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Your Digital Advantage
5.00/5 (6 Reviews)
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Chris ColemanReviewed on 18/12/18
Scalable Web Architecture For Certification Management
Role: VP, Information & Technology at Texas Youth Football Association
Reviewed on 18/12/18 by Chris Coleman
Role: VP, Information & Technology at Texas Youth Football Association
Scalable Web Architecture For Certification Management
It was a challengeable task: To replace a manual process with an application that TYFA could easily access anywhere. Previous attempts to automate the process crashed servers, requiring volunteers to resort to pen and paper methods at the last minute, creating volumes of administrative work that was error-prone, time-consuming and expensive. With the help of Praxent, The Texas Youth Football & Cheer Association with Killeen Olympians application served 18,000 football players, cheerleaders, and coaches in major metropolitan areas and small towns across Texas. Hence we made sure that we are having the right kids, playing in all the right age level that is appropriate, so we don’t risk any injury or harm to other kids and players.

The system was made scalable, capable of registering 3000-4000 students at the same time. Also, it worked anywhere, in a gym or field and efficiently on any computer or mobile device. The user experience they created is easy to use and intuitive, to minimize the time needed for training.

The product they developed was scaled to previous methods, so the volunteers can directly check birth certificates of the children, complete the profiles and print their ID Cards reliably and efficiently. The system also sends guardians a waiver, which they can sign electronically and then the kids can compete safely within their age bracket. The process has been so smooth.

Pros of the application: It saved TYFA thousands of dollars annually by eliminating the need for professional photography with the integration of hardware cameras. Cuts volunteer training to a minimum with a simple, user-friendly interface. Reduces processing time per player by nearly 50%. Enables coaches to access up-to-date roster data and quickly verify player eligibility, replacing a cumbersome paper-based method that was often outdated.

What do you like most about the company?

My experience with them has been astonishing and awesome. With Praxent, it’s all about getting the product the way we wanted it to match our flow, making everything very easy for us. The system has actually freed up a lot of my time to do other things. We’re able to do everything – take pictures, verify data anywhere and on any device. The result of the application we saw was safer and easier to get these athletes on the field

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Web Development
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Tyler WilliamsReviewed on 7/12/18
Our journey was from a product company to a software company
Role: Founder and CEO at Photomadic
Reviewed on 7/12/18 by Tyler Williams
Role: Founder and CEO at Photomadic
Our journey was from a product company to a software company
We are a photo and video marketing company based in Dallas, Texas and came to Praxent with a specific need. A unified software solution for our photographic booth - Photomadic. Before we worked with Praxent we were a product company, so at that time we used to work with other 3rd party software and piece them all together so that it could work for that one solution. While learning about the new needs in the market, we realized that we needed to partner with somebody to create a much more expensive platform so that we could often allow different other solutions outside the booth too. If the internet went out with our old software, it was difficult to handle the situation. Hence this new unified platform not only solved the problem with connectivity and customization but allowed our clients with software solutions that go beyond the booth.

The platform was divided into three components:
Dashboard: Cloud-based experience manager in a gallery can be called as the Dashboard. From the time user interacts with the apps when they receive the photo online; we wanted that to be the white label and user customizable from the central location.
The second component is an application which can on Photobooth’s iPad
The third component is a Daemon application that runs inside the booth itself. This daemon is the brain of the system connecting all the components together and enabling real-time viewing and analytics of all the data collected during the experience.

Being able to streamline all the information into a platform that the agency can access is an extremely valuable service which Praxent provided us. The client can see the photo uploaded, see them engaged, etc. The clients can also access and browse their other pictures from the Dashboard. It allows them to view the other pictures, save them in their own gallery and get engaged with all social media platform. After the success of the Photomadic platform, we started working with lots of software companies with a contract of 2-3 years of projects, as we are having the software that they need. They can manage and experience all the things at once rather than one-half solution whenever they needed them.

What do you like most about the company?

They were asking real questions and more caring about our business. Looking at our problems and try to solve them in a quick and easy manner. We were together inventing. They look after the technology and future, hence with a technology development company, they were also a strategic company.

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Software Development
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Executive Interview
Tim Hamilton
Tim Hamilton
Founder & CEO, Praxent

Praxent is a digital innovation agency. Our mission is to enable our clients to unlock hidden potential, develop digital independence and fuel unprecedented growth with strategic technology tools.

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  • Product Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • UX Prototyping


  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Modernization
  • Web Portal Development
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development (cross platform, IOS and Android)
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Software Architecture
  • Audits/code reviews
  • Software consulting
  • Software outsourcing
  • Hardware integration
  • Systems integration
  • Business automation
  • Field services support
  • SaaS subscription platforms
  • Data visualization
  • Performance
  • Content managed websites
  • Hybrid applications
  • Application scalability
  • Search & filter
  • Configurators
  • Partner portals
  • Data warehousing + reporting


  • React
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  • Python
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  • Devops services
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  • Electron
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  • CMS development
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  • Sails
  • Dropwizard
  • Backbone
  • Ember
  • React + Redux
  • Cassandra
  • Wercker
  • GoCD
  • Rancher
  • Ansible
  • Google Cloud
  • OpenShift
  • Swift
  • Xamarin
  • Solr
  • NginX
  • Reddis
  • Memcached
  • IIS
  • Tomcat
  • Salesforce
  • Ruby on Rails
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Our custom kiosk software solution provided Photomadic with a photo-taking and sharing system that offers a seamless user experience, backup storage, user mobility and the ability to work even amidst intermittent internet connectivity.

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