Salesforce CRM

The #1 Growth Platform for Digital Sales.

4.3 (45 Reviews)
About Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive cloud-based customer relationship management software solution with robust automation features. Salesforce offers a wide range of CRM solutions such as contact management, sales activity tracking, lead and opportunity management, forecasting...
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Salesforce CRM
The #1 Growth Platform for Digital Sales.
4.3 (45 Reviews)
45 Reviews
More customization options
Jamie-Lee Kay CEO at The Other Straw
on 15/5/20

Being a CEO of The Other Straw, I found Salesforce is easy to use. It has more customization options too.

Salesforce is a better investment for businesses
Jennifer Willy Editor at Etia
on 14/5/20

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was developed about 30 years ago to help businesses better manage customer relationships and all the data involved with them. But now CRM software has become more powerful and complex than ever. Being an editor of Etia, I found Salesforce has the ability to quickly navigate to Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Reports. You can easily drill down into specific contacts, for example, to view things like email address, phone number, and history of contact activity. When you become a Salesforce customer, you'll likely get a dedicated account manager and implementation specialist which will be very helpful in making new tools, but it is front-heavy in terms of implementation. Salesforce has more customisation and menu options. Ultimately, Salesforce is a better investment for businesses that get value out of advanced features.

A massive CRM with tons of features
Anh Trinh Managing Editor at GeekWithLaptop
on 12/5/20

I am the CEO of an online review publication - GeekWithLaptop, with 100% remote workers. I’ve used multiple CRM software to hire my remote employees and one of those CRMs is Salesforce. Salesforce is a massive CRM with tons of features. Sadly the interface isn’t very intuitive which makes it hard to use. I’ve only tried Salesforce for a month before moving to another CRM. It wasn’t because it was bad but because Salesforce is catered more for large businesses. 


  • Tons of features

  • Can integrate with many apps

  • Very customizable

  • Flexible and can be used outside of business

  • Very scalable 


  • Very expensive

  • Limited customer service

  • The interface takes getting used to

A complete CRM software package
Muhammad Ammar Shahid Hussain Digital Marketing Manager at SuperHeroCorp
on 12/5/20

I've used Salesforce software for CRM while working in SuperHeroCorp as Digital Marketing Manager. I used this software to deal with customers mainly using chat and email options and limited hands-on voice call options. Salesforce is a complete CRM software package. Along with this, I don’t think you’ll need anything else except Slack platform and a pair of headsets (Slack is chat software that allows you to talk to your colleagues and other departments around the world)  

 The Version I had used was having an integrated outsource communication software“NewVoiceMedia” and numerous options to resolve customer issues on the spot. From this software

I could quickly check the following things;

  1. No. of interactions customer had throughout his journey with the company

  2. Details of the previous chats 

  3. Action that the previous agent has taken to resolve a customer concern

  4. Automated templates that ask the customer to hold on more when the agent took a little longer to resume chat beyond a given wait time.

  5. Change the location for delivery.

  6. Track the rider.

  7. Chat popup alert tone.

  8. Chat with the rider.

  9. Voucher issuance / Generating Refund / Transferring chat to other agent or department

  10. A quick review of recent order details

  11. Updating special instructions to the restaurant upon customer request

  12. A notepad to note down things for a reminder

  13. Call-log to log the details of calls done.

  14. Colorful highlights on chat tabs as yellow/green/red to indicate new chat/customer replied/customer is waiting for reply.

  15. Voice call option

  16. Easy access to updated SOPs

  17. Sending and receiving emails including photo and videos

The Best thing I liked was that it was user-friendly. The interface was like an online teenage chat room with vivid colors and a big font size. Its processing speed was also excellent, and it doesn’t take long to access information. I had even dealt with 05 chats at a time and resolved everyone's issues within 20minutes. 

One thing had always disturbed me in it while dealing with many customers at a time; you need to open many backends to probe their issue. It usually creates a lot of confusion to do all this stuff on a single screen. It doesn’t have any option to drag the opened window to another screen so that you can feasibly cater to the customer individually.

Easily manageable
Fiona Kay Digital Marketing Manager at Nigel Wright Group
on 8/5/20

As a recruitment agency(Nigel Wright Group), we find Salesforce to be an effective CRM as it allows us to manage job applications, interviews, client and candidate information and fees generated. The Salesforce reporting tools allow us to create, share, and analyze reports based on a vast range of information within our database. One negative aspect of the software is that it can be difficult to set up and configure exactly for your company’s needs.

An intuitive software that gives you the freedom to customize some functionality to suit your business needs
Ollie Smith CEO at Card Accounts
on 8/5/20

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Card Accounts and as a small business owner who has used Salesforce in the past, I am aware of the pros and cons of the software. Experience of using that particular software - Pros, Cons and Overall: In my experience, salesforce is an intuitive software that gives you the freedom to customize some functionality to suit your business needs. It allows for the automation of the purchase funnel, making it easier for you to adjust your sales strategy. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to track staff activity and the status of work being carried out - which helps with forward planning. The only disadvantage from my point of view is the cost. Other systems came in at a considerably lower price.

It allows huge range of customization
Alex Williams Website builder and owner at Hosting Data UK
on 8/5/20

At Hosting Data we have used SalesForce for over three years and in general we are really pleased with how it works for our online business. As a predominantly remote working team, this cloud-based solution is perfect for our employees who require access to the CRM around the clock. It’s compatible with pretty much all browsers and on both iOS and Android so our team can access SalesForce regardless of their browser and handset preferences. The biggest pro of using SalesForce is the huge range of customization it allows, each team has slightly different reporting requirements and with SalesForce we are able to tweak its functionality to suit each team. I can’t think of many cons of using SalesForce, but I would definitely say it’s one of the pricier options on the market, but I do think it’s good value for money. I have often found it difficult to speak to someone when I need technical support but notice they resolve issues pretty swiftly regardless.

Not a good fit for my growing small to medium business
Daniel Lewis Chief Edibles Officer (CEO) at Lewis & Son
on 19/2/20

I previously used Salesforce CRM for my website - Lewis & Son, and it was not a good fit for my growing small to medium business. Any features that I developed a desire to implement came at a prohibitive cost that could not be justified by the sales I forecasted.

Really good
Parag Gupta Co-Founder at DianApps
on 26/12/19

Pros: Super flexible and can be customized to the business needs

Cons: Cost, Complex if you are a startup.

Excellent software
on 25/12/19
Powerful tool for marketers
Denis Kovalyonok
on 11/12/19
Best tool for our needs
on 2/12/19
It does everything
on 11/11/19
It is the great crm of the market, but it is hard to set up and you need someone to do it for you in most cases.
Nicolas Costa Ossa Director Customer Operations & Account Management at Koombea
on 31/10/19

Pros: Robust. Configurable to your business. baked in best practices. integrated marketing tools. it has an app store

Cons: Pain to set up. Has to be done with a partner. Expensive

Great experience
Christian O. Rosenthal Digital Manager at Zync Agency
on 3/10/19
Solid for CRM
Kevin A. Weafer President & CEO at Spinar America, Inc.
on 27/9/19

Pros: broad-based, inclusive

Cons: too structure, not intuitive

Overall Experience: Good
Arthur Rippy
on 25/2/19

Pros: Cloud-based and user-friendly

Cons: Expensive

Really Good
Heena Chawla Sr. Salesforce Developer, Project Manger & Blockchain Developer at Quest Global Technologies Ltd
on 18/1/19

Pros: The pro is we can customize it to any extent. Really good customization and security.

Cons: I think there is no con for it except for its high pricing.

Sometimes reliable but more pricey
Zein Khalifeh
on 18/1/19

It's impossible to get information on almost anything without filling out forms, calling, or emailing a representative, and many questions and requests go entirely unanswered. The process for requesting information and the lack of transparency is outmoded, and many ex-customers expressed this sentiment. If you're running a small business, with limited in-house tech support, Salesforce will likely be more hassle and expense than you need.

If you have hundreds of users, surely choose Salesforce CRM
Jay Mehta
on 18/1/19 gets a slight edge for enterprise-level functionality. It offers several specific product versions in what appears to be an attempt to provide a solution to every size customer and every budget.

It is good in terms of resource management
Akshat Jain Technical leader at Cisco
on 16/1/19

Pros: It is good in terms of resource management.

Cons: Not as such face yet.

They do a good job of delivering on time and under budget.
Marlabs Inc Technology Leader at Marlabs Inc.
on 9/1/19
Marlabs delivers solutions with accuracy and consistency. The agency currently implements one quarter of all customer projects. Their honesty, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a reliable development partner.
Great CRM system
Colin Spiers Lead Customer Service Advisor at Redeem Group
on 7/1/19

Provided a great service ensuring our needs were met for handling multi channel contact.

Happy client
Abdullah Al Asif Search Specialist at BBT Digital
on 1/1/19

Pros: Secure and easy to use.

Cons: N/A

Great experience with Salesforce
Anjana Sadanandan Web Content Manager at Trigent Software Inc
on 1/1/19

Pros: Ease of use, get more leads, growing and nurturing leads is streamlined.

Cons: Contacting technical support at times is a bit tedious.

Average review for Salesforce CRM
Jeff Mette Vice President of Business Development at Digital Scientists
on 31/12/18

Pros: it can do anything with this software and put my opinions accordingly in it.

Cons: They need an admin specialist on staff to maintain the whole software system.

Over complicated
Regan McGregor Head Of Marketing at 4mation Technologies
on 28/12/18

Pros: Powerful

Cons: Overcomplicated

Overall Experience: Overcomplicated but required due to amassing of integrations.

Intelligent software
Anastasiia Bobeshko Digital Marketer at X1 Group
on 28/12/18

The ease of use for small companies is that Salesforce needs no software to install, and there are no hardware requirements. Since there's no need to set up a complicated internal network, the CRM can be up and running in just a few days. Best of all, small- and medium-sized business users get the very same platform as enterprise users, with all of the functionality that the largest companies have.

Good CRM Software
on 28/12/18

Pros: It mentions whole data in a proper way.

Cons: Costly as compare to other product.

Overall Experience: Good

Its the best out there
Raul Lopez Director at Loka, Inc.
on 28/12/18

Pros: It's expandable and has a ton of feature add-ons readily available on the marketplace. Provides custom data analytics for sales forecasting

Cons: Great sales tool but could use customizing data access for cross-functional teams who don't use it regularly.

I like the product and will keep using it
Brandon Castaneda CEO at WaBee Inc
on 27/12/18

Pros: Super powerful

Cons: It has a bit of learning curve for new employees.

Excellent high quality customer service.
Laura Nierengarten Marketing Intern at Targetprocess, Inc.
on 27/12/18

Enterprise organizations tend to favor who, in addition to demonstrating their ability to address the needs of large multi-national organizations, provides developer tools that enable professional engineers to extend the functionality of their offering. In addition, Salesforce integrates to a wide variety of other applications.

Overall Experience: Good
Prashant Karia Director at Logistic Infotech PVT LTD
on 27/12/18

Pros: Providing almost all the required things and Smooth

Cons: Expensive Customization

One of the most popular CRMs, but poor support and bad UX
Savon Sampson Senior Marketing Manager at McKessen
on 26/12/18

Pros: It's one of the most popular CRM, so most people are familiar with it. As such, it integrates with several other software tools out there.

Cons: It is tricky to set up and does take time. You also must have a large database for this to be worth it.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Review
Fran Villalba Segarra Founder and CEO at Internxt
on 26/12/18

Ties right into our CRM and allows us to use existing data to find our prospects on social platforms instead of having to do it individually on each platform with spreadsheets, etc. It also has great potential. Looking at a studio, you can find your CRM contacts on Facebook, AdWords, and Twitter and then send customized emails and messages, which is great.

Not the most intuitive platform
Gaurav Gudaliya
on 25/12/18

I think my biggest issues are that the interface is not intuitive at all, and kind of like a maze. I have to have a checklist of exactly each function I need because otherwise, I wouldn't be able to find it. The interface is also very outdated and the reason that we are looking at alternative options for emails.

Akshay Unnikrishnan Video Game Artist at Glu Mobile
on 21/12/18

Pros: I can manage what I was in need of very easily.

Cons: Sometimes it delays to save the data.

Rohit Arora
on 18/12/18

Pros of this Software: More sales responses, easy to use.

Cons of this Software: reliability.

A scalable Powerhouse
Feroz Chauhan Manager at Tacto Infomedia Private Limited
on 17/12/18

Due to the breadth of customization options, the implementation process for Salesforce CRM varies drastically, but once the system is set up, users will quickly see it was worth the effort. For in-house admins, a little more training may be required, but Salesforce offers excellent admin controls. Setting up different permissions, based on groups or on individual users is simple as is creating different displays and workflows for various departments/employees.

Very helpful and good platform
Jack Bedell-Pearce Managing Director at 4D Data Centers
on 19/10/18


We at 4D Data Centers strongly believe that SF is rapidly becoming the industry standard which means new sales and marketing hires often come with some experience/knowledge of working with it. As an entry-level SaaS CRM system, it does a lot for the money you initially pay and requires no capex – only a decent internet connection. Reporting is good and an extensive third-party app exchange means that your SF instance can be tailored to how you want it.


Over time the recurring cost of SF can creep up considerably. To get your CRM working correctly you will need to spend extra on third-party apps (which add up) and as your database grows you will need to buy additional storage space from SF which can also be very expensive for small companies.


There is quite a steep learning curve if you want SF to work seamlessly between your sales and marketing teams and the cost creep can be significant if not reviewed regularly. That said, once you’ve got it set up it the way you like it, can be an extremely powerful tool.

Salesforce is a great CRM tool
Igor Gramyko Owner at Highwater Standard - Full-Service Water Filter Company in New York City
on 19/10/18


• Can be integrated into almost any automation tool which opens a variety of different ways this can be used.

• Keeps track of historical action and interactions the lead or customer has taken.

• Tracks the number of times you’ve reached out to a lead or customer.

• Allows you to take detailed notes on every lead or customer.


• With so many possibilities for functionality, it can be difficult to know all those possibilities without some kind of comprehensive training.

• Salesforce can be pricey depending on your needs and the number of people you need to have on your team among other things.

• Pulling up data on the dashboard can be a mess at times.

Overall Experience:

It has been a much useful CRM platform for us at High Water Standard. If you understand what you need, know your budget, need the ability to go deep into integrations and are willing to take some time to learn the system, SalesforceCRM sounds like a good choice for you.

In love with customization of the software
Jenna Erickson Marketing Manager at Codal
on 19/10/18

We love Salesforce mainly because of the customization of the software, and the reporting modules. Daily (or weekly, monthly, etc) reports can easily be created and sent out to specific teams, this helps our team at Codal make sure that every client has been followed up with, and there are no outstanding tasks that are client-facing. We were using the Hubspot CRM before, The reporting module of Salesforce is amazing which has enabled us to handle large number of leads and opportunities. The customizations go hand in hand with the reporting. Reports can be customized in so many different ways, almost anything is possible. Almost every aspect of the CRM is customizable so that it is best suited for what we, or anyone needs.

A few cons of the software is that while it is extremely customizable, it is not exactly easy to customize. You may need someone that has undergone or the Salesforce certification, or a developer in some cases.

Salesforce-The most important tool to our business
Jessica Day Co-Founder, VP of Marketing at IdeaScale
on 19/10/18


• A searchable/sortable database which provides a wealth of behavioral data when integrated with marketing automation.

• Visibility at the systemic and the individual level.

• The ability to create our own information architecture that assigns value/priority/process to each prospect.

• A great deal of customization is possible: data you collect, behaviors tracked, integrations with other systems.


At IdeaScale, we often want information external to append to our Salesforce info which our time doesn't have the time to research, but would help our automation. Some solutions will work for you out there, but they are either time consuming or expensive. Once Salesforce productizes this, it would make a huge difference regarding time saved in outreach. There is still enough value that it is at the center of what we do.

Overall Experience:

Salesforce is the tool that is most central to our business - almost all of us from marketing to sales to accounts to accounting use it every day throughout the day and we couldn't do our jobs without it. And it has made some of our jobs easier. We've also integrated into our technology environment so that certain activities post to Slack, certain reports are automated and it works with our SaaS Optics tech, as well.

I love the platform
Kristian Romero Marketing Manager at VirtualHealth
on 19/10/18

The platform has helped me build my niche at two companies, one of them being - VirtualHealth. It has earned me respect because of how much use I get from the platform.


Salesforce is intuitive, expandable with automation and with custom code, and has an entire ecosystem of support ranging from other users, an online interactive tutorial platform, and great support by calling them. If you can't do something you'd like to do in Salesforce, you can just build it out with an easy-to-learn coding language, Apex. Also, the number of integrations that exist mean that the platform always has an app or product on the market that likely fills any existing niche gaps.


It's expensive, and there's no doubt about that, but you get a product worth the cost. They also nickel and dime you for different pieces, but considering if you just got everything, you'd be paying a lot more and wouldn't be gaining nearly as much that you could use in proportion, I think the cost is still the best pricing structure they could give.

Video Review
Tomas Kolafa Co-Founder at Growth Media
on 4/4/19
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