Incora Overview

$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
Incora is a custom Software Development Company with a significant experience building different software solutions for business optimization. For 7 years Incora has been delivering successful projects based on the most progressive technologies such as: JavaScript (Angular.js, Angular2+, React.js, Express.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Nest.js), TypeScript. Python (Django, Flask) React Native / Ionic (for mobile apps) Da

Incora is a custom Software Development Company with a significant experience building different software solutions for business optimization.
For 7 years Incora has been delivering successful projects based on the most progressive technologies such as:

  • JavaScript (Angular.js, Angular2+, React.js, Express.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Nest.js), TypeScript.
  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • React Native / Ionic (for mobile apps)
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.
  • Through the years of self-improvement, we also started working with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain.

Our services include:

  • Web and Mobile application Development Services
  • Quality Assurance Services
  • UI/UX design
  • Discovery phase
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance.

Customers’ satisfaction

We strive to deliver the best quality solutions to our customers and tend to exceed their expectations.
Positive reviews motivate us to perform even better. Since 2015, when Incora was founded, we’ve developed numerous international projects and hard work was rewarded.
Incora was proudly named as a "Top Development Firm 2020 in Ukraine" and here you can investigate satisfied feedbacks from our clients.

Efficient Management

Our clients appreciate working with us because we provide transparent communication and constant updates about the workflow.
Motivated team of professionals is managed according to the best Agile or Scrum practices.
For management we use Trello, Jira and Asana; Skype and Slack help us to communicate in team.
Moreover, we are experienced users of Gitlab, Github and Bitbucket.

Professional team

We are open-minded, creative and diligent, always ready to share our experience and generate interesting ideas!
At Incora we encourage personal and professional growth, that is why our employees regularly take part in different trainings, workshops, and conferences.

If you want to implement your Business Idea into reality, Incora is ready to help you with that!
We will assemble a marvelous team of our Front-end and Back-end developers, Project Manager, DevOps and QA for your project.
Every developer from our team is hard-working, passionate for the project's success, has fluent English and high communication skills.

Bohdana Khmelnytskoho 116a, Lviv, Lviv 79024
United States
COASTAL HWY, Lewes, Delaware 16192
Focus Area
Service Focus
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • DevOps
  • Software Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Testing Services
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
Client Focus
  • Medium Business($10M - $1B)
  • Small Business(< $10M)
  • Large Business(> $1B)
Industries Focus
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Startups
  • Food & Beverages
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Financial & Payments
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Other Industries

Incora Reviews

5.0 (3 Reviews)

Efficient and highly skilled, Incora works diligently to rapidly produce results.

Ralph Wutscher
posted on 19/11/21
Incora supports our web development projects that involve Ruby on Rails and Node. They’ve always used some type of JavaScript for the frontend and the Postgres web stack database. We're currently working on an app that we'd previously shelved. Via manual QA, we’re going through and cleaning up software bugs to prepare it for launch. It’s almost ready at this point. Incora's core resources are also handling all the PHP and integration work for a WordPress platform. It includes WooCommerce plugins and numerous integrations with third-party APIs.

Our other project is a build from scratch. We gave Incora a set of text and visual requirements for a web application. Using a word document, we wrote out descriptions and embedded images like screenshot mockups. The product has a Postgres database, Node backend, and Angular 6 frontend. We're integrating it with third-party APIs including our own installation of the community non-enterprise version of the Mattermost messaging system.
Pros :
  • Skilled - Efficient and highly skilled, Incora works diligently to rapidly produce results.
  • Diligent - We use multiple teams and have had to terminate more than half of them within the last two years based on billing or skill-related issues.
  • Cooperation - They're reasonable to work with, and willing to make accommodations
  • Teamwork - We are an easygoing client, but have high standards, and Incora is still on our list.
Cons :
  • Nothing we can think of! They're great and a pleasure to work with
Project Details
Various projects mostly in the legal automation, identity verification, and logistics automation areas.
Software Development
$10001 to $50000
In progress
We are an incubator that focuses on digital innovations. We have a number of different projects with Incora, mostly in the legal automation, identity verification, and logistics automation areas.
posted on 19/11/21
  • Scheduling & Timeline
  • Value for money
  • Communication
  • Quality of deliverable
  • Customer support
  • Overall ratings
9 User Score
User Recommendation Score

Incora is an outstanding long term partner, they are professional, flexible, easy to work with

Leo Kudryavtsev, PhD
4 months ago
We are a software dev company bases in Boston. We've been working with Incora for the last few years , and I can confidently say that they are extremely good to work with, they have a team of talented backend and frontend developers, their communication skills are fantastic. Incora has been an integral part of our business, we are very pleased to continue our partnership with many projects to come. Great company, and even better team members.
Pros :
  • Incora has been a great agency to work with over the years. They have a good-sized pool of hard-to-find, skilled resources.
Cons :
  • Nothing. We found the quality services and seamless communication with their team.
Project Details
Multiple projects for software development company
Software Development
In progress
4 months ago
  • Scheduling & Timeline
  • Value for money
  • Communication
  • Quality of deliverable
  • Customer support
  • Overall ratings
10 User Score
User Recommendation Score

The Incora team is reliable and brings the professional inputs to any project.

11 months ago
The overall experience working with Incora team was great so far.There is a professional collaboration with our internal teams on some of the projects creating fantastic synergy for our partners. 
They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our team's work has been overwhelmingly positive. 
Pros :
  • Professionalism and communication. The quality of the results delivered has contributed to the company’s reputation and bottom line
Cons :
  • everything was good! I wouldn't think of anything to improve. Thank you.
Project Details
Software Development
11 months ago
  • Scheduling & Timeline
  • Value for money
  • Communication
  • Quality of deliverable
  • Customer support
  • Overall ratings
10 User Score
User Recommendation Score

Incora Executive Interview

Bohdan Vasylkiv
Bohdan Vasylkiv
CEO & Co-Founder, Incora
Kindly share your feedback on how GoodFirms has been doing so far in increasing your visibility among potential clients.
With the use of GoodFirms, we can efficiently advance our ongoing collaborations and review those that have already been completed.
Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the organization.
We are a software development company that works specifically on custom projects and provides a full cycle of development services. Our specialization comprises projects in Delivery & Shipping, EduTech, HealthTech, eCommerce, and FinTech. All of our cases are developed using the most progressive tech stack, which is always adapted to the particular product. Whereas my role as a CEO and Co-founder is to define Incora’s strategy, maintain the professional growth of the company, and oversee the achievement of the milestones, so we could bring only thoroughly elaborated outcomes for our clients.
What is the story behind starting this company?
Our path to establishing a reliable business started 7 years ago when me and my associate Tetiana Stoyko had just a few thousand dollars on our accounts and a huge desire for work. We were 2 developers passionate about delivering something more than just small freelance tasks. Hence, we gathered all our savings, engaged two more developers, and took our first few clients as a company. Then we were finally working on our Incora’s portfolio and managed to attain an initial client base.

For over 7 years we were working diligently to build the team and the credibility we currently have. Now, our clients’ reliance evolved to the level where they extend their cooperation, return with new product ideas and fully lean on our expertise. The constant expansion of our team ensures the growth of specialization, skill set, and the tech stack we are able to provide. And this all was built literally from scratch, with no background cases, but ambitious targets. So to speak, ‘Labor Omnia Vincit (eng: Hard work conquers all), and we’ve proved that.
What is your company’s business model: in-house team or third-party vendors/ outsourcing?
The whole concept of our company is based on outsourcing and outstaffing business models. Our team members opt for the supplement of the existing clients’ teams. As another option, Incora serves as a full-cycle development team, which covers all the processes that are required from the idea's inception to its production. Concerning this matter, we are able to adapt to our client's needs so they would receive the highest possible result.
How does your company differentiate itself from the competition?
Obviously, I can widely describe how Incora is more special compared to other companies. But let me concisely outline our differentiation:
  • Our major responsibility is to offer specialists with a specific background in working with similar projects within the same industry. This is a part of our goal - to provide experts not just in development, but in explicit fields. Such an approach is creating greater outcomes for our clientele.
  • With long-term projects, we acquire collaborations that are more than cherished. So, as a part of Incora's mission, we regularly arrange work trips all over the world. By visiting our future and current clients face-to-face, my partner and I could plan collaborative growth for both sides.
  • Through the years of working with various technologies, which improve over time, we set up the precise tech stack that is equally advanced and flexible to bring the most for our cases;
  • At Incora we take responsibility for the selection of projects to collaborate with. For us, it’s essential to have clients who are ready to achieve milestones with us. Cooperation is not just a term to describe the interaction, but it means that our success depends on the client’s success!
  • As well as we value our clients, we value our team. This is why we use the human-centric approach in our HR department. Because we believe that if everyone is heard - the working atmosphere urges to bring more efficiency.
  • Last but not least, we fulfill our social mission as an IT company by carrying out lectures in one of the most eligible universities in Ukraine (Lviv Franko University). In addition to sharing experiences with youth, we are able to invite the most talented and diligent minds, who stood out for their strong algorithmic and technical proficiency, to join our team. This way we form our team from the best and develop them into high-skilled professionals.
What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?
Definitely, at Incora we have a few collaborations to boast about. Mostly these are the partners whose projects include the development of several apps or are up to expansion. Such clients are returning to us for other ideas’ implementation, not confined by the only sphere. If we are defining the Top 3 industries where clients are repetitive for us, it’s FinTech, HealthTech, and EduTech. However, we see the potential of growing to a higher ratio, considering the growth of our company during the last few years.
Please share some of the services that you offer for which clients approach you the most for?
The service that is in highest demand among others is a full-cycle development. It’s when we provide Web & Mobile development, cover up the QA stage, bring up our DevOps specialists and continue the support even after production. The next in a row is team extension, namely outstaffing since lots of clients require additional help for particular features/functionality. In these cases, our team members integrate into the project environment at various stages and adapt to previously configured processes.
What is your customer satisfaction rate according to you? What steps do you take to cater to your customer’s needs and requirements?
Feedbacks have a significant value for us. This is a severe part of our work because it let us evaluate if we brought merits to our clients. Thus, the feedback system we established a long time ago, and we keep it on a regular basis: surveys once a month, and detailed polls every quarter. Additionally, our project managers monitor processes every day, to keep everything covered. But this is what happens during the development, meanwhile, after the production stage, we support clients’ projects to oversee if all our work fits their expectations in reality.
What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?
We are always ready to apply changes and embrace various queries. Flexibility in this matter is essential, cause different projects require various levels of support. So, it can always be discussed with our clients at each stage of collaboration. But, usually, we define together a predetermined number of support hours, so the outcome will accede to expectations.
What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)
Since we know that agility is required in the development, we definitely prefer to work with the Time&Material model, while the payments are hourly-based. However, we won’t be fully agile if we do not take the projects with other payment models. So, it definitely depends on the project’s type, its sprints, estimation, and many other criteria.
Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If no, on what minimum budget you have worked for?
Even though we have basic requirements that serve as a start-point, we still evaluate possible future cases for the other value that they can bring us. It’s essential for Incora to have clients whose products will be challenging and forward-looking at the same time. However, at first, these projects need to meet such minimum demands: 3-4 month duration, and 30 thousand dollars price range.
What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2021?
As for 2021, Incora has delivered diversified products in the price range from 30’000$ to 700’000$. These were the projects varying by spheres, services, durations, and team members.
Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?
As Incora maintained a significant growth tendency during the last few years, we expect to keep it expanding with arithmetic progression. I am confident that we are going to reach a few milestones:
  • A minimum of 1000 team members;
  • An expansion of client base and portfolio with considerable cases;
  • Taking part in more social initiatives organized both on the local and international levels;
  • Increasingly active partnership-building, with more person-to-person interactions during long-term business trips;
  • Advancement of Incora IT School, to be able to train more than a thousand students per year;
  • Fostering more office openings abroad and in other Ukrainian cities.
And while we have several global objectives to pursue, we still consider that Small steps can lead to big changes.

Incora Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients
  • DeepDao
  • Arizto
  • EnviaYa
  • DocummentConnex
  • ParcelFrog
  • Edutailors
  • Anto
  • HealthExplore
  • Leap
  • Fahrstundenplanner
  • Sumatra
  • Bookety
  • Squibler
  • Meetfox
  • BlackbirdAI
  • Burgerizzr
  • Kanu
Team Members
Tanya Stoyko
Tanya Stoyko
Bohdan Vasylkiv
Bohdan Vasylkiv