Creators of the Digital Bunker™

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At TetherView we believe “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. We have created a secure, compliant and unique frictionless turn-key solution called the Digital Bunker™ which has revolutionized the way companies structure their IT. Th...
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Creators of the Digital Bunker™
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Private Cloud (Cloud Desktops and Servers)

  • TetherView Virtual Desktops and Servers are designed to alleviate your IT management headaches. Clients receive military-grade security, along with environments designed to improve computing performance, ensuring employee productivity is enhanced by your technology.


Standby VDI

  • TetherView is the first provider to offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Private Clouds in a standby mode. Configured, customized, and ready to go when you need it the most. Forget about Disaster Recovery as you know it. Standby VDI provides true Business Continuity for any kind of disasters – big or small.



  • Sync provides a secure workspace for hosting folders and files, which can be shared as an attachment or a link inside/outside of your network. You can access your work from any device securely and with the highest level of control.


Pocket Protector

  • TetherView Pocket Protector™ uses our industry-leading end-user computing (EUC) technologies to help your team deliver and manage any application on any device—simply and securely. You can manage and secure all endpoints (including desktops) running any OS including: Windows 10, macOS, and Chrome OS etc. and any app—across diverse use cases and all from a single holistic platform.


Business Continuity

  • The TetherView Private Cloud is designed with multiple redundancies and fail-safes to mitigate against mother nature, man-made threats, and cybersecurity threats. As businesses strive to stay “always on”, TetherView developed a Business Continuity Solution with that in mind. Our Business Continuity Solution is non-disruptive and proven to work, ensuring you’re fully operational even in extreme circumstances.


Cloud Governance

  • We believe that companies need to adopt a hub-based (or bunker-based) mentality. The Digital Bunker™ inherently provides a cloud governance structure that enables organizations to access ANY cloud within a single, unified roadmap. At TetherView, our goal is to standardize practices. Each Digital Bunker™ considers both the micro and macro levels of every companies cloud infrastructure to provide them with a seamless, centralized platform. Regardless if companies’ are running a CoLo, mainframe, SaaS or PaaS– our services enable companies to worry less about all the moving parts associated with the cloud and focus on their core competencies.
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