5 Best Hybrid App Frameworks Every Developer Should Know in 2022 

Thanks to the availability of numerous hybrid app frameworks today, building hybrid apps for multiple platforms is way easier than it used to be. Moreover, developing an app using these frameworks is much faster and cheaper. 

Based on our findings Ionic, React Native, Apache Cordova, Xamarin and Flutter are the five best hybrid app frameworks out of all available. These frameworks are open-source and offer hybrid mobile app development for multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

Ionic is the first name that comes to mind when discussing hybrid app development frameworks. It is a free-to-use, open-source app development framework that allows developers to build native-like hybrid apps in minimal time. Ionic frameworks need native wrappers like Cordova or Capacitor for their apps to access native features of a device such as a camera, GPS, storage, and much more. 

Apache Cordova, too, is an open-source app development framework earlier known as PhoneGap, which is now under Adobe systems. Like Ionic, for Cordova, the UI rendering is done in webview inside the native shell, due to which though the app may look native but will be way poorer in performance. 

Xamarin, developed by Microsoft, is another popular and robust framework that comes with the .Net framework, which allows developers to use exclusive platform-specific libraries and other APIs from Google, Apple, Facebook, and many more.

Xamarin apps exhibit excellent performance just like native apps as they are natively rendered in contrast to other frameworks rendered in web-view. The same thing goes for React Native apps that are natively rendered and feel and perform genuinely native. 

Unlike all the frameworks mentioned above, Flutter, developed by Google, uses Skia, a rendering engine for its UI rendering. Flutter apps also showcase excellent performance. The infographic provided below will help you get a brief insight into these hybrid app development frameworks' unique features and their differences. 

For a detailed take on top frameworks, check out our latest blog 5 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2022.  


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