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Explore the list of best community software helping you to build and maintain thriving online communities. 
These days, organizations are looking to equip their employees and customers with an informative online community that can enable them to connect, learn, exchange, and collaborate easily. Community software can be the right choice. The best community software can help businesses build online communities that can eventually benefit them in terms of brand building, customer support, and accelerated sales.

What is Community Software?

Community software is a secure and robust tool that can function as a shared common space for expansive and productive online collaboration and growth. It becomes easy for businesses to help their employees with the right resources and also educate their customers about their products and services. Precisely, the community software solutions can help you build & manage your forums, blogs, social networks, content & media library, and groups. These different platforms enable you to increase brand awareness, support customers before and after sales, encourage discussions and feedback, and also assist employees with the right content, and resources helping them to make the right decisions.

How to Find the Best Community Software?

Finding the best community software is now easy with the help of the below-mentioned list of the best community software. This list has been intricately chosen by the experts at Goodfirms based on functionality, usability, and technology. You can narrow down the software suiting to your budget and business preferences with the help of easy-to-use filters given here. Along with the details about each software's features, you will also find authentic reviews provided by the users, helping you make smart purchasing decisions.

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List of The Best Community Platforms

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List of The Best Community Platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Can Benefit From Community Software?

    Businesses, customers, employees, partners all benefit from community software. The community software helps businesses provide a platform to their employees and customers to connect with each other innovatively and excitingly. It allows the employees to have access to the information required to get their jobs done quickly, and at the same time, customers can instantly get the answers to their queries. This empowers organizations with enhanced collaboration and improved customer services - ultimately taking their business to the next level.

  • What Are the Different Types of Online Communities?

    Mainly, there are two types of online communities - public social networks and branded communities.

    Public social networks are online networks that require people to create accounts to be a part of the community. No restrictions or criteria for member selection exists in this type of network. Even people having different interests can be a part of this type of community. Some of the examples are - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Branded communities are restricted groups, including members having the same interests and goals. Not everyone can be a part of a branded community as it requires more than a username and password to enter here. You need to have the right purpose, location, interests, and experience to be part of branded communities run by an exclusive group of people. Examples of this type of community include - a private club members group or a group of employees of the same organization.

  • Why Are Online Communities So Critical for Today’s Businesses?

    Today’s businesses benefit from online communities in many different ways. Online communities give a strong online presence to businesses which is important these days as most people search for products and services online. Moreover, the online community provides insights about the customers’ opinions, preferences, and needs that help businesses improve customer retention, loyalty, and reputation. With the help of an online community, the businesses can provide proactive help & support to their customers and enhance collaboration between employees and the customers. Ultimately, the online community helps a business in decreasing support costs and improving productivity & profitability.

  • How to Establish an Online Community?

    Identifying the purpose of launching an online community would be the first step. Based on that, you need to choose the right online community software that can help you in achieving your business goals like increasing customer satisfaction ratings, decreasing support costs, etc. Also, you need to select the right employees within your company that would be managing, promoting, and maintaining your online community to achieve desired results.

  • What Can a Community Software Do?

    A community software helps in  building and managing virtual spaces that can include blogs, forums, surveys & polls, wikis, employee directories, social media platforms, document sharing platforms, video channels, and talent referral programs.

  • Why Should I Invest In Community Software?

    The community software enables you to improve customer engagement through online forums, media libraries, blogs, wikis, etc. It allows your customers to find answers to their questions easily and gain a better experience while dealing with your company. It also provides a platform to your employees to collaborate with prospective customers and improve conversions. With the help of community software, you have access to real-time data allowing you to make better and informed decisions for the future.

  • How Should I Select The Best Community Software?

    Besides the price and features, you need to ensure that the community software you select should integrate with other systems you are using like CRM, marketing automation software, help desk tools, etc., to minimize your data entry jobs and speed up your workflow. Moreover, the community software should be scalable enough to grow with the business and adapt to the technology updates. If your business requirements relating to running an online community are specific, consider choosing an easily customizable community software.

    You can also go through the list of the best community software listed by the Goodfirms team as it includes in-depth details of the software and authentic users’ reviews that will help you choose the right community software compatible with your business preferences.  

    Do you have any more questions? Please feel free to contact us.