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Explore the list of the best campground management software to efficiently run your camping business: 
Recent technological innovations have improved campground businesses' operational efficiencies and eased visitors' journeys. Software applications such as campground management software make campground owners digitally competent, ease their routine workflows, and provide them with all tools they need to serve the modern tech-savvy camper community. From online booking, spot management, and parking allotment to streamlining of amenities and payment processes, campground management software is a one-stop solution for everything that campground businesses need. 

What is a Campground Management Software? 

Campground management software is the application that helps campground owners and campground managers to ease, optimize and manage the day-to-day operations of their campsites efficiently. It comes with elements such as a booking engine, payment channel, self-service tools, a customer management system, and a set of automation for workflow management. Campground software also generates real-time core business reporting that helps campground owners identify the strengths, focus areas, and loopholes in their operations. 

How to Select the Best Campground Management Software for Your Camping Business?

Choosing the right campground for your camping business is imperative to its success. Any misguided selection can hamper your chances of empowering your campground business through technology.  Sifting through the numerous campground management software options to find the most suitable option for your business can be a daunting task. This is where GoodFirms can help you scan the best solution easily. GoodFirms, a software research behemoth, has an unparalleled track record of assisting software seekers and business owners in selecting the most appropriate software tools for their business. GoodFirms has listed the best campground management software solutions that you can partner with for providing robust services to your visitors. Check the features, apply filters and see the pricing of the top campground management software tools and finalize the best one for your camping business.

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List of Best campground Management System Software

  • Campspot

    The leading online marketplace where you can easily find and book your next camping adventure.
    Visit website

    Our cloud-based platform allows park operators to book more online reservations with ease in real-time. Revenue-driving and time-saving features such as dynamic pricing, housekeeping, contactless check-in, e-signature, integrated POS, recurring guest billing, flexible business rules, reservation grid optimization, automated reporting, site lock fee option, interactive map creation, custom gift car ... read more about Campspot

    $2 One-time
    80% in Campground Management Software
  • Omnify

    All-in-One Software for Booking & Scheduling
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    With Omnify, you can streamline all aspects of business and operations. Create your branded website, add multiple schedules for classes, appointments, class packs, memberships, and events, go online with Zoom, and much more. Omnify's extensive suite of functions is designed to not only ease administrative operations but also to enhance customer experience and engagement. Join over 5000 services in ... read more about Omnify

    $39.00 Per Month
    7 Days
    25% in Campground Management Software
  • ResNexus

    Gives your Business More Reservations and Revenue.
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    ResNexus is professional-grade, property management software for any business operating a reservation system. If you rent, lease or schedule business assets, ResNexus can help you run your business effectively. It has built a powerful reservation software and property management system that has been established for more than 12 years and has a reputation for ease-of-use and dependability. ... read more about ResNexus

    $4.50 Per Month
    30% in Campground Management Software
  • Checkfront

    Online Bookings Made Easy.
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    Checkfront makes it easy to manage bookings and customers in a unified toolset, while seamlessly integrating into popular services that empower your business. We’re the only booking system that’s built for a wide range of booking types. Nightly, daily, hourly, multi-day, or all of the above — we can handle it. Discover how we can meet the complex needs of your business. ... read more about Checkfront

    $42 Per Month
    25% in Campground Management Software
  • Bonfire Campground

    The Only Campground Management Platform with Point-Of-Sale & Reservation Management.
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    Bonfire’s cloud-based web application is accessible from anywhere. Bonfire focuses on providing you with the simplest features and functions to manager your reservation operations and provides core industry reporting so you save time and energy. Bonfire is a simple campground management software allowing users to manage all areas of their park, accept payments and take reservations online. Throu ... read more about Bonfire Campground

    $150.00 Per Month
    100% in Campground Management Software
  • Astra

    The Only Management Software System
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    Your business is unique. That’s why Campground Manager is customized to suit your individual needs. We set up your rates, taxes, extra charges, and draw a map of your park to make your startup much easier.It’s all done with ease in Campground Manager. ... read more about Astra

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    100% in Campground Management Software
  • RMS Campground & Park

    Innovative Reservation Management Software
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    RMS is a global provider of innovative, cloud-based technology solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry. By offering business insights, best practices and user-friendly software, RMS enables campgrounds, RV parks and multi-property enterprises to increase revenue, optimize operations, and enhance the guest experience. Our reservation management system offers a full suite of features that can ... read more about RMS Campground & Park

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    100% in Campground Management Software
  • Campground Master

    Reservation Software for RV Parks and Campgrounds
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    Campground Master can simplify the task of reservation management for any campground or RV resort, or any kind of hospitality or rental business. If you're still using a wall chart and paper forms, we can help you make the transition to a computerized system as quick and easy as possible. ... read more about Campground Master

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    30 Days
    25% in Campground Management Software
  • CampManager

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    CampManager offers you a complete end to end process for managing your Caravan Park or Campsite. We provide a one stop solution for everything you need in a simple and affordable package. The system is perfect for parks of all sizes. We have parks ranging from 15 pitches and 1 rental unit right up to group parks with over 1000 private owners benefitting from the CampManager solution. ... read more about CampManager

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    50% in Campground Management Software
  • Open Campground

    Open Campground is a free open source campground reservation system
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    Open Campground is a free open source campground reservation system. It was built for you to use in smaller campgrounds and RV parks where you would like the advantages a computer based system gives you but do not want to spend a lot of money. It is written in the Ruby language using the open source Ruby on Rails framework. ... read more about Open Campground

    Free version
    100% in Campground Management Software
  • CampLife

    Reserve sites at your favorite RV parks and campgrounds
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    Campground operators are stuck using software that doesn’t meet their needs. We create park management and reservation software, self check-in kiosks, and wireless utility control that allow operators to be confident they’re getting the most out of their properties and providing guests an experience they can’t wait to repeat. ... read more about CampLife

    $99.00 Per Year
    100% in Campground Management Software
  • Roverpass

    Free online management software platform for campgrounds and RV parks.
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    Our cloud-based software for accepting and managing reservations will simplify campground management for you, your staff, and your guests. Free for campground owners. RVers can also search and book thousands of campgrounds thanks to a winning combination of software plus human travel agents and a stellar customer support team. We supply campgrounds and RV parks with free tools and services to help ... read more about Roverpass

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    100% in Campground Management Software
  • Premier

    Managing your campground has never been easier with this premium all-in-one solution.
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    PCM is a complete system that provides you with unlimited users, unlimited sites, unlimited reservations, unlimited free upgrades……in other words, no limits! No limits on the number of reservations or customers. No limits on the size or length of storage. ... read more about Premier

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    50% in Campground Management Software
  • Regpack

    The tools you are missing for your successful events.
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    Regpack is an online registration, payment, and user management system that enables organizations to register applicants quickly and effectively. Regpack's technology enables individualized registration packages, while seamlessly integrating online payments and providing a sophisticated yet intuitive user management platform. Our partners see higher conversion rates of users completing their appli ... read more about Regpack

    $89 Per Month
    20% in Campground Management Software
  • Aspira

    RV Park and Campground Management Software
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    Visitation matters to your business. More, it matters to your relationships — with the people you host, with the places you love. Our RV Park and campground management software solutions will help you deliver an easy-to-navigate path to booking your sites online. ... read more about Aspira

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    100% in Campground Management Software
  • Good Sam

    Online Reservation Software Designed for Campgrounds
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    Responding to hundreds of emails and phone call reservation requests each camping season is painful. We have a free property management & online booking system that will help you automate the reservation experience and save hundreds of hours per year. And yes, it really is 100% free for campgrounds. ... read more about Good Sam

    Free version
    50% in Campground Management Software
  • WebRezPro

    WebRezPro is an award-winning property management system (cloud PMS) built for properties of all typ
    Visit website

    WebRezPro™ is a powerful cloud-based property management system designed to meet the needs of independent hotels as well as hotel groups and chains. WebRezPro is available for $5/month/room.We are incredibly proud of the hotels that choose WebRezPro. In fact, many of them win awards for being so great.We are also passionate about the hospitality industry and the cloud PMS software that drives it ... read more about WebRezPro

    $5.00 Per Month
    50% in Campground Management Software
  • ThinkReservations

    Simple, professional, and easy to use
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    Our property management system is designed to simplify your business operations. Our features and functionality will allow your business to increase revenue and save time.The ThinkReservations team is made up of employees who have extensive hospitality and technical experience. We are proud to be working together to better serve your business. ... read more about ThinkReservations

    $10.00 Per Month
    20% in Campground Management Software
  • Guest Tracker

    Easy & Affordable Campground Software
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    Our campground reservation system uses the functional and well-designed unit chart to assist guests with reservations. Guests can book cabins, RV lots, marina slips, or campsites, selecting for full or partial hookups. In addition, guests can book over the phone, on their home computer, or on a mobile device—whatever is most convenient. The easy-to-use setup allows you to create seasonal rates, ... read more about Guest Tracker

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    30 Days
    50% in Campground Management Software
  • Firefly Reservations

    The easiest way to start accepting online reservations at your campground
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    Firefly Reservations allows you to easily accept online reservations for your campground or RV Park. Automate your payment processing with recurring and scheduled payments. Automated emails sent to your guests for payment notifications as well as arrival and departure emails. Self serve kiosk for easy check in, and a guest portal for guests to mange their reservation, update payment methods, make ... read more about Firefly Reservations

    $29 Per Month
    30 Days
    100% in Campground Management Software
  • eviivo

    The Original All-in-One Booking Suite
    Visit website

    Connect eviivo suite to all major online travel agencies (OTAs) with just one click – no paperwork, no overbookings. Channel Manager puts your property in front of a global audience whilst giving you complete control of pricing and policies. Best of all, you only pay when you take a booking! A channel manager software built for hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals to help hosts manage rooms & rates ... read more about eviivo

    $30 Per Month
    25% in Campground Management Software
  • PitchCamp

    Free online campground booking software.
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    PitchCamp is a free online campground management software built specifically for RV campgrounds with seasonal and or transient sites. The software allows you to manage all your online, offline reservations and clients in a single easy to use platform. PitchCamp will give you more time to run your business by doing the mundane tasks for you such as automated email, waiver submissions, reporting, on ... read more about PitchCamp

    Free version
    100% in Campground Management Software

Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to the Buyer’s Guide For Campground Management Software

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor and recreational activities in the world. Whether it is about camping in a traditional tent or enjoying the comforts of RVs, connecting to nature in a unique way is one of the most refreshing activities that people long to experience. In a bid to embrace nature, campers visit the campgrounds where they can spend time in leisure activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, outdoor cooking, etc. Campground businesses around the world provide the modern campers space, facilities, equipment, and services the campers need to enjoy the camping activity. However, managing bookings, space allotment, amenities, staff scheduling, billing, on-site activities, regulatory requirements, etc., single-handedly can be exhilarating for the campground owners. This is where technologies such as campground software that serve the outdoor recreation businesses such as campgrounds can be deployed to connect all camping business functions into an organized whole. 

Campground management software provides a unified set of tools that bring efficiency, productivity, performance, and transparency to campground businesses. It mitigates all challenges that campground businesses face and provides them a single platform to run, automate, and optimize and manage their core activities. With several campground solutions offering promising campground operations and workflows through their services, picking the most suitable and cost-efficient candidate is a challenging task. This buyer's guide, therefore, aims to assist campground owners in selecting the most suited, trustworthy, and affordable campground software solution for their businesses. This guide details all essential aspects, elements, and criteria that are of paramount importance to select the best campground management solution. 

What is a Campground?

Campgrounds are public-owned or private areas designated for camping, recreation activities, or boondocking. Usually, campers stay overnight at these camps. It is a real-estate property meant for temporary occupancy by campers. Campers build tents, park their recreational vehicles (RVs), or make cabins for a short stay. The campground owners also provide campers with sanitary facilities. Sometimes, the campers who are on impromptu camping may build camps on either side of the road. These areas may be illegal to camp and devoid of any facilities. Such campsites are not campgrounds. Campgrounds are necessarily established and maintained sites for camping. 

Parks/campgrounds with full hookup campsites (campsites providing sewer, electric, and water facilities) reported an average occupancy rate of 69% for these sites during the past 12 months. The occupancy rate for rustic/tent campsites was the lowest at 25%. 

Campgrounds usually have the following amenities:

  • Places to build a campfire
  • Road access for Recreational vehicles
  • Picnic tables, chairs, tents, electric connection
  • Potable water, sanitation facilities, and garbage disposal bins
  • Camping beds, batteries, torches, first aid kits 
  • Safety Lighting, Food availability, 
  • Equipment for recreational activities

What Are the Challenges faced by Campground Owners?

Managing Online Bookings: Managing bookings from multiple channels, slot management, cancellations, calendar bookings, payments, etc., is challenging, especially in the vacation season. 

Ensuring Glitch-free amenities: Campground owners need to constantly monitor services such as electricity, sanitation, sewer connection, bathroom, and kitchen facilities, TV connection, Wifi-connectivity, etc. Any halt in the continuity of these services can cause inconvenience to the campers and may result in negative reviews. Monitoring each of these services for every allotted camp space can be overwhelming. 

Managing Space Optimally: Without efficient management of campground space, there can be complaints from campground visitors regarding tight spaces. There can also be friction between two different camping groups stationed near each other in the absence of adequate space. 

Confused Staff and Poor Communication: Without complete visibility of the campground bookings, guests, assets, and amenities, the ground staff or back-office staff may not be able to address any concerns raised by the campers. Poor communication may escalate issues and may cause service deficiencies. 

Improper Parking of RVs: Many times, campers park on the grass or undesignated parking spaces, causing traffic blockage or ruining of grass space. 

Organizing Activities: As an added service, campers appreciate it if the campground owners have planned adventurous activities, games, or other entertaining events for the campers. Campground owners have to take the age and generation factors into account before planning any on-site recreational activity. Hiking/backpacking and fishing activities are the most participated recreational activities. Organizing and managing these activities can be a bit of a struggle. 

Ensuring Internet and WiFi Facilities: Campers who rely on cell phones or WiFi service while camping tend to camp longer, up to nine extra days each year.

What is a Campground Software?

Campground software is an application that provides features and tools to manage campground business-related workflows such as reservations and related operations. A properly deployed campground software expedites business operations, increases profits, and enhances customer satisfaction. It organizes workflows, centralizes data, and brings transparency to the business. A campground management software reports daily occupancy, revenue, booked to capacity ratio, guests checking in and out, and many more critical metrics that help campground owners to scale their business in the right direction.

What Are the Various Types of Campground Management Software?

On-Premise Campground Software

These types of campground software solutions are licensed, and campground owners can install them within their IT infrastructure. On-Premise campground solutions are mostly deployed by campgrounds that have poor internet connectivity and therefore need all data on their own local servers.

Web-based Campground Software

These types of online campground software solutions are hosted by third-party solution providers. Web-based online campsite software can be accessed from anywhere with a user login ID, password, and 2-factor authentication. 

Cloud-based Campground Software

These types of campground software are hosted through cloud solution providers. These are popular with large campground establishments that require extensive solutions and features, massive data storage capacities, and extreme flexibility. The cloud-based campsite software solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that allows campground owners to access the services through internet-enabled devices. 

Open Source Campground Management Software

The open source campground management software allows users to customize source code for more features, modify inbuilt settings to suit internal needs, and add extra plugins to enhance the capabilities, usability, and functionality of the software. When campgrounds need to accommodate specific features in their campsite solutions that are unavailable with any vendor, then open source campground software is the most feasible solution. 

Why Do Campground Owners Need Campground Management Software?

The Campground and RV Parks industry revenue will equate to $6.8 billion by 2023. The application of campground software can improve the efficiency of any campground business. The requirements for campground management tools may vary from campsite to campsite. However, the crucial need is to make sure that better management of bookings and daily business operations. Campground recreation software simplifies campground management services. 

Campground owners need campground management software for: 

Booking 24/7

A Campground software makes your business available to your clients 24/7 for 365 days. 

Efficiently Managing multiple bookings, and peak times

Handling simultaneous bookings from customers in peak times, responding to every client's query regarding the vacant spots, amenities, prices, etc., is practically unrealistic. Campground software can take control of everything by showing available assets, timings, prices, amenities, etc., to numerous customers simultaneously. 

Getting real-time insights about business

Comparing key performance indicators with yearly, monthly, and weekly insights gives you a complete visual picture of your business's performance. Campground management software enables you to easily track metrics such as the number of online inquiries, percentage of inquiries getting converted into actual bookings, booked to capacity ratio, profit and loss bars, revenue reports, etc. 

Beating competitors 

You are competing with thousands of campgrounds, their lucrative pricing, and efficiency. In a highly competitive market, you need extra efforts, technological exuberance, and distinct capabilities to stay ahead of your peers. Campground software tools put the scale in your favor by providing you with an analysis of your target market, marketing plan, industry analysis, competitor insights, etc.

What Types of Sites Can Be Managed Using Campground Software?

Camping Cabins

Camping cabins are wooden built cabins that come with ultra-modern amenities and are built at campgrounds where normal tents are not feasible due to weather conditions, wildlife threats, or topography. Campground owners rent these cabins to campers. More categories in this section include camper cabins, treehouse cabins, camping pads, park models, etc. 

RV Parks

A recreational vehicle park (RV Park) or caravan park allows campers to bring their RVs to the camping sites. RVs have all the facilities of a tent along with other amenities in a sophisticated build-up. Campers can stay inside the RVs overnight. The number of RV shipments rose from 406 thousand in 2019 to 430.41 thousand in 2020. Campground software can manage all workflows associated with RV parks. 

Holiday parks or Caravan parks

Holiday parks, also known as vacation parks or caravan parks, are types of campgrounds that are leased for a longer stay. Holiday parks are equipped with amenities such as swimming pools, general stores, restaurants, small theatres, etc. 


Glamping or glamorous camping refers to campgrounds that provide luxurious tents with amenities at par with hotels. Mostly these camps are set up near lakes that provide a panoramic view in eco-friendly tents. Further categories in this section include safari camps, yurts, tipis, Conestoga wagons, etc. 

Tent Site campground

A tent site campground provides campers spots to build tents or occupy pre-built tents available for rent. 

Other Camping Sites:

Other types of camping sites include campgrounds designed for cyclists, motorists, historical camping, survival camping, adventure camping, trailer camping, and many more. A campground management tool can help campground owners handle all these types of camping sites efficiently. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Campground Management Software Solutions?

  • Earn More Revenues by Managing More Services: Campground owners can utilize campground management software to manage extra revenue-generating services under one head, such as equipment rental, boat services, extended stays, general store, firewood, etc.
  • Manage All Expenses on a Single Platform: You can manage your campground business-related expenses such as employee wages, utility costs, maintenance costs, license fees, taxes, amenities costs, etc., on a single online platform. This provides you more visibility and insights over your expenses and helps you in optimizing costs. 
  • Provide the convenience of online booking to your customers: Deploy a campground management software to let your campers book camp spots from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Keeps your booking data safe from cyber attacks: With adequate cybersecurity protocols, an encrypted booking system, and backup features, campground management software keeps your customer data and booking information safe and secure. 
  • Eases your Workload: Manual entry of booking information is prone to errors and can cause chaos if you double book a spot, make errors in timing or prices, enter wrong payment information, etc.  
  • Better customer experience: Campers that book with you online can be rewarded with attractive discounts, deals, freebies, loyalty benefits, etc. It creates a better customer relationship and experience. Some campground management software tools allow the campground owners to chat with the campers. Campers may seek road directions, additional information about amenities, timings, etc., and campground owners can stay connected and follow up with the campers easily. 
  • Upselling opportunities: On your campground booking page, you can list other products such as camping beds, paid recreational activities, optional services, and cross-sale for your business tie-ups also through advertisements.  
  • Highlight reviews: Campground management software sends emails to your visitors prompting them to submit testimonials and reviews that can be projected on the booking page.
  • Controlled Occupancy: With campground management software, you can manage no-shows cancellations, walkins, overstays, understays, etc., to keep the occupancy rate high. 
  • Social Media Branding: With social media integrations, you can post happy snaps of the campers and gain popularity for your campground. 
  • Increases Transparency: Campground software increases transparency by showing the real-time status of your campsite to campers. Campers can choose their favorite spot from the available options. 
  • Increases Footfalls: Campground management software's mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and see real-time site availability. With detailed descriptions and images of the campsite along with all essential information on the page, making a decision gets easy for the campers. 
  • Avoid Errors: You won't miss charging for late check-outs, additional vehicles, extra members, amenities used, etc., as these are automatically added to the invoice based on information updated on the dashboard. 
  • Real-time monitoring: With campground tools, you can achieve real-time monitoring of your campground events, get updates about campsite visitors, and know the status of campground inventory.

What Are the Key Features of Campground Management Software?

Online Reservations: Campground management software sets up an online booking engine embedded with your website to allow you to accept hassle-free online bookings.  

Set Reservation Rules: You can set customizable rates, configure pricing rules (add dynamic pricing based on demand), and implement predetermined booking rules. The system will only book if all criteria set by you are met. 

Customer Portal: Customers can see information such as reservation information, past trips, current booking data, and can also update contact information, email address, etc. 

Omnichannel Bookings: Campground software allows you to accept bookings via your website or extensive marketplaces such as third-party booking platforms, social media networks, advertisement pages, promotional emails, etc. 

Automated Payment and Billing: It takes into account multiple factors such as season, length of stay, number of campers, site size, type and location, membership discounts, coupons, pets, parking charges, etc., and automatically calculates the charges. 

Cabin-wise/Customer-wise Payment History: The software provides you with the cabin-wise or customer-wise payment history of the campers. 

Invoicing: It creates and sends invoices automatically to the customers. Charges for amenities, gas, electricity, camp beds, etc., are automatically calculated, and the amount is added to the invoice. 

Point-of-sale integration: You can integrate POS with campground management software for accepting at the counter billing amount with credit card or debit card. 

Comprehensive Reporting: The software provides you with full information, data analytics, key metrics, and reports regarding the performance of your business. It provides you with customer-wise reports about the booking preferences, favorite spots, special needs (pet, kids, etc.) 

Front Desk Features: Features such as calendar, email confirmation, guest ledger, check-in, check-out, staff scheduling, etc. 

Real-time Data Synchronization: The software updates availability data, reports, customer data, payment info, etc., in real-time.  

Emails and Notifications: It sends automated emails for booking confirmation, processed payment, feedback, etc. 

Website Integration: Campground software integrates with your website and allows users to book from the website. You can also add widgets for interactive campground map, calendar, contact form, Book Now button, etc. 

Waiting Lists: It shows the waiting list number and estimated time for free spaces in case your camp is witnessing peak occupancy. 

Parking:  With features to optimize parking areas, the software helps campground managers in allotting parking space for RVs, Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. 

Marketing Automation: It streamlines your marketing efforts, sets up the lead generation funnel, and automates your digital and social media marketing campaigns.  

Customization: The best campground management software solutions allow users to modify settings, customize forms, reports, email formats, receipts, etc. Users can set configurations to match their business needs. 

Other Features:

  • Works on all devices
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems and versions
  • Native Mobile Application
  • Chatbots
  • Ability to set dynamic pricing strategy
  • Self-service Module

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Suitable Campground Management Software For Your Business

Accommodation Time: 

It is a critical factor to determine the type of campground software your business needs. For example, if you offer long-term camp rentals, then you might need software that allows your customers to pay fortnightly or monthly rentals. However, if you offer shorter stays, then you have to provide the convenience of online booking, payments, and other options to your campers. 

Internet Connectivity: 

Most campgrounds are situated miles away from the main city. Internet connectivity can be a grey area.  Even if you have wifi-connectivity, it can be an unstable connection. While using campground management software, you need to ensure that the software can work with poor internet connectivity and also in the absence of a stable connection.  A campground system that fails to work successfully with lower internet connectivity can be avoided.

Adequate functionality: 

Before you purchase campground management software, make sure it has all the functions your campground business needs. Consider the most critical requirements that you need before initiating a purchase and confirm that your selected software fulfills those requirements.

Customization: Customization is a significant feature for any campground management tool. Before buying, ask the vendor if you can customize the software for your purpose or whether it provides flexible options and configurations?


The type of deployment is one of the most important factors that campground businesses should consider before investing in it. Check if the software is cloud-based, web-based, on-premise, or open source. 


Campground management software may be easy to use for you. You and your employees may also get all the training and support from the vendor. However, Your customers also operate it for booking only.  You must know that all customers are not tech-savvy, and hence, it is crucial that the software is easy to navigate, self-guiding, and anyone can use it comfortably.  

Privacy Protection and Security

You need to give access to the customers of your empty spots, schedule, charges, amenities, etc., but your campground management system should clearly define that apart from the customers, who else can access your sensitive information.Also, it should come with at least 256-bit encryption for all communication between you and your visitors. 

Also, consider the following points about the campground software you are planning to purchase:

  • Is it an effective booking system that works 24/7?
  • Does it help reduce no-shows/cancellations by automated reminders, notifications, emails, SMS, etc.?
  • Is the system scalable to accommodate more campgrounds, spots, assets?
  • Does it come for free or provide a free trial, or if it comes in the freemium or the paid version?
  • Are there any hidden costs, hardware requirements, installation charges, and training charges? 
  • Whether the software provides a safe payment mode, customer data protection, and industry-grade encryption while the booking is processed?

How Can You Market Your Campground or RV Park Using Campground Management Software?

Websites, Facebook, and brochures are among the most common marketing channels used by reported parks/campgrounds. In a recent survey, 88% of campground owners admittedly marketed via the website, and 81% used Facebook. Campground owners can initiate targeted marketing campaigns based on divisions such as Family RV owners, Nature lovers, kids free campers, etc. Project the facilities, beauty, and types of camps by posting photos on social media. Campground management software offers multiple ways to engage visitors in marketing efforts by sending targeted emails, triggered messages, feedback requests, etc. With the help of campground software's marketing features, you can set up digital ads, banners, USP highlights, etc., on your website and social channels. 

What are the Best Practices for Campground Owners?

Some of the best practices for campground owners are:

Automate: Campground owners should automate as many tasks as they can, such as bookings, payments, reporting, etc. 

Set up Cancellation Policies: Last-minute cancellations can cause revenue loss for your business. It is advisable to set up time limits for cancellations along with non-refundable receipts or cancellation fees. 

Ensure Reliable Internet Connection: Campground owners should not have any reservations about spending some money in this particular area. Robust internet connectivity is a must for ensuring interruption-free 24/7 bookings. 

Creating an appealing Campsite Environment: The campers need visual privacy from fellow campers. Building accommodation units or camps at a distance, using vegetation to fence the camp, and better organization of campsites with the help of technology ensures sustainable business. 

Tools Checklist: Campgrounds need multiple tools to fix problems such as plumbing issues, firewood collection, electric items, fountains, showers, tents, etc. You cannot always call the services to come and repair at distant locations. Keeping the records of these items, tools, and assets with campground management software is a good practice. 

What Are the Current Camping Trends You Should Be Aware of Before Initiating a Purchase of Campground Management Software?

Campgrounds exert a significant point of attraction in the tourism industry. The growing popularity of ecotourism, open-air tourism, and contact with nature trend in the tourism sector has increased the demand for campgrounds, particularly for those offering accommodation structures. Another significant trend is the growth of elitist tourists and campers. These campers demand a standard supply of amenities, well-designed itineraries, affordable packages, hygienic landscape, and online facilities to book and pay for. Social Media worthy destinations appeal to modern campers more. Even when camping is a journey towards nature, campers want to stay plugged into technology and prefer campsites that provide WiFi facilities so that they can click their photos and post on social media sites.

What is the Average Cost of Campground Management Software?

The cost of the best campground management system depends on a large number of factors such as:

  • Features
  • Type of software framework and installation
  • Quality of the software and customer experience
  • The number of users, bookings, campsites, and members it can manage
  • Types of integrations it provides

These variations decide the pricing estimations of the campground management software. 

Campground management software such as  Bonfire will cost $150 per month for its standard plan. CampgroundBooking will cost you $99 per month. Campspot offers its services for $2 per online reservation. It does not come in the monthly pricing system. If you are looking for free campground software, check out the free version of Bookfull campground software. If you need free and open source campground software, then go for Open Campground. For other campground management software such as RoverPass, Astra, RMS Campground and Park, Campground Master, Camp Manager, and many others, you need to contact the campground software vendor for detailed pricing information. Get the updated list of campground software solutions from the GoodFirmscampground management software page.

Why Refer to Goodfirms’ List of the Best Campground Software Solutions?

GoodFirms is one of the leading software and Information Technology research companies that provide buying guidance to B2B software products and service seekers. GoodFirms relies on distinguished research methods, rigorous analysis, and extensive investigation of IT products and services to equip service seekers and buyers with exceptional insights about software services and products.  

GoodFirms hosts a comprehensive listing of more than 60K software organizations, companies, and their products and services, 30K extensive reviews from verified users, and 1000 plus research surveys on current technologies and trends. GoodFirms analysis helps businesses understand the utility, features, advantages, reliability, demerits, pricing, and many more aspects of the listed IT products and services. The readers of this buyer's guide for campground management software are advised to navigate the list of thoroughly researched best campground management software solutions that provide immense features and best services to manage bookings.  You can also read campground management software reviews here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Manage Your Campground Efficiently?

Campgrounds have hectic workflows. From managing reservations to on-site handling operations, campground owners have a lot on their plate. Campground owners have to develop a system to manage multiple bookings, group bookings, staff scheduling, on-site amenities, payments, and space management. Also, communicating with the campers, solving their queries, and providing a better customer experience than peers is key to sustainable profitability. Manually doing everything can never bring the desired results in terms of efficiency, profitability, and visitor satisfaction. This is where campground businesses that wish to stay ahead of competitors can deploy a campground management system to manage their campgrounds efficiently. The software provides a unified set of tools that ease, optimize and streamline all major campground operations and help owners serve their visitors without hiccups.

Who Can Use Campground Management Software?

The campground software is primarily meant for legacy campground and RV park owners. Apart from them, it can be used by Long term stay park owners, National Forests, National Parks, State Parks and Provincial Campgrounds, Private Campgrounds, Military-only campgrounds, Regional Campgrounds, etc. As campsite tourism is a multi-million dollar industry, even startups or entrepreneurs can use campground software to uncover this business opportunity.

What is the Best Campground Management Software?

The best campground management software is a powerful suite of applications that helps campground owners to provide an amazing camping experience with a set of modules that makes the life of campground owners and their visitors super easy. It helps campground owners in merchandising sales, managing inventory, controlling branding activities, adding cross-selling schemes, assigning and managing routine tasks automatically, tracking customer activity, and many more. Visitors can book online and get various facilities such as an interactive map to find the campsite, streamlined multiple payment options, personalized discounts, coupons, and a transparent pricing process to use amenities. Some of the best campground software listed by GoodFirms include Roverpass, Bonfire, CampManager, Campsite, Premier, Campspot, etc. For the complete list of the top campground management software, check the products section on this page.

How to Ensure a Great Visit Experience For Your Campers?

Customer experience is one of the biggest sustainability factors for campground businesses. Most of the campgrounds generate revenue from repetitive campers or positive publicity from existing customers. A positive customer experience is built when campground owners take care of even the smallest needs of campers. Meeting the on-ground expectations of the campers is not easy. Enhancing customer experience and providing an exceptional visitor experience to campers require the campground owners to create a flawless mechanism for handling their core activities and everyday operations. Campground owners can utilize the services of the campground software to automate activities, increase profit margins, and visualize on-ground activities.  

What is a Self-Checkin Kiosk for Late Night Arrivals?

Campers can show up at any hour of the day or night. For late-night arrivals, a self-check kiosk is a prudent solution. The self-check-in kiosk is a module in campground software that helps RV campers or visitors who have come without prior booking to select a spot on-site without assistance from any staff member. This frees up your staff from the hassle of being available at odd hours to settle the campers. The self-check-in kiosk is a computer system or mobile device that lets campers book spots and pay online. 

What Are the Various Integrations Available with Campground Software?

Some of the best integrations available with campground management software are -Online Travel Agent Integrations (OTA), Accounting Software, POS software, payment gateways, reputation management software, CRM software, etc.

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