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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), and what are its phases?

SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is a systematic process for building top-quality software quickly and cost-effectively. SDLC has seven phases, which are:

  • Outlining the requirements
  • Analyzing
  • Architectural Designing
  • Software development
  • Software Testing/auditing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

What is a custom software development company?

As the name suggests, a custom software development company provides customized software services solutions to businesses specifically and uniquely tailored to their needs. They deliver top-quality software solutions uniquely designed and developed considering the client's requirements. They can also redesign existing software to personalize and improve its functioning, productivity, and performance.

What are the different types of software development methodologies?

Mainly, there are four types of software development methodologies: Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, and Rapid application development.

  • Agile: Agile software development is more flexible. It is carried out in iteration. So, it is easy to make changes in a specific module without affecting or interfering with the entire development process. Various forms of agile development include Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), feature-driven development (FDD), and Crystal.
  • DevOps Development: The DevOps software development process integrates both the software development team + IT operations for faster and continuous code development. The idea behind DevOps is to improve efficiency throughout the development cycle while minimizing risks and reducing costs.
  • Waterfall: Waterfall is a traditional software development methodology, and it is carried out in a sequential manner. It is essential that each phase in a waterfall model must be fully completed before beginning the next step. Its linear nature makes the development process slow and costly.
  • Rapid application development (RAD): Rapid application development focuses on quick software development with less emphasis on planning. The modules are created based on rapid prototyping and iterative development methods.

Other popular software development methodologies are the prototype method, lean method, and dynamic system development model.

What services do software development companies provide?

Software development agencies provide a wide range of services right from consulting, planning, front-end design, back-end development, deployment, testing, etc. Popular services include custom software development, mobile app development, web development, IT security services, infrastructure development, etc. Most of the best software development companies offer a complete set of customized development solutions. They can also help with software testing, app maintenance, API development and integration, data backup and recovery, software deployment, software migration, system integration, cloud computing, DevOps automation, prototyping, maintenance and support services.

Which programming language do software developers use?

Software developers use different programming languages depending upon the project's complexity, functionalities, back end and front-end needs. For front-end software development, developers mostly use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Software development service providers mainly rely on PHP, C++, Python, Java and Node.js for back-end development purposes. Apart from these, other languages that are popularly used based on the project requirements are Ruby, Scala, Kotlin, Django, Dart, Golang, etc.

Best software developers use a wide variety of programming languages, depending on the type of software they are developing and the specific tasks they need to accomplish. Some of the most popular programming languages among software developers include:

  1. Java: Being the oldest, Java is an exemplary server-side application development language. It first offered the revolutionary concept of WORA, "write once, run anywhere." The software developers access the numerous tools and technology the Java library provides to build robust, complex, and scalable server-side software. Its popularity is also due to its high cross-platform compatibility.
  2. PHP: PHP is an object-oriented programming language. There is an extensive range of open-source PHP frameworks. These frameworks enable the addition of sophisticated features and functionalities into the app without writing prolonged codes. Multiple PHP development tools enhance efficiency during coding. It also speeds up customized app development while simplifying maintenance.
  3. Python: Python has advanced to become one of the major web programming languages in this era. Many academic institutes have incorporated Python as a premier software development language for creating Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based applications. Python can function as an object-oriented scripting language for a large project.
  4. C#: C# follows the concept of C. Hence, developers with an understanding of C Programming can effortlessly grasp the concepts of C# as well. It is easily integrated with Windows, making it a prime language for web application and cross-application development. Unlike its namesake, C/C++, C# does not permit pointer types, making it safer.
  5. JavaScript: For over five years, most software developers, to some extent, have used JavaScript to code the application. JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that allows developers to decide on suitable features to incorporate within the software. It helps create interactive software applications by developing apt UI for the client and server sides. The most significant advantage of using this language is that it is compatible with all browsers.

What frameworks do software development companies generally use for development?

A few popular frameworks full-stack software development agencies use include Laravel, Meteor, React JS, Node JS and Express.js, Django, Spring Boot, Graph QL, Ruby on Rails, Flask, jQuery, and Symphony. Each framework is unique and different in its features and is selected based on factors like programming language support, ready-to-use components, speed, security, scalability, and performance.

How do AI and cloud computing help to improve software development projects?

Technologies like AI and cloud computing have helped software development projects improve to a large extent. AI has proved to be a game changer for software development companies, speeding up the development and testing process with strategic and more informed decisions. With precise estimates and access to real-time feedback, AI can help developers build world-class software solutions. The adoption of cloud computing greatly reduces the cost of expensive hardware. Also, cloud computing assists developers in building scalable and flexible products.

How to find a leading software development company?

It is vital to thoroughly analyze the best software development companies to find the ideal partner. However, weighing their capabilities without knowing which selection criteria to study can be challenging. While shortlisting a software development company, consider the following benchmarks:

  • Expertise: Most companies have a clear idea of the type of platform and technology stack they plan on incorporating into their software before the start of the project. Therefore, they must hire software developers with a specific skill set and specialize in using those software development tools and technologies. For example, to create software in Java programming, consider selecting the best software development company with expert Java developers with extensive knowledge of the top Java Frameworks such as Apache Nutch, Drools, AppFuse, etc.
  • Experience: Decision-makers must opt for the best custom software development company that possesses hands-on experience in projects related to their industry. For instance, if a firm plans to develop an eCommerce application, choose top software developers with previous experience designing such software. This way, businesses can ensure the software quality satisfies their requirements. Moreover, while outsourcing, clients must focus on service providers with previous experience working with remote teams. This offers insight into their ability to handle off-shore projects.
  • Reviews: Apart from their experience, clients must examine past clients’ feedback to the software development agency. This thoroughly explains the software development firm’s processes and service quality. Apart from requesting references from existing and previous clients, business owners can also explore third-party review and rating platforms, such as GoodFirms, to receive genuine customer feedback.
  • Agility: The project requirement is bound to evolve during software development. Ensuring the software developer for hire is flexible enough to adapt to the change is vital. This can be determined by studying their approach toward adopting new technology and their ability to scale the project and offer flexible pricing models. The software developer must be ready to embrace innovations as required to satisfy the demands and expectations of their clients.
  • Easy Exit Process: After the completion of the project, the top software development companies ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer of the software and related information. However, it is wise to partner with a firm that offers seamless transition by timely transferring documentation and best practices to avoid miscommunication. Moreover, select the top software development agency willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard confidential data.

Once you identify a few suitable software development firms, you can contact them to discuss their comprehensive project requirements, strategies, deadlines, budget, and availability in your time zone to choose the perfect custom software development agency for your project.

How much does it cost to hire software developers?

GoodFirms research depicting the valuable stats and trends on software development exhibited an estimated cost for software development projects based on their functionality.

  • Experienced software developers charge less than $20,000 to design basic-functionality software.
  • Software having general utility costs somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000.
  • Software with above-average complexity features can be delivered at a price range of $40,000 - $60,000.
  • Custom software development companies working on complex and feature-rich applications can quote a price of over $60,000.

How much time does a software development company take to develop software?

The time taken to build software mainly depends on its complexity.

  • Basic Software: They can be built in less than 2 months, but their functionality is considerably simple.
  • Medium Complexity Software: This software has more complicated features and can be deployed within 2 - 6 months.
  • High Complexity Software: Creating software of this level can take more than 6 months due to incorporating intricate architecture, security solutions, multiple integrations, and many more.

Do software companies offer local project managers for overseas project development?

Yes, most software companies often offer project managers for overseas project development. Having a local project manager can be beneficial in bridging communication gaps, coordinating relevant information to set project goals, facilitating project planning, and ensuring that the project aligns with clients' expectations to achieve success.

Do software developers integrate off-the-shelf software?

Yes, software developers do integrate off-the-shelf software. During the software development process, it is not feasible to custom-create all the software features, especially when the project is cost and time bound. A simple plugin or off-the-shelf software offloads all the burden of maintenance, fixing bugs, and upgrades. It helps developers to focus on the core functionalities of the software and increase the speed of software development.

What are the common development challenges faced by software developers?

Software development is an overwhelming process and requires meticulous planning to complete the project successfully. But besides all the planning and precautions, there are a few common challenges that developers can encounter during the software development process, which include managing change requirements, scope creep, third-party API integrations, lack of team collaboration, fragmented testing plan, overlooking security loopholes, and delay in the project due to lack of resources and budget.

Should I hire an in-house team or outsource software developers for my project?

The following factors can help you decide whether you should hire an in-house software development team or outsource software developers from the best software development companies.

  • If you hire an in-house team, they will exclusively work on your project. This provides you with better control over your development team and project.
  • A major challenge with hiring an in-house team is that you will need to invest significant time and resources in recruiting, training, and managing the software development team.
  • If you outsource your company’s software development needs to the top custom software development companies, you can get the benefits of highly skilled and experienced software developers with global exposure. The software development outsourcing company will take full responsibility for your project at an affordable, committed cost. Moreover, they will follow the timelines and deadlines.
  • There are some challenges too in outsourcing your software development project, including choosing the right software development partner from the numerous providers available, communication issues if the company is from a different location and time zone, and budget issues as service providers can typically have hidden costs.

What are the key considerations to keep in mind when reviewing software companies?

The key considerations to keep in mind when reviewing software companies are as follows:

  • Company’s background and experience to determine the number of years in development
  • Software companies’ portfolios to identify the type of software developed by them
  • The expertise of the developers
  • Soft skills include communication, project management, creative thinking, risk mitigation, etc.
  • Reviews and ratings on different B2B listing platforms
  • Time zone and location to prevent any conflicts in effective collaboration
  • Overall development process, including technologies used in design, testing, deployment and launch
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance

Through these key considerations, you can select the best software company for your business needs while saving significant time, money and effort.

What is the difference between commercial and custom software development?

Commercial software is generally developed for bulk distribution that is easily available in the stores or online. Custom software is made specifically for a business to be used by its specific set of customers. While commercial software solutions are standardized and made to comply with the mass market, custom software solutions require a dedicated team to design and develop software tailored to a particular organizational need.

Who are the best-rated Software Development Companies on GoodFirms?

The top-rated Software Development Companies on GoodFirms, based on verified client reviews and ratings, include:

These companies are known for providing exceptional services and consistently receiving client praise.