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We’re KOIA, a Polish-Norwegian software house passionate about driving digital transformation. From strategic investments to cutting-edge product development, reengineering, and business growth, we support every step of your journey.

Here's what sets us apart:
⚫ Expert Team: 90% of our crew are senior professionals, each with a story to tell.
⚫ Diverse Portfolio: Success stories in tech and business.
⚫ Long-term Relationships: We build partnerships that last, with clients and our own team.
⚫ Nordic Approach: Work smarter, not harder. We propose cost-effective, long-term solutions.
⚫ Growth: Our journey is marked by 100% yearly growth, a testament to our passion and dedication.
⚫ Challenges: We don’t just face challenges; we embrace them, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and growth. Let's create something extraordinary together. Whether you need advice, support, or a digital ally, KOIA is here for you.


ISO 27001
2 - 9
Niepodleglosci 958, Sopot, Pomorskie 81-861

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Business Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Financial & Payments
  • Hospitality

KOIA Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients


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Information Technology

Kickstart Health offers training and nutrition programs specifically designed for Norwegians. Run by clinical nutritionist Anette Skarpass Ramm and skiing legend Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Kickstart Health aims to make health and fitness achievable for everyone.


We began our journey with Kickstart by working on their MVP built on WordPress. While the MVP was a roaring success—thanks in part to the star power of Martin Johnsrud Sundby—it soon became evident that we needed a more robust, scalable solution. And so, we got to work on developing just that.


While other companies focus on helping insurers measure their own emissions (offices. transportation, etc.) Claims Carbon aims to tackle a far bigger and more complex issue - emissions caused by insurance decisions as well as expected and realized carbon footprint of various risk types.

But how to calculate that? To tackle this hurdle CC turned to KOIA for help.

Sometimes emission data is known for the whole car, sometimes for the sub- or sub-sub-elements. What if the car manufacturer changed their supplier or an emissions estimate for any given part? So together we needed to design a flexible multi-tiered data model that can adapt to emission data at different granularity levels, from whole cars to individual parts.


We teamed up with Kickstart to make their already good WordPress platform even better: both user-friendly and scalable. And MVP worked and even exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Martin Johnsrud Sundby, a skiing champ, the platform became super popular. But as more people joined, we realized WordPress couldn't handle it all. So now we're building a new, stronger and secure app that can grow with the business.


  • Requirement Analysis: Evaluated the MVP and identified bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • Technology Selection: Chose appropriate languages, frameworks, and cloud solutions based on scalability and security needs.
  • Agile Implementation: Together with the Kickstart project manager, we implemented Agile methodologies and set up all required components in Jira and Confluence.
  • Development: Worked on creating new modules that facilitate faster client engagement and reduce manual work.
  • Continuous Updates: Regularly adding new features, such as a mobile version and custom chat solution, to better meet client needs.


  • Created a new application from scratch
  • Developed multiple modules for faster client engagement and reduced manual work
  • In progress: Mobile version of the application
  • In progress: Custom chat solution
  • Transitioned Kickstart to the Cloud
  • Introduced Agile methodology and set up Jira and Confluence
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  • MICROLOG screenshot 1
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  • MICROLOG screenshot 3
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Financial & Payments

Microlog is a European industry leader in providing unattended payment solutions across multiple sectors, including ticketing, healthcare, shopping centers, parking, and ski passes. Among their diverse offerings is a digital marketplace dedicated to gift cards.


This is the story of building trust through transformation that began with the small emergency fixes and ended as a long-term partnership. Microlog's initial struggle was with an outdated, bug-ridden, and mobile-unfriendly application for selling gift cards. That's when KOIA stepped in as a trusted tech partner, turning a stumbling block into a stepping stone for the company.


We started doing one project together, and very soon afterwards we've fallen in mutual love and became the pillar of UNO's software development team. As they say - the modern web is just a CRUD and integrations. And there are a lot of integrations here.

Working previously in other financial scoring, bank onboarding and KYC projects in the Norwegian Fintech world, we’ve made UNO Score a hub, between all those services and banks.

This lead to:

  • Declining User Engagement: The outdated and non-mobile-friendly application led to poor user experience, causing a drop in customer engagement and satisfaction rates.
  • Maintenance Woes: The platform was developed using antiquated and uncommon technology, making it difficult and costly to perform regular maintenance and updates.
  • Loss of Competitive Edge: As competitors moved to more modern solutions, Microlog was at risk of becoming increasingly irrelevant in a rapidly evolving market.
  • Erosion of Trust: Frequent bugs and system failures were eroding trust among both clients and end-users, impacting the company's reputation.
  • Limited Scalability: The existing technology stack limited the platform's ability to scale, affecting the company's growth potential.


KOIA entered as a rescue support partner to fix immediate bugs and glitches in the legacy system. While doing it we have noticed a lot of issues and opportunities for business to perform better. We shared our ideas with the Microlog team. As KOIA built a level of trust through this initial involvement, it led to a larger project: a complete redesign and ultimately the development of a brand new, cloud-based Microlog WebShop 2.0.


  • Started with quick fixes on the existing platform to build trust.
  • Conducted minor redesigns to address urgent client needs.
  • Organized workshops to understand the broader vision for a new platform.
  • Complete UI/UX design overhaul.
  • Initiated the development of WebShop 2.0 while introducing Microlog to cloud computing.


  • Strengthened the stability of the legacy platform by introducing small features and reducing the number of bugs.
  • Conducted a minor redesign to meet the immediate needs of Microlog's clients.
  • Performed multiple workshops to absorb the vision for the new platform.
  • Delivered comprehensive UI/UX designs for the new platform, enhancing the client buying experience.
  • Seamlessly transitioned Microlog to the cloud, setting them up for scalable growth.
  • Kickstarted the development of a new application from scratch, indicating a complete tech transformation.
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  • CLAIMS CARBON screenshot 1
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Information Technology

Claims Carbon Institute is a forward-thinking organisation transforming the insurance sector with a sophisticated SaaS platform. Their tool enables insurers to analyse and manage claims-related carbon emissions, fostering a move towards sustainable, net-zero insurance practices. With user-friendly integration and multidimensional insights, Claims Carbon is setting new standards for eco-conscious decision-making in insurance.


Insured vehicle and property repairs account for a whole 1% of global carbon emissions. So, when Claims Carbon teamed up with us, it was with a clear and ambitious goal: to shrink this footprint in the insurance world. Together, we've turned complicated data into decisions that don't just count – they care for our planet. In this project, our role became more than a technological partner supporting Claims Carbon's eco-driven mission; KOIA is now a proud investor. This commitment reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship, starting with the transformative step of decarbonising the insurance industry.


Claims Carbon faced a unique challenge, distinct from the norm. While many in the industry focus on direct emissions like office energy use or travel, Claims Carbon dared to delve deeper. Their goal? To untangle the complex web of emissions resulting not just from their own activities, but from the insurance decisions they influence, encompassing various risk types and their actual carbon footprint.

How does one even begin to measure this maze of emissions? It's not straightforward, as data might cover anything from an entire car to its smallest components. And consider the curveballs: what if a car's parts are sourced differently, or emission estimates change? This is where KOIA stepped in, partnering with Claims Carbon. Our mission was to create a data model that would be adaptable and nuanced enough to handle emissions data at any level of detail – whether zooming out to the big picture or zeroing in on the minutiae.


We spearheaded the tech side of things, crafting an application that not only securely handles a ton of data but also prepares calculations and reports based on the algorithms provided by the client. Tailored to meet Claims Carbon's core goals, our solutions included:

  • Scalable infrastructure: We built a system robust enough to handle data rows by the hundreds of thousands, scaling up seamlessly as needed.
  • Intuitive interface: We created a design that made inputting data into the system a walk in the park, ensuring users can provide extensive information without effort.
  • Clear data presentation: We created automated reports with crisp, clear graphs and tables so users get the lowdown without the information overload.
  • Optimised cloud environment: Our focus was on creating a cloud environment that is reliable and efficient. This means time and cost savings for Claims Carbon, ensuring smooth, hassle-free operation.
  • High standard codebase: Precision in coding is crucial. We meticulously crafted our code to ensure accuracy and reliability, understanding that even the smallest error could have significant implications.
  • Security and Data Privacy: When dealing with sensitive data, especially in the insurance sector, robust security and privacy measures are essential. We prioritised these aspects to safeguard the information entrusted to us.


Embarking on the Claims Carbon project, KOIA began with a deep dive into their existing algorithms and data models. Our goal was clear: to build a cloud-based solution that adapts and scales effortlessly, making data handling a smooth process, both at the front-end and back-end. Here's how we brought this vision to life:

  • Started by thoroughly understanding Claims Carbon's algorithms and data models to align our approach.
  • Developed an automatically scalable cloud application, ensuring robust handling of extensive datasets.
  • Ensured the back-end was equipped to analyze data effectively, turning numbers into meaningful reports.


KOIA's partnership with Claims Carbon has led to a series of focused achievements, each playing a crucial role in advancing sustainable practices in insurance:

  • Built from scratch a custom application precisely fitting Claims Carbon's needs.
  • Engineered a cloud platform with the capacity to manage large data volumes, which is essential for the platform's scalability.
  • Developed analytical tools capable of handling Big Data, making information both accessible and actionable for front-end and back-end processes.
  • Formed key partnerships with major Nordic insurance companies, broadening the scope of the carbon offset initiative.
  • Upheld strict standards in code quality and data privacy, vital for maintaining integrity in the industry.

This ongoing project is more than just a technical innovation for us; it's about meaningful collaboration and a commitment to environmental change.

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  • INKASSOREGISTERET screenshot 1
  • INKASSOREGISTERET screenshot 2
  • INKASSOREGISTERET screenshot 3
  • INKASSOREGISTERET screenshot 4
  • INKASSOREGISTERET screenshot 5
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Not Disclosed
Information Technology

A Norwegian fintech company that delivers the most current and comprehensive information about personal debts.


Being in debt can be an incredibly stressful experience. Inkassoregisteret, a fintech company led by Norwegian TV profiles from Luksusfellen and debt management gurus Lene Drange and Hallgeir Kvadsheim, saw a critical issue: it took a lot of work to deal with personal debts. Even with the assistance of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), it was an inherently complicated mission. They struggled with hundreds of debt-collecting companies to manage individual debts – a time-consuming and error-prone process.

So, Inkassoregisteret partnered with KOIA to provide NAV's employees with an integrated debt-handling platform to help people manage their debts more efficiently.


Imagine you have envisioned an automated debt register that could positively impact thousands and speed up government work, but the tech barrier stumps you.

This vision required overcoming significant technical and logistical challenges, such as integrations, legal compliance, and data security. Additionally, Inkassoregisteret aimed to contact more than 70 debt collectors on behalf of users, some of whom required API calls, while others needed emails. Managing the volume of emails and processing scanned PDFs with handwritten notes added another layer of complexity.

But in KOIA, we love challenges.


Our game plan was built on the holistic approach: we enhanced the codebase, segmented the app for easier management, improved the user interface, and expanded the application to mobile devices for greater accessibility.

Our focus was on:

  • Developing an MVP to gather valuable data and feedback.
  • Creating a robust and adaptable codebase - our own tech LEGO set, ready for anything.
  • Building a secure platform to protect individual privacy and sensitive data.
  • Improving the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Adding valuable new features to foster business growth.


Step by step, we honed our approach to evolve from a foundational MVP to an advanced, fully automated enterprise solution:

  • Initiated with an MVP to test core ideas, using a semi-automated system to handle email communications with debt collectors.
  • Engaged debt collectors in a dialogue about the benefits of API integration, illustrating the time and resource efficiencies.
  • Deployed a standardised API for streamlined data exchange, cutting down on manual processing.
  • Assisted Inkassoregisteret in refining their product development strategy by adopting Agile methodologies and robust codebase management.
  • Upgraded from MVP to a fully automated enterprise solution after confirming the system's effectiveness and added value.


  • Advanced the MVP to production-standard software, transitioning from a single, extensive back-end to modular microservices that enhance agility and future development.
  • Refined the front-end by introducing dedicated user applications and an admin panel.
  • Implemented an automated system for interpreting PDF content, streamlining data extraction.
  • Established a direct API for debt collectors, transitioning from sending over 100 emails per new user to a more efficient, automated case-handling process.
  • Defined clear roles and permissions within the system to ensure orderly access and operations.
  • Strengthened system integrity with enhanced security measures and consistent monitoring protocols.
  • Integrated with various Norwegian national databases, enabling efficient retrieval of client data.
  • Secured data transfer and user authentication processes by implementing Norway's BankID system.

P.S.: It's not every day that fintech companies have the opportunity to make such a tangible impact on people's lives. We're honoured to have played our part in bringing technological expertise and innovative solutions to the table in partnership with Inkassoregisteret.

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  • DEALFLOW screenshot 1
  • DEALFLOW screenshot 2
  • DEALFLOW screenshot 3
  • DEALFLOW screenshot 4
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Not Disclosed
Information Technology

Dealflow is the leading Norwegian equity crowdfunding platform: a digital, self-service hub connecting companies with potential co-owners. Since 2018, Dealflow has facilitated raising over 750 million NOK for growth companies. It hosts tens of thousands of registered investors, including professional investors, major VC funds, and everyday Norwegians.


The partnership with Dealflow began amidst a challenge: a legacy of tangled code left behind by a larger firm, bogging down efficiency with an elevated bug presence. Our objective was clear: turn the tide and transform Dealflow into the robust, efficient platform it was always meant to be. KOIA, though a smaller team, showcased that agility and swift results depend not only on the number of people.


Dealflow faced a major challenge with its initial complex and less efficient codebase, which needed upgrading to meet its operational needs and comply with Norway's stringent financial regulations. It had to ensure its platform was secure and user-friendly despite the intricate requirements of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verifications, where maintaining high trust and error-free operations was crucial.


KOIA went beyond mere adjustments to the interface; we completely reimagined and rebuilt it, along with developing a new marketplace module, to realign Dealflow's trajectory. Our approach included thorough audits and comprehensive code clean-up, enhancing processes, improving usability, and bolstering system dependability. Setting the stage for scalable future growth was key.


KOIA handled specific tasks in Dealflow's development from its early stages. In Q2 2022, our role with Dealflow grew to cover all technological aspects, a testament to our successful and collaborative approach. Following this transition to a leadership position, we implemented several key initiatives to enhance the platform further:

  • Refined Dealflow's business processes, aligning them more closely with operational needs and setting the stage for technological advancements.
  • Overhauled the application's visual design, improving both efficiency and user experience.
  • Developed a new marketplace module in partnership with Dealflow, using a tailored tech stack and integrating essential APIs for AML and document signing.
  • Integrated an auto-scaling solution to manage increased demand while optimising infrastructure costs.
  • Implemented agile methodologies, enabling quicker deployments and more responsive updates in the evolving crowdfunding market.

  • Enhanced codebase, cut costs, merged tools, improved deployment, reduced release time, transitioned to advanced technologies​

Our work with Dealflow went beyond just fixing problems — it opened up new possibilities for growth and innovation. And we're just getting started.

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