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We’re the Expedition Company, a digital product studio. We guide startups and established organizations alike, turning fledging ideas into compelling products. Our team of designers, developers, and product managers has built a variety of large scale web and mobile applications - from enterprise SaaS products to dynamic video/audio streaming portals for international consumers. The majority of our clients are unfamiliar or inexperienced with software development, which is why we put such a heavy emphasis on the discovery, ideation, and planning phases (along with a formal briefing and approval process) prior to the execution of design and programming. The Expedition Company is incredibly adept at guiding and supporting the clients through the intricacies of software development.

$150 - $199/hr
10 - 49
United States
30943 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Development

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business

Industry Focus

  • Automotive
  • Art, Entertainment & Music
  • Consumer Products

The Expedition Co. Clients & Portfolios

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  • Lexus screenshot 1
  • Lexus screenshot 2
  • Lexus screenshot 3
  • Lexus screenshot 4
  • Lexus screenshot 5
$50001 to $100000
10 weeks

BRIEF: Design an intuitive and simple website with aesthetics of luxury, elegance, and power—qualities synonymous with Lexus's brand. Users on the website should feel the excitement of the racetrack, the rush that comes from being behind the wheel of a performance luxury car.

6 world-renowned race-tracks across 5 states in 7 months, the Lexus Performance Driving School isn’t for the faint of heart. To complement this thrilling and unparalleled experience, Lexus needed a registration site and payment portal for attendees to enroll in the program and select their race venue. The Expedition Co. rose to the challenge, and we're proud to have delivered a world-class product for such an iconic brand.

To determine how the program is produced in the coming years, the Lexus team needed to know who is visiting the site, what cars draw the most interest, and what information visitors find most helpful. The Expedition Co. built analytics into the site to give the Lexus team the information and insight they need to make informed decisions about the frequency of future events, what types of cars to make available, and what registration tiers to offer, which are all subject to change.

The average person doesn't know the difference in horsepower between the Lexus RC F and LC 500, but visitors to the Lexus Performance Driving School website do. To respect their interest and excitement in Lexus Performance Racing, we built a site with lean UX—not saturated with over-hyped marketing lingo and extra fluff—to give them what they want without boring them with minutiae.

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  • Carmine screenshot 1
  • Carmine screenshot 2
  • Carmine screenshot 3
  • Carmine screenshot 4
  • Carmine screenshot 5
52 weeks

BRIEF: Create a brand name and logo that supports the brand promise and values; define a feature set that exceeds best-in-class products available in the US market; and develop, test, and launch a world-class enterprise SaaS product nationwide.

With a successful business model proven in the Netherlands, Carmine’s Dutch parent company, Unigrid, wanted to bring its fleet management technology to America. To penetrate the industry’s dense U.S. market, Expedition Co. was brought on to overhaul the feature set of this SaaS platform and implement an entirely new, ultra-modern user experience throughout.

While we weren’t responsible for building the hardware—an automotive OBD II dongle—our system needed to recognize, receive, and parse the data shared by the device. We built in triple redundancies, local backups, and batch transfers to account for any possible driving condition or drop in service coverage.

To easily and efficiently manage their drivers, Carmine’s fleet supervisors needed to be able to monitor driver status, receive vehicle behavior alerts, calculate trip savings, and communicate with their drivers in the field—all in real-time. This functionality produces an extremely large, continuous stream of transferred data, which required us to structure the database and back-end architecture in a way that keeps the flow of information stable and reliable.

Staples Center
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Staples Center
  • Staples Center screenshot 1
  • Staples Center screenshot 2
  • Staples Center screenshot 3
  • Staples Center screenshot 4
  • Staples Center screenshot 5
$10001 to $50000
6 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

When Los Angeles’s most iconic sports entertainment venue needed its native mobile app overhauled and launched back into the market within weeks of project kickoff, they called upon the Expedition Co. to execute. Seven weeks later, we submitted the new Staples Center app to the App Store and Google Play, and it was available for download 24 hours later.

For projects like this, which require an almost impossibly tight turnaround timeline, we employ an “all hands on deck” development approach. We define 100% of the tasks to be completed, then break them up into micro-tickets that can be dispersed, completed, tested, then verified by individual team members before the project’s Dev Lead pushes them live.

Just weeks before the end of the calendar year, the Anschutz Entertainment Group (Staples Center’s parent company) learned that the backend infrastructure of its native iOS and Android apps wasn’t going to scale well into the new year. It was critical for them to hire a team to restructure this back-end architecture to support the venue’s growing customer base and modernize the front-end UX to meet their increased expectation for clean functionality.

With limited cross-platform requirements, the Expedition Co. was free to build native mobile apps supporting only the most popular smartphones on the market, which allowed us to focus on robust and dynamic navigation, content display, information layout, and animations that are only possible with the latest native app technology.

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  • Matix screenshot 1
  • Matix screenshot 2
  • Matix screenshot 3
  • Matix screenshot 4
$100001 to $500000
40 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

BRIEF: Outline, define, and build a market changing e-commerce site capable of replacing the cumbersome and out-dated 100% manual order process that has plagued the dental supply industry for half a century.

Not willing to accept the status quo, the founder of Matix is flipping the dental supply commerce industry upside down by providing the first ever all-in-one online inventory management and ordering solution. Since breaking ground in 2014, the Expedition Co. has played a critical role in defining the product and designing and developing every aspect of the platform’s robust functionality.

The Expedition Co. built a system that provides greater transparency and far more efficient workflows that can be delegated by dentists while maintaining complete control over the supply researching and ordering process.

20% of a dentist’s monthly re-supply order requires a verified doctor’s license prior to purchase. In the old transaction model this was handled manually by fax machines and call center workers. The Expedition Co. solved this in Matix by building in advanced permissions capabilities and fully HIPAA-compliant data transfer.

Self Made Man
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Self Made Man
  • Self Made Man screenshot 1
  • Self Made Man screenshot 2
  • Self Made Man screenshot 3
  • Self Made Man screenshot 4
  • Self Made Man screenshot 5
  • Self Made Man screenshot 6
  • Self Made Man screenshot 7
  • Self Made Man screenshot 8
  • Self Made Man screenshot 9
$100001 to $500000
48 weeks

Offering an unprecedented lineup of motivational speakers famous for their successful business ventures, Self Made Man is the place to go find that fire—that spark—to ignite your path to success. The Expedition Co. designed, developed, and regularly maintains this entirely custom-built, premium e-learning platform.

Led by wildly successful serial entrepreneur, Mike Dillard, Self Made Man needed a web and mobile technology product to support its breakthrough into e-learning, an industry which has become known in recent years for its exponential growth and seemingly limitless potential.

Accessible on the go (mobile) or at your desk (desktop), Self Made Man is a fully responsive web application with 100% of its features available and intuitive to use on all devices, regardless of screen size.

Expectations for launch day sign ups were through the roof, due to Mike Dillard’s remarkably influential online presence and proven ability to drive heavy traffic. As with all of the Expedition Co.’s products, Self Made Man was built to be infinitely scalable, thereby allowing for a seamless and stress-free market launch.

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  • Beatstoc screenshot 1
  • Beatstoc screenshot 2
  • Beatstoc screenshot 3
  • Beatstoc screenshot 4
  • Beatstoc screenshot 5
  • Beatstoc screenshot 6
52 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

Brief: Design, build, and scale a mobile and desktop web product that executes on Beatstoc's core objective: provide a public platform to foster a more meaningful, intimate relationship between music artists and their fans, while rewarding artists with new revenue streams.

Beatstoc is the brainchild of a team that has witnessed a massive shift in the music industry first-hand. Artists are getting screwed over in the age of streaming. Fans want more engagement and more intimate access to the the artists they love in the age of social media. How can we facilitate a healthier ecosystem; one that mutually benefits artists and fans alike? The Expedition Co. is helping Beatstoc position itself to be the solution.

The Expedition Co. has been there from the beginning, taking the idea from a rough prototype and building out an incredibly robust API to support five different products across three platforms, from native mobile apps to desktop web experiences.

The most challenging aspect of this project was forcing ourselves to throw out every assumption we had about the music industry: how artists make money, where they get discovered, and how they grow their fanbase. Beatstoc isn’t just another streaming platform, nor is it a place for artists to make money selling their music. Beatstoc is creating new royalties for artists based on entirely different factors such as popularity and fan engagement, among many others.

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