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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Android applications?

Android applications are widely chosen as they are specifically meant for business. Android is an open-source software because of which it can offer high-level personalization, flexibility, and innovation. Android applications are easy to integrate with various other applications and devices. With Google becoming more innovative, the possibilities of Android application development come without any limitations.

What does an Android app development service company do?

An Android app development company assists in building sustainable Android applications by utilizing their industry-specific expertise. Some of their services include product ideating, strategizing, app development, UI and UX design, Q&A testing, app deployment, and customer post-launch support services.

How to hire the best Android app developers?

Hire the best Android app developer verified by GoodFirms. As one of the top B2B listing, review, and rating sites, GoodFirms is a one-stop solution for finding and comparing the top-rated Android app developers. Identify your business requirements and evaluate the right vendor by checking their portfolios, services, expertise, and pricing. The reviews and ratings provided by the original users can support your decision.

How much does it cost to develop an Android app?

Developing a top-notch Android Application can cost you somewhere from $8000 to $300000 or more, depending upon multiple factors that help the app run without any glitches. The development process goes through various stages, from coding to publishing, that can impact the final cost.

What are the benefits of hiring an Android app development company?

Reduced cost and faster development processes are the two major benefits of hiring an Android app development agency over an In-house development team for developing an Android application. Moreover, the verified Android development agencies listed in the GoodFirms platform have a versatile set of talented and seasoned teams capable of creating sustainable applications while completing the project within the timeline. Professional Android app development companies guarantee data security and support services. In-house development teams can lack scalability and can be very expensive.

What to look for when reading an Android app development company’s reviews?

The most crucial factors to look for while reading the reviews of an Android app development company include feedback about the performance and durability of the apps they deliver. Additional factors to ensure quality of work include ease of communication, project management skills, industry experience, customer service, client handling, and staff expertise. Also, look out for challenges commonly encountered by the clients and the solutions suggested by the company.

What are the top programming languages used to develop Android apps?

​For Android app development, there are multitudes of programming languages available. From​​ Java, Kotlin, C#, and C++ to JavaScript - these programming languages can be used to build a scalable and interactive Android application.

How long does it take to develop an Android app?

The time to develop an Android application can vary from 3-9 months, depending on the functionalities, features, project scope, and complexities. The front-end development that involves wireframing, UI design, UI development, front-end logic, etc., takes 6-8 weeks. Backend development, which involves data storage, integration, and server-side logic, takes 6-8 weeks. Additionally, the testing followed by the app launch can take approximately 2-3 weeks. Other factors affecting the deadline include customization, third-party integrations, team expertise, and development methodology. A professional Android app development company verified by GoodFirms can deliver an enterprise Android app faster than the in-house development team.

How much does it cost to hire an Android app developer?

The cost to hire an Android App Developer could vary based on multiple parameters. For example, an in-house Android app developer based in the USA may charge around $30 to $50 based on expertise, app type, project complexity, and duration. The same project can cost a bit less or more in other countries. When hiring an Android developer, the country, state, or city becomes important.

Tips for selecting the right Android app developer

The success of an Android app primarily depends on the Android App developer. Selecting the right Android app development company requires a deep understanding of the development processes, the platform, and the features. Following are a few tips for choosing the right Android App Developer:

  • Evaluate your requirements. Depending upon the business size and type, the requirements may vary. This is the first step to choosing an Android developer.
  • Fix a budget and deadline.
  • If you wish to customize a few features, then take time to research a custom Android app development company in your niche.
  • Check the company’s portfolio from a reliable B2B site like GoodFirms to understand the development approach, the quality of the Android apps developed, the project delivery time, experience, expertise, and market share. Check if the apps developed by the Android app development agency meet Google’s highest standards.
  • Read as many reviews about the app development company’s projects and performances as possible.
  • Do not make Price the only deciding factor.
  • Check for the recommendations, awards, and appreciation earned by the developer.
  • Last but not least, selecting a professional Android Application Development company is easier with GoodFirms.