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Redlizard Studioz is a boutique IT digital work shop with a global footprint.  Whether Start Up or Enterprise, Redlizard Studioz extend the design and delivery capabilities of any organization with specialized needs for expertise in emerging technologies, industries or markets. Each engagement is tailored to be fit for purpose.  Complexity is simplified with modern and progressive (UI/UX) design innovations and practices.  What drives Redlizard is helping clients overcome limits and define new horizons by creating opportunities in existing and new markets.  

The team is passionate and strives to deliver a consistent client experience and satisfaction every time. Experience spans delivering sophisticated solutions in the area of retail, sports, healthcare, education, e-commerce, transport and Augmented Reality.  Specialized capabilities and knowledge include a breadth of emerging technologies such as Enterprise grade multi-platform solutions, SaaS, Cloud computing, Augmented reality, Mobile - Native and Hybrid solutions. 

Contact Redlizard Studioz to discuss your goals and desires, and we can deliver the future together - [email protected]

$50 - $99/hr
50 - 249
United States
2324 Second Street,, Livermore, California 94568

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • AR & VR Development

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Information Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Startups

RedLizard Studioz Inc. Clients & Portfolios

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  • Iskka screenshot 1
  • Iskka screenshot 2
  • Iskka screenshot 3
  • Iskka screenshot 4
  • Iskka screenshot 5
  • Iskka screenshot 6
  • Iskka screenshot 7
  • Iskka screenshot 8
  • Iskka screenshot 9
  • Iskka screenshot 10
  • Iskka screenshot 11
  • Iskka screenshot 12
  • Iskka screenshot 13
$0 to $10000
16 weeks

Iskka is a new Canadian startup, offering some very delectable beach and swimwear to the modern women.
We have focused on product supremacy instead of price supremacy, i.e., we have shown the product in large big images instead of showcasing the prices on the Homepage. This user experience is the replication of offline user experience for upmarket products wherein the show window products are shown without the price. While designing this website apart from the aesthetics of the visual appeal, we focused on the user journeys to achieve higher conversion rates. Navigation architecture is taken good care of to keep website easy to use and not compromise of any of the functional

Created a custom theme and used the existing extensions of Magento.

CMS: Magento
Database: MySql

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  • ComplyDQ screenshot 1
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 2
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 3
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 4
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 5
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 6
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 7
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 8
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 9
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 10
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 11
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 12
  • ComplyDQ screenshot 13
$50001 to $100000
48 weeks

The fastest and easiest way to manage your Driver Qualification Files

A live website to manage the different types of files and certificated of the drivers or employees of your company. It is mainly for the organizations or companies have drivers as employees like transport companies.There is a predefined set of documents available you can select from or modify them. You can even add new documents as per the need. After you select the documents needed regarding the each employee, an email notification will be sent to them to fill that document or upload it and resend to you. Proper reminders are send it not submitted the document or before the expiry of the document.


  • We have created the admin panel for the admins and super admins.
  • Functionality of add, view, edit, delete and archive an employee and document.
  • Functionality of sorting, searching and filtering on documents and employees listing.
  • Payment logic. 
  • InfusionSoft integration.
  • Invoices generation and send them to admins.
  • Save the documents to AWS S3 Bucket.
  • Document requirement email notifications to Employees/Independent Contractors.

We built the above solution using

  • Amazon Service: EC2 and S3 Bucket. To save the documents on the cloud of AWS.
  • tcpdf: A third party library to generate the pdf documents. 
  • Stripe: For payment integration.
  • InfusionSoft: For automating the email marketing
  • DB: MySql
  • Backend: PHP 7.0.31, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, BootStrap
League Ally
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League Ally
  • League Ally screenshot 1
  • League Ally screenshot 2
  • League Ally screenshot 3
  • League Ally screenshot 4
  • League Ally screenshot 5
  • League Ally screenshot 6
  • League Ally screenshot 7
  • League Ally screenshot 8
  • League Ally screenshot 9
  • League Ally screenshot 10
  • League Ally screenshot 11
  • League Ally screenshot 12
  • League Ally screenshot 13
  • League Ally screenshot 14
  • League Ally screenshot 15
  • League Ally screenshot 16
  • League Ally screenshot 17
  • League Ally screenshot 18
  • League Ally screenshot 19
$100001 to $500000
100 weeks

League Ally is a “Platform for Recreational Sports Leagues and Special Events.” League Ally’s primary goal is to bring awesomely, organized rec leagues and unique special events to the Kansas City Metro and support
local businesses. In League Ally, you will find a new social community of people-oriented around a single goal: To get together and have are five types of users, every user has a different kind of roles and responsibilities. In which we create different types of Leagues
related to a different kind of Sports.

Created User Journeys
Created Low-Fi and High-Fi wireframes
Implemented UI on the developed UX

Scheduling of event-distribution of games
Checkin with Facebook
Dynamic Permission
Reminders through cron jobs
Database backup
Error Handling/logging Create
Upload Image on S3 bucket
Address verification plugin: Used Smarty Street Plugin for address verification
Implemented Facebook Pixel
Resolved server crash issue with the help of PM2

Implemented Design thinking to design user-centered product.
Implemented Scrum for the development process and attending new requirements.
Implemented Kanban for project maintenance.

Technology Stack:
Data Base:
Express framework for API's
PM2 Process manager
Amazon S3
Stripe: Payment gateway.
Angular material

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  • IFTA PLUS screenshot 1
  • IFTA PLUS screenshot 2
  • IFTA PLUS screenshot 3
  • IFTA PLUS screenshot 4
  • IFTA PLUS screenshot 5
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks

IFTA Plus Driver App is a mobile tracking app that automatically tracks and logs mileage by the state for IFTA Tax business purposes.

- Automatically detect your drives giving you the exact distances for your
IFTA filings.
- Easily log trips as a business or personal with a single action.
- Manually add fuel on the go.
- Edit trip data if needed.
- View detailed reporting for all of your drives.
- All Logged trips are automatically uploaded to the user's account to allow the user to prepare your IFTA returns easily.

IFTA Plus Driver App uses background tracking to help provide the user clarity on the movements and trips they take throughout their workday. Continued use of GPS can hurt battery life. We are constantly improving our tracking software to ensure battery drain is as nominal as possible.

We applied the principles of Design thinking and Agile methodologies to provide the best user experience and on time deliverables.

Firebase - Crash analytics
Google maps API:  To show trips on the maps
Firebase notification: For Daily Notification
Bluetooth pairing: Paired the mobile Bluetooth with the truck to log trips automatically
Volley: For network calling
Picasso: Powerful image downloading and caching library

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  • 1slap screenshot 1
  • 1slap screenshot 2
  • 1slap screenshot 3
  • 1slap screenshot 4
  • 1slap screenshot 5
  • 1slap screenshot 6
  • 1slap screenshot 7
  • 1slap screenshot 8
  • 1slap screenshot 9
  • 1slap screenshot 10
  • 1slap screenshot 11
  • 1slap screenshot 12
  • 1slap screenshot 13
  • 1slap screenshot 14
  • 1slap screenshot 15
  • 1slap screenshot 16
  • 1slap screenshot 17
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks
Consumer Products

1slap is a location-based marketing tool that allows you to identify and convert prospects into consumers by capitalizing on impulse decision behavior. It will enable you to offer promos and discounts as either a competitive advantage or to attract users into the store at times that you are least busy. For example, offering 25% discount on ice creams on a cold rainy day, thus offering consumers within the neighborhood you do business in, a compelling reason to enjoy a cone.

For Merchants:
- 3 Minute Set-Up
-  Reach 1000s of potential customers in your area and market your product or service
-  Customize Deals
-  No Set-Up or subscription fee

For Customers:
- Let your phone slap you with the best deals.
-  Convenient Payment Options
-  Order on the 1Slap app and get live updates on your order.
-  Free Forever

Firebase - Crash analytics
Firebase - Phone number authentication
Zxing - Barcode scanning
Volley - Networking Calls
Stripe - Payment Gateway
Image Compressor Library
Facebook API - For posting deals
Google Maps API
Objective C
Studio 3T - Database Testing

Lucky Emojis
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Lucky Emojis
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 1
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 2
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 3
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 4
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 5
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 6
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 7
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 8
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 9
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 10
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 11
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 12
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 13
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 14
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 15
  • Lucky Emojis screenshot 16
$0 to $10000
4 weeks

We have been assigned tasks to create animations specifically in Adobe After Effects for an iOS app.
Lucky emojis is a lottery style game for iOS platform. We have ideated the emojis and related states on user interactions. Each emoji is crafted carefully keeping in mind the game ecosystem and target demographics. The animations are designed to keep the user engaged and give an adrenalin rush on each tap. Game mechanics are the center of planning and animation process to provide a unified experience across different levels.
We have designed and animated around twenty-five emojis with associated animations.

We always consider our clients as our one of the most crucial team member. Each sprint added value to the project progress.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Bodymovin (To convert after effect file into SVG)
JIRA (Project Management)

Carnival Game
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Carnival Game
  • Carnival Game screenshot 1
  • Carnival Game screenshot 2
  • Carnival Game screenshot 3
  • Carnival Game screenshot 4
  • Carnival Game screenshot 5
  • Carnival Game screenshot 6
  • Carnival Game screenshot 7
  • Carnival Game screenshot 8
  • Carnival Game screenshot 9
  • Carnival Game screenshot 10
  • Carnival Game screenshot 11
  • Carnival Game screenshot 12
  • Carnival Game screenshot 13
  • Carnival Game screenshot 14
  • Carnival Game screenshot 15
  • Carnival Game screenshot 16
  • Carnival Game screenshot 17
  • Carnival Game screenshot 18
  • Carnival Game screenshot 19
  • Carnival Game screenshot 20
  • Carnival Game screenshot 21
  • Carnival Game screenshot 22
$10001 to $50000
12 weeks


Following brief is given to us by Client:
"The customer will interact with something on the screen to reveal the six spots; and if 3 of them match, the corresponding prize is won."

Carnival is an Instant Prize Table game where an outcome is randomly generated, and the corresponding prize is won. The gameplay result is randomly drawn from all the possible results for that prize.

Work Done:
We have provided end to end design solutions:
1. Thumbnail
2. Logo
3. Splash screen
4. Concept art
5. Character production
6. Environment production
7. UI design
8. Animated Gifs

Based on the initial brief we brainstormed and ideated the concept from scratch. We adhered to the agile practices for continuous deliverables.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

View Portfolio
  • Revealio screenshot 1
  • Revealio screenshot 2
  • Revealio screenshot 3
  • Revealio screenshot 4
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

Domain: Augmented reality video marketing
We have implemented Augmented Reality technology to overlay virtual content (video) on top of real world images or objects. It's a lot like Iron Man and Harry Potter paintings!. Augmented reality video marketing provides interactive "magical" experiences that are perfect for the following verticals: Business Marketing, Training/Education, Real Estate, Publishing, Events/Weddings, and much more. The biggest challenge we faced was to implement the rendering of videos on objects of different shapes.

We implemented the principles of Design thinking to deliver a user-friendly product.

Vuforia (written in C and C++)
OpenGL and OpenGLES (to render object)
AWS Services
Firebase: For crash analytics
ARToolKit: For AR applications that overlay virtual imagery on the real world.
Android Native SDK:  A toolset that lets you implement parts of your app in native code, using languages such as C and C++.
FFmpeg-android: Multimedia framework to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play almost any type of content.
Barcode scanning library for Android: Zxing
Frontend: Angular 6, Node
Backend: Java (Spring Boot, Hibernate)
Database: MySQL
Email Service: Postmark
Payment gateway: BrainTree

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  • Miles screenshot 1
  • Miles screenshot 2
  • Miles screenshot 3
  • Miles screenshot 4
  • Miles screenshot 5
  • Miles screenshot 6
  • Miles screenshot 7
  • Miles screenshot 8
  • Miles screenshot 9
  • Miles screenshot 10
  • Miles screenshot 11
  • Miles screenshot 12
  • Miles screenshot 13
  • Miles screenshot 14
  • Miles screenshot 15
  • Miles screenshot 16
  • Miles screenshot 17
  • Miles screenshot 18
  • Miles screenshot 19
$50001 to $100000
48 weeks
Information Technology

Miles is a mobile app that automatically tracks and logs mileage for business purposes. Miles users can now create and export their mileage logs without the need of manual input.

Miles automatically tracks your movement throughout the day and creates a feed for you to categorize those drives as a business or personal. Miles also allows you to tag each trip to a respective client, thus giving you the ability to claim reimbursements or seeing the real cost of doing business. Detailed reporting gives you a complete view of your expensed mileage and is exportable.

Accounting Sync
We currently sync with
Quickbooks Online, Freshbooks New, Freshbooks Classic, Xero

• Automatically detect your drives giving you the exact distances and expensed value.
• Easily log trips as a business or personal with a single action.
• Attach notes to every ride for the best possible records.
• Tag clients to trips for reimbursement or real cost of business analysis.
• Auto-archive trips that happen outside of business hours.
• View detailed reporting for all of your drives.

Google maps:  To show trips on the maps
Firebase: For crash analytics
Firebase notification: Daily Notifications
Bluetooth pairing: Paired the mobile Bluetooth with a car to make auto trips when the car is running
inAppBilling for subscription: User can subscribe the app on the monthly or yearly basis
LAMP stack
PHP Codeigniter framework
Third party API integrations with for mileage invoices -
1.    Xero
2.    Quickbooks
3.    Freshbooks

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  • Tradesocials screenshot 1
  • Tradesocials screenshot 2
  • Tradesocials screenshot 3
  • Tradesocials screenshot 4
  • Tradesocials screenshot 5
  • Tradesocials screenshot 6
  • Tradesocials screenshot 7
  • Tradesocials screenshot 8
  • Tradesocials screenshot 9
  • Tradesocials screenshot 10
  • Tradesocials screenshot 11
  • Tradesocials screenshot 12
  • Tradesocials screenshot 13
  • Tradesocials screenshot 14
  • Tradesocials screenshot 15
  • Tradesocials screenshot 16
  • Tradesocials screenshot 17
  • Tradesocials screenshot 18
  • Tradesocials screenshot 19
$10001 to $50000
16 weeks

Tradesocials rediscovered the way peer to peer trading is done. In all the existing services out there in the market peer to peer trading is just a transaction based model with no to zero interaction between the users. To enhance emotional connection between the users and social engagement we introduced two new concepts in peer to peer trading: Socials and Events. In Social, similar minded people can interact and trade items that suit their interests, that way conversion rate will go up as the trading will take place between the targeted audience. Events can be created and shared in socials, and within the system, this will increase the offline interactions between the users and boost the creation of likeminded communities in the hyperlocal environment. Community leaders will be generated organically, and users will follow them to get regular updates about their activity.

We followed agile methodologies for lean product development. The product backlog is created through periodic meetings with the client. We focused on delivering the MVP through intelligently designed sprint backlogs.


1.    Frontend.
Angular 5.
2.    Backend
1.    Nodejs
1.    Express framework for API's.
2.    PM2 as process manager
2.    AWS S3: Images store
3.    EC2: Web server.
4.    AWS rekognition: To detect images nudity uploaded by users.
5.    Stripe: Payment gateway.
6.    Nginx: For reverse proxy
7. for real-time actions.
3.    Databases:
1.    MySQL
2.    Rethinkdb

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Fady Gayed PEng

RedLizard Studioz are Extremely Professional and Deliver Great Results!

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality
  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

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Review Summary

RedLizard Studioz brings quality customer service to a whole new level. They really know how to treat their clients, and every interaction with them is an enjoyable one and makes you feel confident about the future and success of your company. They are dedicated to their work, and make you feel like you are of the upmost priority. Overall excellent vison, strategies, and service, I would highly recommend Alex and Redlizard Studioz.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Digital Marketing

Jason Reid

Redlizard- Soup to Nuts!

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality
  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$10001 to $50000

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Review Summary

I've been working with Redlizard for about 2 years now. They've been a great company to work with top to bottom, with a great management team and knowledgeable and flexible developers. The work they provide is done well and efficiently. I've had them build a mobile app, build a new SaaS solution and I also utilize them to do maintenance and dev support on multiple SaaS products. I highly recommend the team.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Web Development, Software Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Great management team and great developers. I like being able to work directly with the team to resolve issues quickly. Having the direct connection to the dev teams makes things more efficient.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

Having additional knowledgeable back-up personnel for when the main dev people are out would further increase support efficiency.

Michelle Calloway

RedLizard Studioz get it done well

Rating Breakdown

  • Quality
  • Schedule & Timing
  • Communication
  • Overall Rating

Project Detail

$10001 to $50000

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Review Summary

I have worked with RedLizard Studioz on multiple mobile application projects. The dev team is honest and hard working. The pricing is competitive. Communication is good. The CEO has gone above and beyond to work with my concerns, budget and timelines. I highly recommend them for any software development project.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Mobile App Development, Software Development, App Designing (UI/UX)

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

The management team at RedLizard really care about their clients and their success. They ensure quality in all that they do and continue to push themselves to improve in all areas of their development process.