company was simplified.
  • Monitoring of house finances became available online to any resident.

In the process of working on the project it was necessary to have a deep understanding of the business processes of both the Liga and the housing and utilities sector in general.

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  • Haier screenshot 1
  • Haier screenshot 2
  • Haier screenshot 3
  • Haier screenshot 4
  • Haier screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
16 weeks


Haier is one of the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances. The company has existed for more than 30 years, has offices in more than 80 countries and more than 85,000 employees.


Our task was to update the content of the online store, as well as remove barriers that prevent a potential buyer to order products online. To increase interest in the product, increase conversion to order.


As a result, two landings were developed, parallel work was done to create content and fill the site of the online store. Individual visual and text content was developed for 290 catalog products, filling with new content was also carried out by our forces. The result of the work on content was a completely updated catalog of products with modern visuals corresponding to the brand's guidelines and UI kit of the new site.

After adding new content, the number of site views increased by a third, and the number of conversions to order in different categories to 10%. In addition, customer loyalty and the number of real transactions from the website increased.

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