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Titoma means "Time To Market". We avoid delays and quality issues by involving trusted factories in China and Taiwan very early on.

Our B2B clients need to stay focused on sales and software, so we take care of the complete design and manufacturing of electronics they can rely on. Projects start at $150K in production value.

We design mostly around STM32, PIC32, Bluetooth from Nordic, and WiFi from ESP. Many are wirelessly connected, Internet of Things (IoT), and we also make manufacturing equipment.

We protect IP by doing the design and prototyping of the complete device in Taiwan and Colombia and manufacturing with trusted factories in China and Taiwan. To market FAST, you need to avoid having to do things twice. The only way to do that is through early supplier involvement. To build a custom electronic device, you need a great deal of (custom) components, and the cost-effective ones are all made in Greater China. So effective electronics design needs to be done there. We have no need to lock you in; our clients own all IP, molds, and manufacturing files.

We make sure your device gets done: reliable, on time, and on budget. Need a complex device or a quick demo? Contact [email protected]

$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
18F #75 Xintaiwu Road, Xizhi, New Taipei City 22101
United States
200 S. Virginia St, Suite 100, Reno, Nevada 89501
#75A-33, Carrera 21, Alta Suiza, Manizales, , 170003

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • IoT Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Engineering Services
  • Software Development

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive

Titoma Design For Asian Manufacturing Executive Interview

Case Engelen
Case Engelen
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Kindly share your feedback on how GoodFirms has been doing so far in increasing your visibility among potential clients.

I have registered our electronics design firm on a number of directories, but over the years GoodFirms brings us the best leads.

Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?
Titoma stands for Time To Market, we help B2B companies with End-to-End Design & Manufacturing of their electronics in Taiwan & China. I started the firm 17 years ago and mostly work with new clients to find the best approach to their needs.  If for some reason we’re not the best solution I refer them to friends here in Asia.
What was the idea behind starting this organization?
I led an Industrial Design firm in Taiwan for some 5 years, but got frustrated that as a consultant you have no control over how the design is eventually implemented. I started Titoma to have complete control, to assure our clients get exactly what they need, on time.
What are your company’s business model–in house team or third-party vendors/ outsourcing?
In the beginning we were outsourcing most of the work to ODM factories in Taiwan & China.  It sorta worked, but we got frustrated by the long waits: for many factories a new project for a new client is just not a priority at all. We then decided to set up our own team of engineers, and are very happy having complete control over quality and lead-time.
How is your business model beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients compared to other companies' models?
We sell the finished product, so we are very motivated to get into manufacturing quickly, unlike a design firms which charges by the hour: his financial interest is to drag it out. We also do not have fight over whether something is within scope or not, if it’s good for the project it’s good for everybody.
At the same time we are also responsible for product warranty/returns, so we do lots of testing to make doubly sure that our designs are reliable.
What industries do you generally cater to? Are your customers repetitive? If yes, what ratio of clients has been repetitive to you?
We focus on B2B companies with an established client base. For one client we have 7 electronic products in manufacturing, we continue to improve those and are working on the development of 3 more. For another client we designed and continue to manufacture 3 industrial products. We have quite a few clients which have been buying with us for more than 12 years. Around 70% of clients are repetitive.
Mention the parameters which are most important for you in developing an electronic device.
We focus on embedded electronics for B2B/industrial applications, usually wirelessly connected by wifi, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, 4G, Custom RF.
What key aspects do you keep in mind while developing an electronic device in order to enhance its usability?k
Our industrial clients value designs which can last as long as 10 years, so maintainability of the firmware, OTA updates are very important.
What are the key parameters to be considered before selecting the right framework for electronic design?
For many product development projects Time To Market is very important, and in those cases the first generation will use as much Off The Shelf modules and components as possible, so we get to a steady product quickly.
Which framework do you suggest your clients to go for when they approach you with an idea? Why?
We generally prefer working with STM32 MCU’s because of their easy to use tools and availability and affordability when buying in China. And because we do the majority of our projects with STM we can reuse libraries etc.
What are your recommendations when it comes to developing embedded electronics? Which framework do you suggest on working with?
STM32 is our preferred platform for embedded products.
What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of an embedded electronic?

Complexity of the product, size of the plastic parts, certifications needed.

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)
We tend to work with a fixed NRE design budget. For existing clients we wave development fees on improvements which benefit us both.
Do you take in projects which meet your basic budget requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement? If no, on what minimum budget you have worked for?
For companies with an established target market, we can do proof of Concept prototype for US$ 5,000.
What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2019?
$5,000 to $120,000.

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Ewout Kieckens

The guys from Titoma, in particular Leo, were great to communicate with, and really understood what we needed the device to do.

Rating Breakdown

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Project Detail

$50001 to $200000

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Review Summary

The project was about design, engineering & manufacturing of custom IOT device: tour guide. Our company frankly does not know anything about engineering, so we needed a firm that could take care of the whole process. The guys from Titoma, in particular Leo, were great to communicate with, and really understood what we needed the device to do. We had a little delay because one of their suppliers had an issue, but they managed to get a new one approved in just 1 week.

Reactions of our customers have been great, reliability is superb: and over the last 6.5 years only two have been returned so far, and those actually looked quite damaged. What helped of course is that we did extensive testing, first by them, and then we ourselves in actual use.

What was the project name that you have worked with Titoma Design For Asian Manufacturing?

Design & Engineering & manufacturing of custom IOT device: tour guide

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

The fast ongoing communication, flexibility, lot of effort on testing.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

It would be nice to have an online tracking portal or something like that.

John-Hendric Durrer

Embedded Hardware and Firmware Design: systems engineering & 16 custom PCB's

Rating Breakdown

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Project Detail

$50001 to $200000

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Review Summary

Titoma designed the electronics and firmware for a very complex appliance, integrating it with mechanical design developed in Switzerland, and various other components developed in Taiwan. The team was very easy and quick to communicate with, and delivered on spec with only a small delay.


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