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About UpMoodle
UpMoodle is a one-stop web development company. We focus on comprehensive e-learning platforms and LMSs development. Started our company at 2016, we turned to Moodle as one of the most powerful learning platforms. For almost 5 years now, we have designed and developed LMSs f...
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Moodle development company
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Services we could help you with:

  • LMS Development. We carefully check our clients' requirements and deliver powerful and innovative Moodle-based academies.

  • Moodle Mobile Apps. We design and develop secure and beautiful mobile apps for your LMS.

  • Design & Themes. We create unique interfaces that work and engage. 

  • Customization & Plugin Development. We deliver plugins to help you enrich the functionality of your Moodle academy.

  • Integrations. We have a wide experience in third-party integrations with Moodle: CRM and payment systems, social sharing interfaces, event management tools and others.

  • Support & Maintenance. We work to keep your Moodle stable. 

  • Moodle Update and cross-platform migration. We help you migrate to the newest Moodle version and use all its benefits. 

  • Localization. We help our clients create multi-language academies to earn more students.

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