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About Neuroons Logic Global Business
neuroons is an international IT solutions provider, with a premium track record in delivering innovative results in Artificial Intelligence, Data, Internet of Things, and User Interaction technologies. neuroons was born as part of OpenSistemas in 2020. OpenSistemas is a w...
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Neuroons Logic Global Business
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AI Services

We design and build new smart products using the capabilities already provided by public cloud providers’ AI services (speech, text and image recognition, recommenders, forecasting, etc).

Instead of adopting conventional machine learning approaches we use models pre-trained on a domain and tailor them with transfer learning to fast-track custom models that resolve specific customer problems using smaller datasets.

The fields of application of the models we get with this approach are extremely varied. They include video and image processing models for occupational health and safety, automatic assessment of the status of physical assets, text processing models for evaluating candidates in selection processes, advanced classification of documents such as tenders or contracts and knowledge discovery in databases for quickly building virtual assistants.

Data Governance;

Only half the organisations and companies we work with have formal processes in place to manage their data at the corporate level. The rest range from ones with tactical strategies at the departmental level to those with no initiatives at all.

One of the stumbling blocks we have identified at neuroons is the difficulty of justifying outlay on an initiative which does not have an immediate impact on business performance. This is even more the case if there is no regulatory pressure due to the kind of data handled.

At neuroons we deliver pragmatic approaches to this problem by using proprietary and open source technology with a graphical design which can be easily integrated into current data architecture to monitor responsibility for the data and their lineage

IOT : Digital Twin

It is essential to have a secure virtual depiction of all available physical assets when generating a new business model based on data captured from devices or transforming existing processes with these data. An operator needs to be equipped with a digital twin at both the detail level of a complex device and also the aggregated overview of a fleet of devices.

Setting up the digital twin involves building an integrated and complex system which resolves a number of issues ranging from the purely operational (device provisioning and deprovisioning, security, etc.) to generating valuable information with the data collected.


UX – User Experience

Today’s digital product user is multichannel and we need to design processes and all their interfaces by including the range of devices in the concept and design method. Right from the prototypes, users generate data that allow us to measure the impact of the design.

Consequently, we can apply a cyclical and continuous redesign process to user interaction.

At neuroons we see the user experience as something objective and measurable and always as part of a process that can be improved with the data collected, which is why we sum up our approach as work-process-centred design.

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